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 Ace woke up from his cryogenic sleep after 30 days and he felt his body was still somewhat stiff. he was not used to the drastic increase in his strength and was just getting the hang of it.

Ace wanted to first get used to this strength but he didn't have luxury of time as his food was about to run out and his spaceship also didn't have much energy left. he would leave his ship in space where staying afloat didn't require any energy, the ship was able to absorb the energy from sun and continue basic operations , in 30 days he had also used up even more energy in his enhancement. Now even if he didn't want it, he must go to the surface to avoid starving to death.

Ace looked the map of the surface again and again and memorized each and every part of the village , The biggest building which had four rooms was probably village chief's house and around that area most of the wealthy people lived in the village. Of course in this village if you were able to go to bed without being hungry was considered wealthy.

There right animals he was able to successfully identify in the village in which there were cows, dogs, chickens, Ducks, Horses, pigs which were domestic animals and occasionally the village was attacked by bear, wolves and a strange creature which was hybrid between a boar and a pig. Whenever these animals attacked they would cause much problems for villagers and surprisingly the Pigboar was one to cause biggest commotion in the village as whenever it came, it was too fast so that villagers won't even be able to catch it. It would just run around the farms and eat valuable food of the villagers.

Ace also found a strange tree near the village which had 10 m area around it where the radiation from his sensors was absorbed. No one from the village went near the tree and he was only able to find out this strange tree because he took the pictures from the camera and tree wasn't able to absorb light. There was definitely something strange with that abnormal animal and this tree as he put them both in the list of things to be investigated.

He also found a suitable location to land which was an empty patch of land near the village which 3.6 km away from village. he would land here and then infiltrate the village. He would then give his body time adjust to the gravity for a few days, after getting all the information he can get out of the villagers he would leave the village.

Ace was double checking the data when Alice's voice came through the speaks in the ship " Master, Your mech armor Juggernaut is ready and has been upgraded and fused with exo armor from miss Merline's body. this is completely new armor sir so please name it "

Ace had many mech armours and three of them were functional after coming to this world which were Crimson Z, War God and Juggernaut. They each had their own speciality, but he choosed Juggernaut because of safety reasons as it was best armor which would provide the strongest protection. He had ordered Alice to equipment from his lab to fuse this armor into his exo suit where he used Nenobots to dismantle whole Juggernaut armor and fit it inside the exo suit so that he won't have to always walk with huge armor on and he would be able to wear the armor on moments notice.

He named the armor as ' Juggernaut Prime ' as here when he would change the armor in future with other armor and fuse them with the exo suit, he can simply add prime to their name. Ace's whole family had this issue with naming things as they would just give most primitive and simple name to things like the cannons which were able to drill the space like lasers were called space drills, and his own spaceship which was made of Titanium alloys was called Titanium Dragon.

" Alice, commence the Launch program. I'll now go down to the surface and ....hmm I'll need you on the surface."

" master I won't be able to communicate with you once you are down there as communication will be pretty bad. "

" This is a problem, I need you down there...any suggestions? "

" I can give you my Data core to insert into your Memory core so that you can directly talk to me, But that was you would have to assign another AI to support the operations on this ship "

" Well Select the suitable AI and start the transfer procedure. we don't have much time. "

he said as he munched on the last peace of energy bar which was concentrate of neutrients and resource of food in space. He would have to go down no matter what if he didn't want to starve.

he sit down near the mainframe computer of the ship and put on a nerve helmet which transferred the AI directly into his brain but as soon as operation was about to start Alice spoke " Warning! Malfunctioning Memory core detected! Request to Eject the memory core! "

Ace was startled as he wasn't aware of his memory core being damaged. if his memory core was damaged then he would have to find a new memory core to Save his life progress. The memory core was like an external storage space as human brain's information stroage capacity was limited and humanity needed bigger brains. The memory core was this external storage space which was like a pendrive and once damaged, you just needed to backup all the data and then insert another pendrive. But he couldn't do that here! He calmed himself down as this won't affect his brain and he won't die but he would have less storage space and that would be inconvenient.

" Alice what's the situation? Can we repair it with remaining meterial? and which memory core is damaged? "

" No master, we can not. your father's, your aunt's and your grandfather's memory core which were from previous generation were damaged so you can not use them now. As your own memory core which was made 20 years ago with latest technology survived and is functioning normally. I can install my data into your memory core. would you like to Eject the other three memory cores? "

Ace sighed in relief as his own memory core was most important. his father's and his grandfather's memory cores were old and he had studied them for 8 years, he remembered everything from those two cores and didn't them anymore and as for his aunt's memory core, that was a fake memory core which was a copy so it only had information about how to use the 3D printer and mini Oblivion reactor which he can find out on his own. if he couldn't even solve that then he would not dare to call himself genius again.

" Yes you can eject them and store them on the ship, they are the only things left of my family after all."


Huiju village

Two Hunter from the village were walking towerds the Forrest in the morning to look for the trap they set the previous day to see if they caught anything. They were brothers Jin He and Jin Ma. They had a good reputation in town and were strong fighters. They were also part of few of the people in the village who can feed their family everyday and still have good amount of money as savings.

" Brother, aren't we going too deep today? I don't remember setting up a trap here."

" Idiot, shut up. we are going there so that we can set up trap here. there are more dangerous beasts here and if we don't take the risk then how will we be able to leave the village? "

As soon as both brothers reached an opening in the Forrest they saw a scene which stupefied them. this area of the Forrest was totally burned and there was a huge human like monster lying in the center of the plane. they even saw a few beast's corpses nearby which were either burned or were killed by strange holes in their heads. they were scared but they were also brave, they looked at each other and nodded as they quickly collected the corpses of the beasts from there and ran away from the site.

Ace opened the hatch to the mechanical pod and came out of the pod, he was already in his Juggernaut Prime armor mode as he would have a little difficulty in walking with his normal mode suit yet. As soon as he was near the surface, the gravity pulled his Lunch pod down and like meteor he crashed in the middle of the Forrest. Pod also had some fixed guns with limited ammo which killed all the nearby beasts that dared to come attack the pod. he also noticed two hunters but decided not to attack them as he didn't want to leave a bad impression on those villagers.

He was finally on the surface and now he can finally start his adventure in this new world!