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 Swoosh! Thud! boom!

Some distance away from Black Boar Forrest, there was huge battle as arrows and daggers were flying everywhere! There was sound of stabbing, cutting, arrows hitting bodies and limbs being split apart! This kind of bloody battle would only happen if two sides had irreconcilable grudge against each other.

" Die!! "

There was a huge brute with a scar on his chest in shape of + and there were even some wounds which were because of arrows.

He had a huge Hammer in his hand which he was swinging with both hands as everytime someone came in the hammer's way, hammer would pulverize the body of enemy like a watermelon! Three bandits were hit by this hammer in which two instantly died and one was seriously injured even after he escaped the range of the hammer. The shockwave was so strong that his internal organs were injured and he coughed mouthful of blood.

Huge Brite stomped on the skull of the bandit and finished his life in next second. He then put his hammer near his face and blocked the arrow as he threw a dagger at the far away Archer. Dagger was so fast that Archer didn't even have time to dodge before dagger when inside his neck! Dead!

A roar echoed in distance as a huge boar with fully black body charged at a building and collapsed it as many people inside were crushed inside.

there were boars everywhere, 30 people were standing besides a woman in a formation as whoever came even 30 meters close to them died with an arrow to their head. 30 meters around this woman was death Zone in which there were so many dead people that blood colored the whole area red.

Huge brute charged towerds the central building which was protected by armoured barbarians. Woman was 100 meters away from this huge building which was made of sand stone as she looked at an old man on top of the building " Pan Shan! surrender or else your whole clan would get wiped out today! "

the old man pan Shan was a tall guy whose arms were as thick as thighs of a normal adult. He had white mustache which extended up to his chin and on his head his hairs were tied together with a string.

" Tei wu! how dare you go against the seven clans!? you know you are exiled and still dared to come back! you even attacked my clan! do you think I am not going to do anything just because you are leader's daughter!? " Pei shan suddenly had a smirk on his face as he looked at her " oh, I mean former leader hehe. that old guy is long dead and I am the leader now "

Tei Wu looked at the old man on the building as she walked forward as the crossbowman around her put on shields on their crossbows and covered her from arrows. when she reached 30 meters near the building, she stopped " Pei shan, I suspected you at first but now I am sure that you were the one that killed my father. I'll kill you my self today! "

Pei shan laughed after hearing this " You!? I am at Martial Mortal level 7 and you are only level 3, do you think you can beat me? i have metal attribute which is even stronger than earth attribute. So just go back right now and I'll just extend your punishment, if not then today you will die! " Pei shan then directly jumped down from the building as he stood in front of Tei Wu like a huge mountain. he was only 10 meters away as Tei Wu waved her hand to her subordinates. all the archers protecting her suddenly backed away.

This was a fight between the leaders of both sides as everyone stopped fighting to look at this fight. Pei shan with his huge saber and Tei Wu with her huge black war axe ran towerds each other and their weapons collided with each other!

* Clang!!! Boom!!*

Sand flew everywhere as there was huge shockwave like two cars collided with each other at full speed! Pei shan was shocked as this Tei Wu was a 6th rank Martial Mortal! how can this be? she didn't even have any expert by her side so how can she Become so strong in one month!?

He had planted spies in her iron boar gang which reported to him monthly on her and her gang's strength as he didn't bother to attack her because she was only rank 3 a month before.

Unfortunately he didn't have much time to think as Tei Wu attacked again with her Axe with a vertical chop! Pei shan put his saber in front of him to party the blow and he planned to kick her in stomach after that but suddenly the axe strangely made a Whoosh! it accelerated!? How can it accelerate in mid swing!?

he quickly backed away a little as the power of Axe was so strong that it directly broke his saber in two! Ace's weapon wasn't just for the show! it's sharpness was not something normal Weapon Smith can produce!

Axe Still grazed his chin a little and it started bleeding. Pei shan quickly jumped back as he knew there was something wrong with this Tei Wu! Did she learn a new technique? how can that be?

He was still confused but Tei Wu already rushed over again as she didn't even give him any chance to breathe! This was the person that killed her father with a scheme! this was the person who was responsible for her exiled status! She was determined to kill him today! She turned her body in circle on the spot like a tornado and swung her huge axe horizontally as it made a woosh sound while splitting the air.

Tei wu pressed the button again as Axe accelerated once more and pei shan was forced to dodge again. He was an experienced fighter but because he underestimated Tei wu, he was forced into a corner. He could not dodge anymore as behind him was wall of the building. there was only one way, it was to block! He put his round shield against the Axe quickly before it hit him.

* Boooom! crack!! *

the shield was split in half and Axe left a nasty cut on Pei Shan's waist. He quickly kicked with full force towerds Tei Wu as like she already knew this would happen, she pressed the first button on her Axe and it transformed into a huge shield which protected her from the impact. she was still forced to take two step back which gave Pei shan some time to breathe.

Pei shan knew he was in danger but he didn't panic and took out his backup dagger as her Axe would leave some openings everytime she attacked which he would be able to hit with light Weapon like his dagger.

He was waiting for her to swing her Axe again but suddenly Ace transformed from shield to a rotating blade with made hmmmmm sound.

it was rotating fast but Pei Shan wasn't panicked as he didn't think that this Axe was a ranged Weapon too!

* Wooosh!! Chhiiii!!! Splat!! Thud *

Rotating axe blade flew from the axe like a disk with a Whoosh as it alarmed pei shan and he was truly scared to his core! damn! He put up his dagger hastily as with a chhiii sound it stopped the rotating disk for a split second before the disk broke the dagger as disk directly collided with Pei Shan's chest and it broke his ribs while splitting his heart in two! Blood from his heart flew like a fountain and his lifeless body fell on the ground with a thud.

Sun was shining on endless dessert as today the dessert was fully red because of the blood. This wasn't a normal battle but a war between clans, in which today Hakkar clan was no more.

On the Battlefield there were ruined huts and Houses everywhere, some of the houses were burned and some were empty as all the residents were dead. Huge brute which had killed most of the people was kneeling in front of a woman even taller than him and in her hand was a huge war axe as she looked at the brute " Did anyone survive? "

" No my queen! I personally led my people to slaughter anyone that tried to escape. You can now officially return and take over the seat of the queen " Brute looked at the woman with respect and at her Axe with fear.

the face of the woman was ice cold as she looked at the youth inside this cage. this was the person that made her leave the dessert and her clan! this was the person which caused her father to die because of poison! this snake which her father raised actually bit and killed it's own owner!

This woman was Tei Wu! After a month of fighting and getting experience with the war axe, she was so skilled with it that she killed many beasts of earth attribute and absorbed their essence from Spritual crystals. Only mortal level beats can condense Spritual crystal and unlike light users, other attribute users can't always find suitable environment to cultivate at fast speed.

so they would absorb Spritual force from Spritual crystals and try to convert it into their own strength by operating their Cultivation methods but not everyone can hunt monsters which were able to help them improve! this was because there was a huge difference in Spritual force provided by 2nd rank mortal beast's Spritual crystal and 1st rank mortal beast's Spritual crystal.

this was because as you improved in your Cultivation, your Spritual force would continue to clean your body and if you absorbed 1st rank mortal level crystal when being at 2nd level, you would find that 1st rank Spritual force is not as pure as your own spritual force and as you absorb it, your own spritual force would contain impurities which 1st rank crystal contained.

That is why if you absorbed a lower ranked Spritual crystal then you would have to spend more time to refine it, on the other hand if you hunted a higher level Spritual beast then your Cultivation speed would improve. This was major rule in Cultivation world which stated that Wealthy and influencial people cultivates with higher rank Spritual beast crystal where poor people can only use lower rank crystal and spend more time to refine them as it was still faster then absorbing the Spritual force from environment.

Tei wu had hunted many earth lizards after coming to the dessert for a month which were all rank 6 to 7, they were hard to kill before as they didn't have a weapon which can break the defense of the Earth lizards. They were slow but the lizards were like turtles and their skin was hard to break. This wasn't a problem for Tei Wu as she was able to kill the lizards and obtain larger amount of spritual crystals which helped her improve so much and she directly broke through three levels in one month and because Rank 6 Martial Mortal.

She looked at the sky as figure of a person appeared in her mind. it was Ace as a smile came on her face " Little blacksmith, Your weapon is awesome. Barbarian Queen would reward you properly if we meet again. "