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 Ace would always be alone in his room which was specially made for him by bandits in the village in one day, it was a simple house with wooden walls and wooden roof on top. Ace had given them the design in which it was really efficient to make and since the trees around the black boar Forrest were huge and had lots of timber in them, this kind of design of house was even more easy to make. it was enough sturdy and would last 10 to 20 years without maintenance.

Ace was sitting on a wooden chair and was studying the next page of Fire God's fury. He also wanted to cultivate Rebirth through Flames but the person who wrote it, The immortal blacksmith Yuan Long put a seal on it, only if you become rank 1 Apprentice blacksmith of any kind then you can cultivate this technique. This was because you needed a strong support of spritual force to sustain the rapid growth in your body. this technique was no doubt able to make a snake into a dragon but that snake must be healthy enough first to become a strong dragon.

Ace also remember that Tian Cui talked about something called Dragon's eyes, he didn't even know what it was back then as he didn't pay attention but now he had some time to think about it. he was supposed to enhance the weapons of bandits but he just said that it will take some time and locked himself in this house so that he can use their resources for his benefit for long amount of time.

He then searched the inheritance memory for the answer and the answer he received was so shocking that his hands started trembling! So this is Dragon eyes!? how can such a thing exist?

this was expected as anything related to dragons was Strong. There was a saying about dragon eyes. " An Emperor dragon is worth More than five Emperor level humans " When a flood Dragon reaches age of adult, it's body would stop becoming stronger but it's Spritual force would continue to grow and some genius can even become emperor class Dragons! When killed, Emperor class Dragons would have three valuable things on their body. First would be their soul which can make all kinds of Heven shaking Weapons and Medicines! Second was it's it's body in which, it's skin can make legendary armours which can even withstand attacks of Emperor level experts and it's blood and flesh were like treasures for alchemists!

the last thing which is least valuable but super rare are Dragon eyes. They would only form when a dragon is a peak emperor level expect! An existence near Demigod Level! it would stop developing it's soul when it reaches at ninth stage emperor level and guide all of it's soul force which only experts above king level can cultivate towerds it's eyes, this was because when breaking through demigod level, it needs stronger body, the body which stopped developing at adulthood is not strong enough for it to become Demigod.

It can strengthen any part of it's body but it would start from eyes as with improved eyesight, and a dragon's soul, it can support the huge amount of consumption of spritual force which Dragon's eyes required. There were two reasons why Dragon's eyes were least important campared to other parts of a dragon.

First, Dragon's eyes required enormous amount of energy to keep them working at full force which any other being except for Dragons would find really hard to do. even human emperor level expert can only use Dragon eyes for a month before they deplete their Spritual force and that was when they keep Cultivating at the same time to replanish the lost energy.

Second, It's not that much useful. Dragon's eyes gives it's user two powers in which first is to see dead, Spritual force, various kinds of energy, it can even allow user to see invisible things and different ghost or spirits which only some special people can see. This was it's passive ability which would consume less amount of spritual force and can be activated at all the times but as Ace wasn't strong enough, he was unable to use even this passive ability. It would be possible to use this ability once he becomes Apprentice level.

Second ability of Dragon's eyes was active ability which once activated, it can allow user to enter a special state of mind in which user would be able to notice each and every single around him like an Omniscient God! user would be able to each and every single detail around them and this ability was not that much useful to Warriors as the cost was too high and before you can defeat your Opponent, you would run out of gas.

Instead this ablility was most important for different professionals. There were four main professions in this world which were alchemists, blacksmiths, Inscription users and Array creation. there were many other professions but they weren't as important as these four. Alchemists were divided into many parts like herbalist, Pharmacist, doctor, poison master, alchemists and more. Blacksmiths also had sub types which were in two main category, Weapon Smith and Armor Smith.

Inscription users were able to inscribe various inscriptions but today no one would specialize only in inscription as they would take inscription user as sub job with either weapon Smith or armor Smith. today all the weapon Smith and armor Smith would also be same rank inscription masters.

the last talent which was array users were rare and anyone proficient in this art would be really wealthy.

Dragon's eyes would allow all four of the professions to become omniscient and they would see each and every flow and detail of their creation which would help them breakthrough to the next rank of their respective professions!

Ace was astonished to hear this as he couldn't even imagine becoming omniscient in his own universe. Being able to see the back of your head!? that's only possible with a camera! it's not something a human can do! but wait, this wasn't the same Universe he was from! this is the world where anything is possible!

Ace clenched his fist as he was now even more determined to reach Apprentice level!


Four days passed like that in the blink of an eye as Ace was sitting in the house of Village leader, the poor guy's house was being treated like public property and it was converted into a throne room by bandits, all the important members of the gang were present and Dong An was sitting opposite to Ace. Dong An finally was ready to come here and meet Ace as he heard that Ace would make new weapons for the gang, according to Tei Wu, Ace would stay in village and won't attack iron boar gang unless someone provokes him or hurts people of huiju village.

Ace looked at different weapons on the table as he stood up and walked towerds the table and lifted a crossbow. it had inbuilt magazine like his bow and it was also able to shoot rapidly, the only thing it didn't have was auto aim mechanism as even if he installed it, the bandits won't be able to use it because it required electricity.

That was why he kept the design simple and made strong crossbow with huge amount of power and long range. It could have magazine of 15 arrows at a time and he had made 30 such bows, he also gave them 90 spare magazines so four magazines for each bow.

Tei Wu nodded " You did a good job Mister Shen, I like those bows but what about my axe? I don't see anything new in it"

Ace smiled as he lifted the huge axe which was really heavy even for him, he tried to keep it's weigh as it was before as weight of the weapon was important factor for a warrior.

He was a prideful man and he planned to take path of weapon Smith to the end! He was already able to design weapons of mass destruction when he was 10 years old so how can his weapon which was custom made for this warrior for the first time after coming to this new universe be mediocre?

He went all out on this Axe as he even thought that this Axe was better than his own Crossbow. He gently pressed a red button on the handle of the double edged War axe as two huge flaps of metals on both side opened and then metal plates which came out of the flaps connect to other two on the opposite side of the blade, now the Axe looked like a huge shield! It only took a split second to deploy this shield.

he then pressed the button again as the Axe returned to normal. There were total of three such buttons on the axe.

Tei wu was smiling like a child got a new toy but she patiently waited to learn the other function, she even walked to the table from her seat to observe closely.

Ace then looked at and said " Look, this button here is something special, it can do a special attack which you can only use three times. look this thing here" He pointed at the round Crystal at the bottom of the handle of Axe as he pulled it and it pulled out like when you pull back an injection. It was attached to a piston inside the handle which would suck the air into Ace when you pulled and would compress the air as you pushed the nob at the bottom of the Axe, the compressed air would be then used to raise the speed of the axe in the middle of an attack when the second button was pressed, compressed air was enough for three attacks " after three attacks, you can charge up the by pulling and pushing this nob like this, when you feel that you can no longer pull it, you should stop as the Axe is fully charged. " he looked at Tei Wu as he handed her the axe " here try it " Tei Wu was really excited as she couldn't even imagine what kind of power would be produced if her Axe was accelerated in mid attack, the enemy won't even have time to react when his head would be chopped off!

She took the Axe and just pressed the button without swinging it as she wanted to see how much force it can produce on it's own. Sudden from the holes on the pole, swoosh sound came as Tei Wu felt like axe would fly out of her hand so she gripped the axe more firmly as because of centrifugal force, axe slammed onto the table on which Axe was placed and it was split in two like it was made of paper, splinters of wood flew everywhere as table was pulverized into small fragments!

Ace looked at this as he smiled because he was satisfied with his creation. After all this was only a mortal level weapon but it could even kill peak level mortals with it's strength and if sneak attacked, it can even injure spirit Apprentice level warrior!

Tei Wu was shocked as first two functions of this Axe were so amazing that they would help her perfectly in battle.

" What about third button? what does it do? "

Ace had a huge smile on his face as he was waiting for this question. He smiled as he looked at her " See for your self, wear this before pressing it " he gave her a metal gauntlet like glove which had metal scales on it like dragon. It had a symbol on it's back of the hand which was a capital A. This signified that it was made by him.

Tei Wu put on the glove and pressed the third button as on both sides, blades of Axe suddenly extended and whole axe became a round disk, the disk then started rotating at insane speed!

Two Wu was astonished as Two hooks came out of the handle of the Axe and were attached to her hand, the glove then became a part of the axe!

Ace pointed at the tree 50 meters away outside " aim for that tree and press the third button again, if you don't want to release it then press the first button as it would stop, this attack also uses compressed air so it can rotate like this for about 10 minutes, it's speed would slow down with time so this isn't it's Maximum speed. the earlier you launch, the better. "

Tei Wu looked at the tree and pressed the third button as the round rotating disk which was 10 kg heavy flew like a frisbee, it was faster then frisbee as it struck the tree and cut up to half of the thinkness of the tree. There was a strong attached to the center of the disk. after the attack was done, strong pulled the disk back as it again came back into it's position and because normal axe again.

" You can only use this attack once or use faster swings three time, the more there is , the stronger the attack "

Tei Wu suddenly hugged Ace so hard that crackling sound was heard " Little guy! you are awesome! "

of course Ace was little guy for her as she was almost 7 feet tall.

" What is it called? "

" It's called ..."

[ Phantom Bone chopper! ]

" Yes, it's called phantom Bone chopper "