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 Ace cut all the bars of jail by the midnight as Tei Wu was still busy as she was studying his bow with some of her smarter subordinates. she was curious about how this thing works as no matter how much she tried, she couldn't fire a single arrow from this thing.

Ace silently approached the guards and knocked them out one by one as he retrieved his cloths and other important stuff, since his 3D printer was attached to his body, Tei Wu wasn't able to take it off and let it stay with him as she thought it was a part of his body.

She thought it was some kind of armor and since it did nothing, she just let him have it.

Ace took his bag which had spare parts and different chips and metals which he took out from Juggernaut prime. He took out some special chips and parts and started organizing them on the table.

He then pointed his 3D printer at the scattered parts as strange green light came out of it and like lasers sculpting a rock, those lasers were able to change into various colors, there was mini tractor beam which would lift different parts up and assemble them.

" One more spare batter gone. "

He used some special fuel cells to power his 3D printer so that he can use this even if he didn't have Oblivion reactor but those cells were consumed rapidly. he consumed eight cells and made a strange glove like device, it had metallic surface on inside and all the kind of chips were attached to it but it's outer surface looked just like a normal glove.

This was a Thermal solar glove, Device which would covert heat and light into electricity and was pretty efficient in it's operation. Ace quickly put on this glove and concentrate on the Spritual force in his body which made his hand heat up, this heat was absorbed by the glove which provided energy to the 3D printer and also charged three of the eight cells at the same time! But while doing this, his energy was depleted as he wasn't yet so powerful, he was just on first stage Spirit Mortal.

Ace then took those three fuel cells and inserted them in 3D printer which then released different coloured beam again and Ace focused the lights on a pile of yellow sand and a black metal piece besides it.

Sand first melted because of heat and it was soon converted into glass and metal piece was also heated and it transformed into a round container shaped small cylinder. it had 4 cm radius and was only 2 cm in height.

Glass which was yellow in color suddenly started rotating and all the impurities came out on the surface of the glass ball which were then removed by the tractor beam, the beam then concentrated on the glass which transformed into different kind of shapes and sizes and took shape of various kinds of lens. Those lens then floated around with green laser holding them in position and took their respective place in the metal cylinder. it looked like a honeycomb of different lens inside this metal piece.

" Hmm, this thing should work. Now what name should I give it?, let me see, Solar laser? Light beam?, Beam extender? "

[ Master, your naming sense is really poor, can I name it? ]

Ace was embarrassed as heard Alice's voice as he nodded " Fine, from now on I'll leave the naming department to you "

[ This device needs something special master ]

Alice said that she controlled the 3D printer on his hand and the tractor beam then concentrated on the sand outside the jail door, there were different kind of pebbles there as few of the red tiny pebbles floated on the surface and quickly melted because of heat, it them became a red coating and was installed over the outer lens.

" Why did you do that? that won't enhance my device you know? "

[ Master it's also important to look cool, remember first impression is also your last impression. With this device you can wear it on your eyes and insert your fire and light attribute Spritual force into this thing which would then be transformed into a laser beam because of different lens, you would see a red laser beam fired from this thing instead of regular white and that will make you look cool master ]

" I see, you are right but it's not just for that purpose, I made it so that I don't have to use 3D printer everytime, I use lots of spritual energy and super advanced 3D printer to make a simple gun or bow then it would be disrespectful to this technology. that is why I designed this thing so I can cut and weld things with laser like accuracy without using the 3D printer. "

[ I know, I've decided on the name master, it should he called Photon Disintegrator ]

" Wow, you are actually awesome at naming things "

[ I know master, I know ]


Tei wu was sitting on the throne as she looked at her subordinates discussing about the crossbow, she was getting treated with her wound as it was mostly healed because he body was strong to begin with and she also had special medicine of her clan, the animals in dessert were ferocious and if you were injured in dessert, it would mean certain death so many animals and insects had rapid healing ability, this was why her clan was able to kill those monster and make special medicine which would help humans heal faster.

" I am telling you! it's at least Apprentice level weapon! that is why we are unable to use this thing, if we kill that guy, then we can use it maybe "

" Shut up! this is normal weapon, it doesn't even have any Spritual force leaking from it, how can it be an apprentice level weapon? I say it's either normal weapon or a Master level weapon made by a genius blacksmith who is able to completely hide it's aura "

" That's not possible, only large sects has that kind of weapon Smith and this guy clearly is first rank mortal level "

" What if he is hiding his strength? "

" How can leader defeat him if he hiding his strength? didn't you see how leader dragged him here with a dislocated shoulder? he is clearly a weakling who stole this weapon from somewhere "

" Then how is he able to use thing and we can not? "

" let's ask him "

" Yes let's ask him "

they all looked at Tei Wu as she nodded as she looked a huge baldy standing besides her " Go get him here, if he dares to resist then break his legs. "

the baldy was about to leave as there came a voice which shook Tei Wu to the core " No need , I am already here " Ace was standing near the door of the building, this was village chief's house but these bandits were using it like their own vacation house! Ace looked at Tei Wu coldly " Hand over my Crossbow and maybe I'll spare you life " He said in cold voice as he still clearly remembered how his hand got dislocated with just one kick. this sexy lady was unexpectedly strong bit this time he won't give her any chance!

Tei wu saw that Ace was wearing something on his right eye, it was a round objective with red glass like thing in the middle, it made his one eye look like that of a beast. it was dark and the red lens was shining in blood like color which made Ace look even more terrifying and sinister.

Tei Wu slowly reached out her hand to the side where her Axe was but suddenly Ace concentrated on the eye with Photon Disintegrator on and fired a red beam of light, it was so fast that Tei wu didn't even have time to react and her hair near her neck were cut, She was so terrified that she froze and didn't dare to touch her war Axe.

Ace looked at all the bandits coldly " All of you, this is my village from now on, leave or else don't blame me if your head rolls on the floor the next second. "

Tei Wu calmed down as she looked at this Monster, he was alone capable of dealing with her whole gang with that crossbow alone as she had experienced it's power first hand, now that he had another deadly device which was even more mysterious, she didn't want to take the risk. After all, she had taken so long to grow her gang to this extent and she knew that she had hit a wall this time.

" Okey, we will leave but there is one condition. "

" what? you still want to discuss condition with me? "

" This is reasonable as I am losing a whole village here and you also caused some losses to my gang, you must pay me back don't you think so? " Tei Wu was gambling here as she knew this guy was young and was inexperienced. if it was an expert in apprentice Realm, she won't dare to ask for negotiation and just directly leave.

" What do you want? " Ace thought that it was reasonable since she made her lose so many pet boars and also hurt her in her hand, he knew that any normal person would kill him but she didn't so he also decided to reconcile.

" I want a bow like that, if you can give me the bow, I'll promise I won't enter this village again but there will be other gangs who would try to take over this village once I declare that I am no longer controlling this village, so if you can give me that kind of bow then we can forget the grudge and I would continue to protect this village from harm."

Ace thought a little as he looked at her " This bow is too expansive, I can make you another one as good as this because I don't even have meterials, but I can upgrade your current weapons, how about that? "

yes! Tei Wu yelled in her mind as negotiation were finally successful! Her gang avoided a calamity and now they would even benefit from it. For her, an additional village was not as important as a better weapon!