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 Tei Wu looked at the weird crossbow as she tried to move but unexpectedly, the arrow was always pointed at her and she noticed that the young man's hand didn't even move.

She was a Third rank martial mortal and her body was also strong because of her earth attribute as she could block normal arrows with her body but this crossbow made her feel as if a beast was staring at her, ready to take her life at any second. She only remember feeling like this when she had fought Darkness Scorpion in the dessert region. It was an apprentice level monster and back then, it was killed by her brother but she still remember the Menacing look which made her feel fear for the first time.

she looked at the young man as she took out her Axe and put her in front of her " Boy, I am not here to stalk you, I was just taking a stroll around the Forrest and happen to meet you by coincidence. "

Ace was a little sceptical as he put away his arrow, he told Alice to scan the girl before hand and now that her intelligence was upgraded, she was able to determine someone's Cultivation from their aura alone.

[ Master, she is 3rd rank Martial Mortal and have earth attribute, your chances of beating her are only 56% ]

For Ace who valued his life, those numbers were not enough. He decided to clam down and talk it out first, if she attacked then he would have no choice but to fight.

" Fine, I believe you,qqq now go back to wherever you came from. " Ace put away his crossbow which folded it's arms inside and whole crossbow became a rectangle block which Ace mounted on his left hand as his right hand already had the 3D printer.

As he was about to go away, he felt a gust of wind besides his ear as he quickly turned around but it was too late, Alice could determine her Cultivation level and her attribute but she wasn't able to determine which Cultivation technique Tei Wu practiced as Tei Wu used a movement type technique and hit Ace in the head with her fist.

Ace was hit really hard but because he had memory core which was way bigger than normal human, he won't pass out normally from just impact on his head, this was one of the advantage of having improved memory core!


After few minutes, Ace was laying on ground covered in bruises all over while Tei wu was sitting besides him with a hole in her left arm which was done by only one arrow that managed to hit her.

Ace knew that Tei Wu didn't want to hurt him and just wanted to capture him but how can he allow that? It would be a shame if he left a girl capture him without any resistance! He thus tapped gently on his right arm which had the Recurve Flux and it instantly because a crossbow which he was just about aim at Tei Wu when she abruptly changed her angle and kicked the bow with her leg. Ace was only able to fire one arrow when his hand was kicked so hard that it dislocated from the joint and he fell on ground as he lost the feeling in his left hand.

Tei Wu was hit in her left hand and arrow was so fast that made a hole and came out from other side! This naturally made the beauty angry and she beat Ace up to relive her 'pain'

Ace clenched his teeth as he looked at her " You took me by surprise! let me go! Fight me fair and square and we will see who beats whom! "

Tei Wu looked him as she smirked like a devil " Do you know why I beat you up? , it was because of your cloths. You are the mysterious warrior that blew up my Gang's pigs, aren't you? "

" My gang? you are from iron boar gang? " Ace didn't panic as he still had a way to get out of this situation as he was just waiting for Nenobots in his body to fix his body and he would then be able beat her back. " Yes, I was the one. what are you going to do about it? i just stole a Cultivation book in front of that pig riding fatty and he decided to chase after me, so you tell me what would I do? you both are stalkers! why won't I beat someone up if they are stalking me and have bad intention? "

Tei Wu then swung her war Axe and stopped it just a cm away from his neck " I don't care, you will come with me to my gang and give me compansation, or else don't even think of leaving this place alive. " She didn't kill him or she didn't dare to kill him as he was a light attribute person and for this kind of person, sects would easily take them in. If she killed a genius of a sect then her gang would be finished. she also saw his crossbow which was surprisingly able to burst a hole in her tough body as she was even more convinced that he was from a sect.

she then decided to ask for compansation and let him go instead of killing him so she tied him up and dragged him through Forrest up to her base, all the way Ace was quite and was able to feel his wound healing at faster speed because it was still day and he was able to absorb sunlight which in turn filled his body with Spritual energy and his cells now divided at faster rate then normal human, which helped nano bots which were now able to heal his wounds without any raw material.

Ace's crossbow was taken away and he was put in a jail cell inside the village. Ace was now almost healed but as he was inside the jail cell, he couldn't absorb that much sunlight and healing process became slow again. he also didn't have any weapon and his 3D printer won't work without power from the mini Oblivion reactor. Only thing he can use was his body so he decided to try and use his new found strength.

he concentrated on his body and felt that he was full of power, he was able to sense each and every single muscle in his body and this wasn't because his Cultivation made him too strong but this was because, Spritual force also influenced his memory core which gave him better control over his own body and Spritual force. he was already better at controlling it then normal cultivators.

Ace then guided the Spritual force to his index finger of right hand as told in the memory of the girl which took Moon Glow Pearl. she was able to take Spritual force out of her body even before she became a spirit apprentice. He also tried to do the same and surprisingly his finger started shining like it was some kind of torch! there was tiny white flame on his finger which was only few millimeters big and it couldn't get away from his finger more than few Millimeters.

This was less then the girl from his memory as she was able to form a flame at least one inch long above her finger but even if it was only Millimeters long, it was enough for Ace.

He then put his finger near steel bar of the jail and it started heating up, the process took too long and temp didn't go high enough that it can cut the steel bar so Ace was forced to stop the process.

" What should I do? maybe concentration of flame is not enough, wait what if I also pour light attribute with flames? "

He again made tiny flame on his finger but this time it wasn't flickering like before and he slowly started to control it, suddenly the flame got thinner and thinner from covering his whole finger to only covering the center of his index finger and it looked like a white needle made of light.

He gently put this needle like flame against the steel bar and it cut through the steel bar like as knife through butter! by combination of light and fire, he was able to produce laser like flame which was enough hot to cut the Steen bar and it was now an inch long instead of just few millimeters.

He swore that he would never give his enemy a chance to get into close combat ever again.