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 Ace was sitting on Forrest floor on grass and his surrounding had many trees which gave him shade. The atmosphere was calm and gentle cool breeze made it perfect spot to rest as there was also chirping of birds which made Ace's mind more calm.

He was trying to control the spiritual force in the atmosphere which he won't be able to control before when he just came to this new universe but after getting dues enhancement drug, his body was reborn and it had enough Fupralt and Lestalt which were essential for controlling the Spritual energy. He decided against absorbing more of it as he discovered something new from the memory which was that by including too much of those substance in his body, he would absorb huge amount of spiritual force and here there was a problem.

his cells which had Deus enhancement were able to absorb some amount of spritual force but if he introduced more of Fupralt and Lestalt, then the Spritual energy which would invade his body would be too much for him to handle and he would just feel heavy pain if not explode like a balloon.

it was like you had good software but your hardware was old gen so no if you want to improve your hardware in one shot then you would need to change whole thing and buy a new one. Ace believed that he won't make his body impure unless necessary as he decided not to use this technique.

His only option now was to cultivate Normally which would change his body bit by bit at slow speed and he would be able to upgrade his body eventually.

He again asked Alice about how he can make this process faster.

[ You can find environment filled with the attribute you have and cultivate there which would eventually make your progress faster. ]

" Okey, note down three tasks. Find out what are my attribute and which place would be best for Cultivation. Second, how I can contact the Titanium Dragon as I need some help with iron boar gang and Third.....I need a badass weapon! "

[ Yes Master ]


Huiju Village

whole village was transformed into a battlefield as iron boar gang took over whole village to set up an Ambush on Ace. There were crossbow man on each and every house's roof and all of them had huge shields in which the crossbow could fit which would make them stationary crossbow firing tanks.

There were also few men patrolling around the village who had scars on their faces and were carrying different kinds of weapons.

In village chief's house, there was a temporary throne made of stone on which Tei Wu was seated. She looked at the village chief " You said he won't return, you don't even know where he is or what his name is? tell me, why should I keep you alive? "

" Because this village is already under your control, we have nothing to do with the person and we just did some trade and barter with him. You can not kill the village just because of that"

village chief was beaten up pretty badly and had bruises all over as he finally admitted that he knew that person. When Tei Wu ordered the search, one of the bandit which escaped with Dong An told her that the cloths were somewhat similar to huiju village and that led to this development.

Tei wu told Dong An about this but the guy still refused to cooperate.

She was helpless as this kind of stubborn and cowered people were the ones she hated the most! If not for Dong An's talent in taming, she would have long since split apart his body in two!

She liked to went her frustration by being alone as she took her Axe and went deep inside the Forrest to calm down and rest.

As she was walking, she suddenly saw a handsome young man sitting on the ground few hundred meters away from her as she stopped and observed for a while. She suddenly gasped in shock as the light around the boy warped in weird way as it went inside his body and his body suddenly produced an illusion as if his body was on fire. This was Ace who was finally able to start Cultivation of Fire God's Fury and as for suitable Cultivation spot, Alice told him that as his attributes were Lightning and Light. he would be able to cultivate light attribute easily as he could cultivate in any area that had light. This was benefit of having Light attribute and Darkness attribute which were two super rare attribute as they only needed day for light and night for darkness.

Tei Wu was shocked because she had seen a genius of her clan who was conferred future king of the alliance of the Barbarian clans just because he had this exact same light element! Coupled with furious heat of the desert which would give clear light all year round, His Cultivation speed was like a rocket! he was able to break through to the Martial Apprentice level before age of 16!

She was shocked to find another such kind of talent here in the Forrest out of nowhere. She silently approached Ace as she wanted to catch this guy and make him into her subordinate so that her gang would grow even stronger. She would always try to recruit strong warriors in the gang so that she can have some help when fight happened. After all her strength alone wasn't enough always.

Ace suddenly opened his eyes and the strange phenomenon stopped as he exhaled mouthful of turbid air.

He felt like he had taken some kind of super spicy food! his whole body felt like it was on fire but it didn't make him uncomfortable but rather, he felt like he was taking a shower with warm water as fire attribute Spritual force and light attribute Spritual force went inside his body. there wasn't much lightning attribute nearby so he decided to cultivate lightning attribute by using his Mini Oblivion reactor later. He had already given the task of detaching the reactors from the Juggernaut prime to his nano bots as he didn't have required tool right now.

He had hidden the Juggernaut prime armor inside the strange tree as it was a safe place and no one would visit the area.

He finally broke through to the first level of Spirit Mortal as there was pure while flame on his whole body which gave off sun like glow which burned all the black impurities that came out of his body. Even his cloths were burned as he was now covered in simple metal inner armor which he made from spare Juggernaut prime parts. He knew that Juggernaut prime would be useless once he took out the mini Oblivion reactor so he decided to use all that metal into making something productive. He developed a simple inner armor from armor plating which was even able to take hits of a tank shell because of toughness of the metal used.

There was also a weapon by his side which was a Crossbow. This wasn't a normal crossbow though as it had superior quality meterials and there was even an inbuilt Shield which would protect user on the press of a button. He made this crossbow for two reasons as First, he didn't like going into dangerous area which was close combat. He still remember the feeling of his inner organs rupturing when Xiong Kong hit him. that wasn't a good feeling.

Second reason was that if he had a thermal weapon, then it would need explosive powder which he won't be able to procure much but with crossbow, he could craft as many arrows as he needed with trees around him.

This crossbow was also superior as it could fire three arrows at different angles once he took aim with his mind as there was a chip attached to this bow which would transmit the targeting system to his brain and he won't have to manually adjust the angles and everything. He would just have to glance at Target once and press the switch on the bow to fire the arrows and it was also able to fire rapidly like a Machine gun and had a square shaped magazine attached on the lower end which would house 15 arrows and he had four more of this kind of magazines which he was able to change when one was empty like a gun. This meant that he would just have to look at the Target and press the button to turn it into porcupine!

Crossbow was named Recurve Flux because it's design was similar to a same named crossbow developed in his universe to use on a planet which was had high amount of Hydrogen gas and if you used heat based weapn, then you would blow yourself up first. This was the reason humans designed this bow so that they can kill the beasts on the planet without producing heat.

He took the bow into his hand and aimed at the tree behind which Tei Wu was hiding as an arrow was nailed in the tree with a thud sound.

Tian wu came out with her war Axe in her hand as she looked at Ace " Warrior, you are in my territory. State your name and intention and I might spare you for attacking me. "

Ace looked at her with calm expression " I am Shen Tiancai and I don't think I need to tell you why I am here you stalker " He smiled as he aimed the crossbow at her and was ready to fire the arrow. Alice had Notified him of her arrival which almost caused him to fail in his Cultivation and that was why he was a little mad at this stalker.