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 Ace stood up exhausted as the feeling of weakness finally subsided. He looked around but he couldn't find Tian Cui anymore and he was still having difficulty in breathing.

" Cough! Alice, what happened? Where is Tian Cui? "

[ Master, The soul remnant exhausted it's energy while changing your name,There is a good news though as I was able to absorb some of her memory fragments before she died but I can not decode this memory as I have no prior experience with this.]

" Why would you decode this memory? what's the catch? "

[ Master, do you remember about that door? maybe we can get information about how to open that gate and take those treasures ]

" Hmm, that's good, you did a good job Alice, now scan Fire God's Fury and tell me best method to cultivate to mortal Realm. "

[ I've already analyzed the memory of inheritance and the technique explained in the Technique. There was a Cultivator who used a Crimson blood ore in his Cultivation with a medicine and he had stronger body than any other users of this technique, there was a girl who absorbed Moon glow perl and her body became good conductor of spritual force, she always had supreme control over her Spritual force and lastly Tian Cui's Master, Meng yazhu used A technique named 'Rising star blue sun' which upgraded her flames to blue flames which are a grader stronger than yellow flames, it was also because of this technique that she was called violet dragon as in the final form, her flames were strongest and had violet color to it.]

" All three methods are good, what about meterials? Can we get those two meterials you mentioned before? "

[ Crimson Blood ore is not a rare metal but once you absorb this ore, you will have to continue absorbing all the kind of different metals in your body to make it even more stronger. I don't recommend this as this will make you look like a brutal barbarian with only muscles and no brains, master you look handsome as you are so don't use this technique. ]

Ace's face twitch a little " I..I get it, now what about this Moon glow Pearl? "

" We already have this meterial, I am 95% sure that this Moon glow Pearl has High concentration of Fupralt and Lestalt. we can get them from plants and even human dead body here which has these two substances. Deus Blood strengthening drugs also has these two meterials. we can get them once we go back to ship or you can harvest it easyly from that piggy gang ]

" You mean Iron boar gang? "

[ They are piggy gang in front of my master hehe, ]

" But isn't killing for resources a bad thing? I don't kind killing them as they are also doing the exact same thing but.. "

[ Master don't need to worry, We can also harvest Fupralt and Lestalt From dead Mortal level boars which had those Spritual cores ]

Animals in this world also had same strength system as humans so they were divided into levels like mortal, apprentice, master and like that but they didn't have any Cultivation technique and were able to cultivate because of their bloodline.

" That's good but I remember now, I changed your default settings for personality, is that why you are so lively?"

[ Yes Master ]


Deep inside the Forrest there was a huge castle like structure made of wood near a lake. Inside the palace were many buildings in which some were for people to live in and some were for different activities such as cooking, Barracks, Prison and many more but there were three Large buildings which had hundreds of pigs in them, some were baby pigs and some were huge boars with dangerous looking teeth.

There was a majestic building in the middle which looked like a palace and there was only a single pig inside. There was a person standing close to this red pig and was feeding the pig with meat with different mixture of vegetables.

Dong An was cautious ever since his gang was attacked by Ace and no matter how much Gang leader asked him to go out and Rob the village, he would only give one answer " I won't go out unless you find out who that guy was. Find him out and either kill him or make him leave this Forrest. I don't want him anywhere near my babies! " He yelled at the thin bandits who was here to invite Dong An on behalf of Gang leader.

Thin bandit then went back and reported this to his gang leader who was sitting inside a huge room dug inside a Cave in nearby mountain. Leader of this gang was actually a Women! She looked buffed up and had six packs. She was wearing two huge shoulder guards made of skull of Boars with spikes like teeth on them. she was wearing a black top made of black fur of an unknown animal and her skirt was made of bear skin which was up covering her knees perfectly, she had black hair tied in a pony tail and she had a beautiful face of a mature woman who would capture heart of a men with one look. With her Ocean like blue eyes, she looked at this thin subordinate of hers as he was shivering from just one look of hers.

" Gang leader, Dong An again refuse to come out " The poor guy bowed to her as he suddenly felt a gust of wind near his neck. a huge axe passed by in blink of an eye with a swoosh sound and with boom, it got stuck in the cave wall behind him. He was fully covered in sweat from head to toe and was shivering from the shear bloodlust of this barbarian Queen.

That's right, the women was named Tei Wu. She was from Barbarian Clan which lived far away in a desert. She was exiled and when she came here, she established this gang and ruled with her Axe! those who followed her would bow to her and those who didn't would see their head roll. She was only enduring Dong An because he was important person who was able to tame boars which was great help to her gang.

It wasn't that no one opposed this rule of a woman in Male dominated society, there were several bandit groups from nearby areas which tried to take out this newly established gang just because their leader was a female but they soon real meaning of horror.

Barbarians focused on external martial arts and Tei Wu was already at third level of Martial Mortal stage! A third level Martial Mortal was different than a third level Spirit Mortal. Although internal Cultivation was stronger than external Cultivation, it only showed it's strength in later stages of Cultivation and only after becoming a Spirit Apprentice would one see rise in strength campared to External Cultivation. This was because at Apprentice stage, A person would be able to pour his Spritual force in weapons and cut down body of a Martial Apprentice easyly. No matter how strong you were, you won't be able to take a sword with spiritual force head on.

This was the reason why Tei Wu was strong as unless a disciple broke through Apprentice level, they won't be allowed to go out of sect and thus the Forrest only had some wondering Cultivators and bandit gangs who cultiveted low level Internal Cultivation techniques.

Tei Wu on other hand had earth attribute body which made her body strong from birth and because her clan was somewhat stronger than average in dessert, she had external Cultivation technique which complicated her earth attribute body and this made her so strong that she was unbeatable in this small Forrest.

She was named as Barbarian Queen by small bandit groups and iron boar gang soon took over many villages and beat back strong gangs in the area by her strength alone.

She walked past the shivering bandit and grabbed the handle of the huge war axe as she pulled it out of the cave wall with a single hand which had well developed muscles like a weight lifting athlete. She wasn't too much buffed and was perfect figure which was admired by many but none dared to make a move on her as all those who tried were dead or crippled.

Huge waraxe was then put on the saddle on her back which was near her waist and she hung it there horizontally. The axe was made of special black iron which was named Dread Iron. This iron was found in dessert where special cactus like tree would bear a fruit which was made of this dread Iron once every year. Each and every single warrior would get specialized weapon by clan and this waraxe was Tei Wu's weapon.

She came out of the cave and looked at her gang " Looks like those fool have forgotten about me and they think that those boars are the real strength of my Iron boar gang then I would like to remind them again that whoever goes against my gang would end up dead. "

Tei Wu then turned around and looked at her subordinate " Bring me This secret warrior, mobilize all the forces and search each and every village, tell other gangs to search for him and if anyone refuse, kill them all! "

She was going to show the real strength of her iron boar gang which was the ruler of the Black boar Forrest for last Ten years!