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 Ace was already aware of the Cultivation levels of this world but he found out that inferior techniques of this world had some limitations like the technique he got from Xiong hu and the Sevenfold Fist. Those techniques had limited potential and Ace was unwilling to cultivate those mediocre techniques. He also found out from Tian Cui that any expert above Lord realm would be able to tell if he is not the native of this plane because they will be able to break the space after that realm and would gain basic understanding of space element.

there were several element attached to Spritual force like fire, earth, wind, water, ice, metal and many more rare element which would only appear at special places or can be cultiveted through special techniques, The one he got from Tian cui was also a special technique which would convert user's Spritual force into fire attribute and one another attribute according to user's physic.

Tian cui's master Meng yazhu had fire and violet attribute Spritual force and that's why she was able to use violet fire and was named Violet Dragon empress. Tian Cui was able to cultivate fire and holy attribute because of her pure body and was able to utilize Jade fire and thus was named Jade snake empress.

This technique was called Flame God's fury.

Ace found this name really dominating as he fell in love with this technique. He was always bad at naming things and he would often choose anything which had a good name, He believed that the name gives the first impression of someone and if name is good then the thing would be good too.

He was about to start Cultivation of this Flame God's Fury right away as he remembered another technique which was related to the Flame God's fury but was external Cultivation technique which was called Rebirth Through Flames. Just the introduction of those two technique was enough to make Ace drool over them and they were available for him to cultivate! There was only one small paragraph in both books.

'The first attribute to appear in this Realm was Fire and through fire, a person can Become a God! this technique can allow a person without fire attribute body to cultivate fire attribute and those with fire attribute would become a God with this technique.'

it was this paragraph in The first page of Flame God's fury that attracted him to this technique.

'In the whole universe, there is one thing which is eternal! it's only me! only I will survive and even the strongest fire won't be able to burn me! I am Immortal Weapon Smith Yuan Long and this technique is my own creation which I created after getting inspiration from My Internal Cultivation art called Flame God's fury, Welcome on the path of immortals!'

This guy who wrote the Rebirth through Flames was even more dominating! It was expected as fire was a superior attribute which would also change personality of the user to be arrogant and dominant.

Ace didn't have any problem with this as he was already arrogant but he wasn't a fool. He was cautious person and would think twice before doing anything.

Tian Cui stood up and clapped her hands as Ace and Alice were both transferred outside the huge tree. " I am running out of time, I have one last thing remaining to do and that is to give you my other half of inheritance. That isn't those treasures of course since you didn't pass, but I will still help you as you listened to my story with patience. "

She said as she looked at Ace " Can I enter your brain again? " she asked this time because Alice would again force her out of there if she tried to get inside without Ace's permission.

Ace chuckled at this as he smiled " Sure but it won't harm me right? "

" No it won't, you will just feel a slight headache. "

Tian Cui than directly went into his mind space from his forehead, she again saw the huge sun like white memory core, she looked like a tiny dust particle in front of it. Tian Cui then Fired a beam of light from her forehead which directly collided with the memory core and the beam was absorbed in it. it was memory of the experience of her's and her master's and all the other masters before them who cultiveted Flame God's fury and Rebirth through Flames.

This was true inheritance as only getting those techniques wasn't Enough, Acewould never be able to cultivate properly if he followed the technique blindly and would be stuck on several bottle neck. This insight from previous users of the technique would help him understand the technique better and make his Cultivation smooth.

Tian Cui then stood still in front of memory core thanking about something. " This guy has such a big brain capacity, he also passed learning test in such a short time. he is no doubt a genius and his name should also be like that" She was going to give him a new name as his master , she knew that when she transferred all the Cultivation experience of her predecessors into his mind, he would feel huge headache but Ace didn't even notice and transfer was over which signified that he was a genius and his learning capability was inhumane!

She then went into his heart space where his soul was located, this space was only available to those who had permission to enter by the owner of the space and as Ace didn't even have those spaces before and this new space was recently developed because of his contact to the Spritual force which helped him evolve. It was that's why easy for Tian Cui to enter this as she only dared to enter because Ace wasn't aware of this existence of heart space. He a person was aware then his soul would attack anyone who tried to enter this space as if someone took over this place then he or she would be able to control the person just like ghost possessing humans.

In most of the cases, Ghosts would face an attack from the soul of owner of the body which would significantly weaken them so ghost would rarely try to enter here.

Tian Cui saw a white soul which had two balls in the center in which one had lightning and other had blinding white light.

Tian Cui was surprised as it was really rare to see a person with dual attribute and it was even more insanely rare to see someone with light attribute! this was a legendary attribute which was said to come in existence just after the fire and was supposedly stronger than fire by several folds. This was because light attribute had only one counter which was darkness attribute and that attribute was also as rare as light attribute. this was why anyone with these two attributes were able to beat back any other attribute users without much problems as other elements weren't able to counter them properly.

As for lighting attribute, Tian cui was even more surprised as this wasn't a normal lighting which should be yellow but this was a beautiful rainbow colored lightning! this was hevenly tribulation thunder!? How can this guy absorb Hevenly tribulation!? he even aquired the Hevenly Thunder attribute! Truly a monster! No, even monsters won't be this scary, he was a God! a Godly Genius!

Tian Cui shivered at the though that when Ace cultiveted Fire God's fury, he would gain Fire attribute which would compliment his thunder and Light attribute! She didn't even dare to imagine how strong he would become. " Maybe, he can reach that Mythical Realm of The Gods " She looked at the soul as she reached out with her finger and a beam of green fire energy like a plasma cutter appeared in her hand as carved few words on his soul.

Ace suddenly felt as if someone was pulling his heart out and there was also a feeling that he was being pressed under a huge hand as he directly collapsed near the huge tree.

Tian Cui wrote two words on his soul, first was Shen which meant God and other was Tiancai which means Genius. This was his new name and from now on he would be known as Shen Tiancai! the Godly Genius! He wasn't Ace of the Humanity anymore.