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 in the space where Ace was transferred to, there were two beautiful girls sitting next to each other, talking about their experience. Tian Cui was curious about Ace's world as she initiated the conversation. Alice was a patient story teller as she explained all the details of her world to this new friend. After developing as an individual personality, Alice still retained her fundamental goal which were to protect her master, help her master as much as she can. There was also a new Goal which was to improve herself as by doing that she would be able to be more useful to her Master.

She knew that Sharing the information of her world with a stranger wasn't a good thing but the offer by Tian Cui was enough to make Alice compromise and she didn't take Ace's permission before giving the information to Tian Cui. She knew that if it was Ace, then he would do the same.

What Tian cui offered wasn't any treasure or resources or new power. It was information, all the information Tian Cui had about this world as what Ace and Alice needed most right now was exactly this information.

Tian Cui first started with telling her own story after she heard about Ace's Universe. She was a choosen one, a Daughter of Heven. She had everything, from peak potential to a good family background and her life was envied by many. Her family alone was as strong as a first rate power of today and she was accepted into a sect which was even stronger than first rate sects of today, it was a transcendent power. This had nothing to do with how many disciples sect had or how much area it governed. The sect was transcendent power just because the sect leader was an Emperor level expert! There were various levels in the cultivation world and it's cultivation was divided in two types, first one was External Cultivation and Second was Internal Cultivation.

" pure External cultivators were called Martial Cultivators as they were bunch of barbarians and brute people focused on strengthening their body! they are insane! always wanting to fight, fight and fight! they are like masochists! No matter how much you beat them, they would always be happy to take a beating again and even thank you at the end of the fight, but there was also a good thing about them that anyone who practiced External martial arts in ancient times was a straight forward person. They won't scheme against you nor they would try dirty methods, If they are dissatisfied with you then they would just challenge you to fight"

" Internal Cultivation experts are called Spirit cultivators as they gather Spritual energy from Heven and earth to strengthen their attack by infusing it in various kinds of Martial arts, there are several Levels for both cultivation systems which are Mortal level, Apprentice level , Master levels, Grandmaster level, Lord, King, Emperor and Saint. There are also levels after that which are called demigod and God but there is no record of there being a demigod or god level expert since ancient time."

" In those levels , if you are practicing External marital arts then you would be called Martial mortal, Martial apprentice, Martial Master and so on. If it is internal Cultivation then we add spirit instead of Martial in all those ranks. Each major rank has Nine minor ranks. Today people only cultivate in Internal Martial arts and all the cultivators are called Spirit cultivators so I would tell you about that first In Mortal level, you must first gather Spritual energy in your body which would then go into each and every cell of your body to make you stronger, this is Called baptism of Spritual force. this would significantly improve your ability as mortal and that is why this stage is called Spritual mortal which means you would be a Cultivating Mortal or a Mortal who is able to cultivate. "

Tian Cui was about to continue when Ace woke up with grunting sound as he put his hand on his head " Alice, what happened? my head, it hurts so much "

[ Master, your memory core is absorbing huge amount of spritual force from the environment in this special space and is evolving, if you successfully evolve then your memory core would completely be merged with your brain and you will be able to access all the information in it with just a thought.]

Ace looked at Tian Cui as he saw Alice which would usually appear as hologram Avatar in his eyes was now completely real as Tian Cui was also able to see her. " Alice , did you evolve too? "

[ Yes Master, I am now Alive ] Alice gave a soft smile as Ace's heart started to beat a little faster " A new life, Humanity always tried to make a perfectly alive AI but now I've accomplished it accidentally, ha...hahaha...hahahahaha " It was a huge shock to Ace as being a weapon specialist, he had plenty of experience with AI of different kinds and even when using most advanced AI he always felt like there was something missing from them. Alice finally found that something which was missing, a soul. She unexpectedly developed a soul in span of one and a half month after coming to this place.

Ace then looked at his beauty AI " Why did you choose this appearance? " Ace asked her because Alice looked just like his aunt Merline.

[ Master, this image is close to your heart and I don't want you to feel alone in this world, all by yourself so I thought if I take this appearance, you would feel better and also consider me as family ]

Ace smiled at this innocent answer as this new AI was still child like and she just wanted her master to like her, Her fundamental programming was like that and she was just following her emotions.

" Oye, you two can I finish my story first? I was just about to get to the interesting part " Tian Cui said to the two as she was also bored and needed someone to talk to.

Ace sit down besides the two as he was told about the various levels of Cultivation by Alice. Tian Cui then continued " So I was saying, there are various levels in Cultivation and I told you about mortal level. you will have to find out about rest of the levels your self because that's the best part about Cultivation, finding new things and chasing after the limitless power hehe "

" So my family was strong and my sect was even stronger and because I was such a talent, the sect leader which was called Empress Violet Dragon Meng Yazhu, took me in as her personal disciple. My Cultivation journey was like a breeze and I was able to cultivate up to Spirit Lord level with ease, after that came Spirit King and spirit emperor level which were really hard to cultivate and required several years of bitter Cultivation. My Master personally bought me to a different plane of existence to absorb all the spiritual force there where I broke through the spirit king level, I was only two Minor level away from Spirit emperor level so my master told me to take the Spritual force gathering array and enter the mountain peak which had a Divine Dragon Gold vein in it's depth which was releasing insane amount of spritual force. I cultiveted there for few years and finally was able to breakthrough the emperor level! "

Ace was hearing this girl chatter non stop but he soon understood reason for that, she was pure innocent girl which didn't even get to experience any hardship of the world because of her doting Master and her family, she was still like a little girl who found new friends.

" After I became the empress, I was given the tital of Jade snake Empress Tian Cui because titles like those are given based on either Cultivation technique or a specific area one excelled in, I had a weapon which had a Martial spirit. It was a flood dragon that I killed personally after becoming an Empress, I sealed it in my sword and after that all the Snake species which were under that Flood dragon became my subordinates. This was because that flood dragon was originally a Holy fire snake but it evolved into Divine Light Flood Dragon so all the nature attribute snakes bacame my subordinates. I was thus named as Jade Snake Empress Tian Cui. "

" After that I returned to the sect but I saw that my sect was no where to be found and my family was also gone, there was a great catastrophy which destroyed the universal balance, I didn't understand what it was at that time because I was Cultivating in that mountain. " At this point Tian Cui had some tears in her eyes as Alice Gently Rubbed her head.

Tian Cui didn't mind this as she continued " Maybe my master knew that this would happen, so she told me to go cultivate again, I didn't suspect her as after I became an Empress, no matter how much I cultivate, I won't be able to break though like that, but I still followed her order and went back into that mountain to cultivate again. "

" When I found out that the world which I knew about was fully changed, I was sad and wanted to go back and cultivate until either I die or breakthrough to the God realm. I then remembered the days how my master took care of me and thought that I can't let her legend die just like that, I decided to make this place to give out my inheritance and I don't remember anything after that as at that time Tian Cui left me here. I am just a Remnant Will of hers. My job was to find someone who would inherit Tian cui's inheritance and also of her master's. "

Ace now understood why this inheritance test was so simple, it wasn't because Tian Cui decided to be merciful to her students but it was because she was innocent and pure, she didn't know how to scheme and she had set up all the tests to just give her inheritance to the right person. Ace now understood that even if he went inside that door, he wouldn't have died but now he couldn't go inside even if he wanted to as Tian Cui was only able to summon it once.