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 " Mortal , what's your name? " Ace looked at the stunning beauty in front of him as he understood that she was a powerful expert from past who's inheritance he had obtained.

the thing which shocked Ace the most was that he was seeing an actual ghost or remnant will of the powerful expert which once existed.

Ace simply bowed and gave his real name as he knew that the experts like her can even sense lie from behavior and facial muscles " I am Ace trouper "

Snake empress chuckled as she looked at him " Interesting, you are not from this plane of existence, in fact you are not even from the same realm. boy if you don't want to get into trouble then give your self a new name, I will carve it on your soul so that anyone else won't find out that you are not from this plane " She looked at Ace as Ace was again shocked by her powers.

" Mortal, I've given you my inheritance because I saw that you are not from this realm, The technique I practice is really hard and only someone like you can cultivate it. originally I had set some of the hardest test for inheritance but since ancient time, no one has been able to pass my test. You passed the two rounds and now I've given you Dragon eyes and a set of external cultivation technique and inner cultivation technique that I used in my life. " She smiled as she waved her hand and a huge door appeared in front of Ace, the door radiated divine might and was able to force Ace to kneel down by shear pressure it emitted.

Tian Cui saw this as she smirked and shielded Ace from the pressure " This is your last test Ace trouper. Go inside and if you come out before the end of one year is over in this gate successfully, then you will get my full inheritance. There will be a test and also an opportunity for you , so go inside and try your best."

Ace looked at Tian Cui as the suffocating pressure finally subsided and he got up " Wait, I can't afford to waste one year inside there, I don't even know any martial arts, how am I supposed to survive some harder than shit test? can I refuse? "

Ace knew this was an opportunity to become a dragon from a fish but he wasn't screwed in the head, he knew it would be insanely dangerous test after this as first two test were already hard enough, he still shiverd at the thought that if the first test wasn't scaled according to his strength then he won't be able to clear it ever. he only cleared it because of luck and his technologically advanced weapon. Unless he was sure that his plasma gun would be able to kill the enemy, he won't dare to engage with the enemy.

Even when he stood against whole humanity prime back then, he was sure that he could kill each and every single ship with his space drills and that was why he dared to approach the fleet. After all, he had only one life and he didn't want to risk it.

Snake Empress Tian cui looked at Ace with amused expression on her face " I see, so you don't want to risk your life. Fine but you won't obtain my martial arts and all those valuable meterials I've kept for you, you won't get resources which would allow you to become stronger faster than others, are you sure you don't want to go in there? after all, your chances of survival are still 45% because you have that weird armor "

" I don't want anything from you, you can just take what you gave to me back, I will not risk my life for those things, to me, most important thing is my life after all " He smiled as he looked at the beauty gently floating in the air.

Tian Cui was shocked to see this as if she gave this opportunity to a major sect then they would go mad over this! of course they won't have probablity of success as high as 45%, they would still send all of their disciples through this door as even if it was 1% probably for each and every disciple, then one out of 100 outstanding core disciple would still be able to get the inheritance. She looked at this unorthodox person as now she finally understood that he wasn't like those braindead fools which would do anything get stronger and think that they would succeed just because they were self proclaimed hero of their own stories.

Tian Cui waved her slender Jade green hand again as the gate disappeared as she looked at Ace " Fine, although you won't get those resources but you are still my half student and have half of my inheritance. Now tell me what name do you want me to carve out on your soul "

Ace thought for a while as he looked at her " I don't know, maybe you can suggest for me? "

" Fine, I will go through your memories first as my reward for naming you " Tian Cui smiled as she directly went into Ace's forehead. Ace was about to tell her to stop as his brain was anything but Normal and he didn't know how it would affect her.

[ Foreign Programming detected, alien lifeform invading, initiating code red]

Ace heard Alice's voice as he suddenly blanked out and his vision grew dark.


Tian Cui was floating in a dark space where she saw a huge white ball made of white flames, she was shocked to the core as this while ball was as large as a sun! Normally a person had limited memory and she had even saw the memory storage of a real dragon but even that can't be campared to this! is this guy even a human!? how can his memory storage be this big? Tian Cui was still in thought when flame on the sun like memory core gave out a blinding light and a female in white cloths walked towerds her. " His mind also has someone protecting it? who are you? "

the girl was also white and her skin was giving off white light, it was as if she was made of light particles.

[ Hello, my name is Alice, I would have to ask you to leave my Master's mind. this is dangerous for my master.]

Tian cui looked at the girl as she smiled " Don't worry , I would just scan his memory once and go away okey? " although she was pretty strong as a remnant will of an emperor level power house but this was Alice's domain and if she attacked , she would die.

[ you don't have the authority ]

" What do you mean? I am his master, he is my student so I have full authority! "

[ You don't have authority ]

" How am I supposed to carve his new name onto his soul, if I don't look into his memory? let me in " Tian Cui was getting impatient as she was also a curious girl and wated to find out what kind of wonder this little boy's previous universe contained.

[ Go back and ask my Master's permission first ]

Tian Cui gritted her teeth as she looked at Alice " fine, I'll ask him " even she was afraid of that huge sun like memory core as she came out his forehead like a ghost getting out of the body of possessed person. She now set there , waiting for him to wake up.

" Tch! I can't even wake him up! killing this guy would've been easy "

[ It won't, I would kill you first ]

Unexpectedly, Alice who was an AI had developed a personality after coming into contact with Spritual force of the new world, she was just a brain designed by humans before but now she was an individual life here, just how some natural treasures like hevenly fire and weapons would develop spirits.