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 Ace considered Fang Dai's option carefully as he knew that he was weak compared to the cultivators of this world and needed a strong backer to support him into this world. He didn't mind joining power but he was only concerned about whether or not his secret would be revealed and whether or not he will get enough resources for cultivation.

He looked at Fairy Dai as he smiled and nodded " I accept your offer but I still have some work left here in the forrest. I will visit your Fang clan in few days. "

Fairy Dai was happy to have roped in such an expert with good 'body constitution' which was despite being a normal human, could take a Spirite mortal 1st stage cultivator's full power stroke and heal in such a short time. He was also able to kill Xiong Kong with seemingly ordinary weapon which didn't even need to consume any Spritual energy to increase user's strength. This showed that this warrior in front of her had a talent for Weapon smithing. She would make grate contribution this time to the Fang.


Ace returned to the Huiju village as he still wanted to investigate that strange tree near the Village which had abnormally high amount of spritual force, in fact in several hundred thousand kilometers area that his sensors were able to scan from space, this place was one of the few places which had extremely dense amount of Spritual force.

Ace went to the tree which was few kilometers away from the village where no villagers dared to venture because there being a huge population of Green snakes nearby which would attack in group on anyone who tried to venture around this area. The snakes didn't have any strong counterparts which had Spritual crystal in their body so cultivators didn't have any reason to come here too.

Ace wasn't aware of this so as soon as he stepped foot into the dark swamp like place , he was attacked by several Green snakes as thick as an adult's arm. Ace was startled but he had already equipped his Juggernaut prime armor because he was afraid that there will be some dangers since the place had so much spritual energy gathering around this place.

ordinary cultivators won't be able to sense this huge amount of spritual energy but his equipment were able to scan the whole area with different kind of radiations.

Ace didn't want to do futile menial labor by just killing these snakes again and again, so he just activated his plasma gun and fired a concentrated beam of plasma towerds the incoming snake attackers. This beam of plasma easily cut snakes into pieces like chopping Noddles.

Ace smirked as he started his thrusters and as he was about to fly towerds the tree, an even bigger group of snakes attacked him. Ace fired his plasma beam once more and cut all those snakes to pieces, but again even bigger group now came out to attack him.


Meanwhile in heaven there was a huge uproar as heavenly King was injured by someone and attacker was unknown. It was said that heavenly King Su Long ruled the whole world with an iron fist for last 10000 years but there was no one strong enough to go against him, he was the strongest person in this world and was even capable of breaking the space when he attacked. He was a true immortal and wasn't hurt since 10000 years because no one dared to attack him. He even took control of the heven's will of this world and would punish those who tried to go against his authority with it, but today he was injured by an unknown force.

Su Long was lying on his bed as he remembered the attacks clearly, he was cultivating and he felt a tremendous amount of force on the spatial fabric of the world which he assumed as someone trying to break through to the Legendary Spirit King realm which was same as his cultivation. he had stopped countless people at this stage by hurting them at critical moment with his heavenly tribulation. Today he would once again stop some kind of genius from breaking through this stage and continue to be sole Spirit King in this world as he concentrated huge amount of Heavenly tribulation lightning and directly attacked the point where the space was being broken. He saw two beam of blinding light drilling through the space as he directly attacked those lights. He had seen similar kind of attacks many times in his life but this one was special.

It was the space drill which was breaking the space apart as all that heavenly tribulation lightning went into the space ship Titanium dragon and All of it was absorbed by Ace. Heavenly king was struck by the drill and got injured badly even after activation of his life saving skills and treasures. he even lost control over heavenly tribulation lightning and now heaven's will was no longer under his control. His divine sense was injured so he wasn't able to find Ace for the time being.


There was bright light in dark night of the black boar Forrest where Ace was killing 10 huge snakes 50 meters long and there bodies were as thick as tree trunks. This of course couldn't stop Ace as snakes weren't that powerful as Ace easyly split apart all the snakes like he was cutting grass.

All the snake bodies laying on the ground suddenly gave off green light as all the pieces now floated in the air and merged into one giant snake. it would be better to call it a flood dragon as it really looked like a majestic green dragon flying into the sky. Ace was ready to kill this snake too because it was his fault for killing those snakes and waking up this giant snake, he just wanted to kill this guy so that it won't attack villagers.

Ace was just about to activate the gun again when the snake suddenly spoke in a gentle female voice " Mortal....you've passed my test, you can now enter my tomb and after you pass one more test, you can get mine, Empress Tian Cui's inheritance. The huge snake then turned into green petals which drifted away with the wind and a door suddenly appeared on the trunk of the huge tree.

Ace now understood why there was so much spritual force here. It was because this was test designed by this Empress Tian Cui to give out her inheritance to a worthy person. Ace knew how difficult this test was as the strength of the snakes would adjust according to the strength of the person giving the test which in his case was a normal human's level, and for a normal human to be able to kill 10 strong beasts was a strength hard to imagine.

Ace went inside the door as he saw a huge ball of black gas in a dark room. He touched the ball out of curiosity as he was transferred to a different space where he would pass the second stage which was to learn a secret technique in short amount of time. This was easy for Ace as he was already a genius in this regard and also had Alice's assistance as he passed the test easily. What he learned was a martial arts which was about a skill to allow user to control various types of arrows depending upon the nature of his Spritual force. Ace only needed learn it and he didn't require Spritual force for that as he passed the test.

As soon as he completely memorized the technique, Heavenly Empress Tian Cui was standing in front of him in the same space. She looked like a fairy out of fantasy stories and was wearing green dress, her skin was like a smooth Jade while her eyes were like that of snakes, her smile showed that she was of gentle nature and didn't contain any hint of evil.

" Hello mortal, I am called Jade snake empress Tian cui and I an going to give you my inheritance so be prepared. " she said as she stretched her finger and a strange green light went straight into Ace's eyed and center of his forehead.