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 Ace felt a headache coming as not only his ship was utterly destroyed, but all the backup equipment which can be of use in an unknown environment which he prepared for last two days were also destroyed because of pressure from being forcefully ejected from spatial tunnel.

" Master , I am picking up many strange kind of energy radiation from the surface and they are living organisms highly likely resembling humans and various animals which existed on ancient earth, if we go down then we can solve our food problem. we also need to analyze their language which will be biggest concern for us right now since they can consider us as hostile. By scanning it seems that we are in ancient China, building structure has 67% similarities with those of ancient China. "

Ace looked at his screen with a frown " Ancient China? wait....could it be? " he suddenly remembered a story where a main character went to cultivation world, stories about dragons, sects and lots of mystical skills went through his mind. " Are you f**cking kidding me!? what the hell!? how can it be even remotely possible!? "

Ace made Alice scan the surface three time and confirmed that he was just above a village which he was barely able to scan because of lesser disturbance in his signals, he saw photographs and saw that there were indeed many building which resembled the buildings in his world in ancient China period.

his mind felt like several hundred horses galloped over it.

" Am I really in a miraculous cultivation world? "

" Master we should first land in the village but you should make enough preparation before going down to the surface as the gravity is too high, which is at least 20 times higher than ancient earth. "

" Hmm....20 times!? well my exo suit can handle that much pressure but how am I supposed to explore the world in this sick gravity? "

" I have a solution master, you can alter your body meterial and make it stronger with bio enhancement."

Bio enhancement was developed from all the kind of alien blood mixtures where the drugs would continuously strengthen the body cell by cell and normally soldiers used this drug to enhance their bodies so that they can live on high gravity environment like this one.

Alice again spoke in her sweet voice." with the amount of food which is saved, you can live for another 10 days and then biopod can sustain you with liquid neutrients which will last another 22 days. One month is enough for the bio enhancement drug to completely alter your body master "

Ace though about it a little and he didn't want his body to be non human like his aunt and wanted stay human, the drug enhancement was a good way to improve his human body without altering anything in his body. " We will start right now and also, prepare repairing my lab, I am taking it down with me. pack up my lab and arrange some combat bots to protect me when I am down there "

Ace was busy whole day doing various kind of tests on this planet and found out that there was mysterious kind of energy that should be spritual energy or chi or something of the kind with which people cultivate. his equipment which were working on physical principals of his own universe were working differently in this world.

the most important thing he found out was that the exo suit which was made from her aunt's body wasn't actually related to her aunt at all but was just a temporary Carrier of her mind core, in face even her mind core was just a copy of her original mind core and she may still be alive. he studied the mind core and found out that her aunt had given him two surprises which were a miniature 3D printer which his aunt used and it was in the shape of a spray gun on his right arm and other was a circular disk which was a miniature reactor based on the same model fitted in his space ship, it was also named Oblivion but he decided to name it mini Oblivion reactor because of it's size.

this was like sending charcoal in the snow as all the basic facilities on his ship were either destroyed or were unusable. This 3D printer would be used when he needed to build basic structures on the earth and the Oblivion reactor would be able to provide energy required for the 3D printer. This wasn't all as his exo suit had many basic facilities.

" This reactor can work for at least 100 years but I doubt that the natives of this planet will be weak, I'll need powerful weapons and those weapons use so much energy. I would bearly be able to use this reactor for 10 to 5 years" Although it was short time but in 5 to 10 years he would be able to get a footing in this strange place and perhaps he would be so strong that he won't even need this reactor.

Ace then checked the information Alice gathered about the village and saw that there were about 158 people in village. the normal people were as strong as Deus from his universe which also lived in high gravity environment of 25 to 30 times the gravity of ancient earth. Humans were only able to develop drugs that strengthen the body to withstand half of the gravity which was also developed from Deus blood.

" these people would be way more stronger than me even if I undergo drug enhancement, how can they be so strong? " he suddenly remembered the strange energy in environment and reached a conclusion that these people had taken that energy inside them from birth and this miraculous energy was even able to alter their body and strengthen it in magical way that even science couldn't explain.

" So my first goal would be to gather as much information about this strange energy, and a method to utilize it." He was determined to slowly but surely conquer this world and become it's master and to do that, Only relying on science and technology won't do. he would have to make himself stronger, his only advantage was that he had help of his genius brain and technology which stood at the peak of humanity.

At night he heard the sweet voice of Alice which he was waiting for " master the bio pod is ready and all the food is loaded into it, you can undergo bio enhancement with drugs now " Ace was excited to enter this new world and Begin to meld into this strange new world. he wanted to explore wonders of this world as well as become strong. His final goal was to conquer this place and at last maybe become immortal. with all these thoughts going through his mid he slowly lay his head down in biopod and all the lights in the space ship went off. His body was freezed in cryogenic liquid , he would wake up after 30 days with the capability to walk on this new planet and set his foot into this new world.