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 Chapter 345: Drawing Result

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In the special-designed studio, the hostess walked to the middle of the room gracefully. She thanked the special guests' speech and then invited the old gentleman Fang Jingjue, President of the National University Martial Arts Federation, to the stage.

The large screen behind her began to repeat a collection of all those sixteen teams' fighting moments.

"Mr. Zhang, you looked even more energetic than before." The hostess greeted Fang Jinjue with a smile.

Though his hair had already turned grey, Fang Jingjue was pretty good-looking like a middle-aged man. He replied with a smile, "Little Fan, I remember you said so last year."

"So I'm right! It proves that you are getting younger and more energetic!" Fang Jinjue was not a patch on Fan Leqi when it came to cracking a joke, while the latter took the opportunity to change the topic and said, "Mr. Fang, I believe that this year's competition will be more exciting than the previews!"

"It remains to be seen since the drawing result hasn't come out yet." Fang Jinjue asked cooperatively.

"Obviously it will be! Zhen Huansheng and Ann Chaoyang are going to graduate from Guangnan and Huahai this July. Are they willing to be always suppressed by Peng Leyun and left the university martial arts circle without much glory they deserve? They both had reached the top seventh Pin before last year's national competition, and it's likely that they'll join in this year's competition with progress. Besides, Piao Yuan of Huahai and Li Xiaoyuan of Guangnan were both talented fighters who had grown up to be the possible candidates for the championship!" Fan Leqi was so familiar with all the fighters and their teams.

Piao Yuan of Huahai was in a year above Lou Cheng and Lin Que.

"I don't see great differences between this year's competition and the previews one." Fang Jinjue asked deliberately, and his crow's feet appeared when he was smiling.

Fan Leqi replied, "As far as I see, the gap between them and the level of Shanbei and Capital University was narrowed! Besides, they were not the only dark horse this year since the Martial Arts Clubs of Hudong and Guoyang University both defeated the renowned teams and advanced as the champion in their own division, which showed their great strength. These teams were all likely to be among the top four as a surprise!"

"What's more, don't look down on those teams advanced after the champions in their own division. Mingdao University was one of the two dark horse this year, for it almost defeated Guangnan and the three He brothers gradually showed their talent on the arena, not mention that their formation is still able to be advanced."

In front of the screen, Lou Cheng and the other fellows slightly nodded in agreement with what she said. They had already heard of Mingdao University, who had narrowly missed the chance to create miracles.

Just like Songcheng University, who had been struggling among normal universities, Mingdao University was not famous for its martial arts, either. The situation began taking a turn for the better after He Yifang, the eldest brother in He family entered Mingdao as a Professional-Ninth-Pin fighter.

The next year, the twins He Erlong and He Santai both entered Mingdao University. Though they were just Amateur Fist Pin fighters in the beginning, they reached Ninth Pin in October.

Though the three brothers' development was not as smooth as Lin Que, no one dared to look down upon them. On the one hand, He Yifang reached Dan stage in the second half of his sophomore year and was now a junior student, on the other hand, He Santai succeed in learning Force Concentration before this year's district contest, while He Erlong was the only one who hadn't made great progress and was still at the level of top Professional-Ninth-Pin.

Considering all of this, they were still not powerful enough to cause troubles to Guangnan University. However, as a martial arts aristocratic family, He clan had its own special method named Heaven and Secular World Sword Formation, which the three brothers had been practicing since they began learning kungfu and could now cooperate very well with each other. That was why they were able to fight against an Inhuman-level warrior with their relatively plain kungfu.

For them, one plus one plus one was greater than three or even greater than five!

- The first time, the three brothers were not Zhen Huansheng's match as Professional-Ninth-Pin fighters and lost to the Guangnan's huge-crowd strategy without suspense. When He Yifang and He Santai both became Dan-stage warriors of Eighth Pin and their formation was thus greatly enhanced, they almost gave Guangnan a shipwreck in a ditch.

In conclusion, the He brothers would apply for special competition format and fight together no matter who their opponent was.

"It remained me of a line in a movie," Cai Zongming laughed while listening to Fan Leqi's introduction, "For one-on-one, you'll fight against us, and for the mass brawl, we'll fight against you."

In Talker's bad jokes, Fang Jingjue told Fan Leqi, "Mingdao is actually a dark horse with great potentials. There are still two and a half month before the final round, and it is just conceivable that He Erlong might reach Dan stage in this period. And the Heaven and Secular World Sword Formation formed by three Dan-stage fighters of Eighth Pin is worth the wait."

"You see, Mr. Fang, you're echoing my views." Fan Leqi complained deliberately," and the other dark horse was also worth looking forward to. Songcheng University Martial Arts Club was listed among the favorites teams! But Shanbei and Capital's were still leading the opinion polls, well, Shanbei is on the top and much more popular than Capital."

"Mr.Fang, what's your comment on Song Cheng University Martial Arts Club? While Lou Cheng's combat effectiveness was equal to a lower Sixth-Pin, Lin Que has already reached top Eighth Pin, and they must have advanced a step further or even more in April."

Fang Jinjue smiled. "I've been focusing on Songcheng University's news and I can say responsibly that they were a powerful contender for the top four of National Competition. They might even be able to contend a title if Shanbei and Capital encountered each other in semi-finals."

"Mr.Fang, you spoke highly of them!" Fan Leqi sighed and said, "What a pity that Songcheng University is neither a seeded team nor the champion in their division. They could only be ranked in the third level and must encounter the tough teams in the first two levels. If advancing has taken most of their energy, it will be difficult for them to advance in the top-eight match."

Fan Leqi's words struck a sympathetic chord among Lou Cheng, Yan Zheke and the other fellows. But they didn't feel depressed since the drawing rule had already come out and they knew how to face up to reality.

"Don't say that. Little Fan, the converse of this statement may be true. Songcheng University's being ranked in the third level is now troubling all the other teams since they are probably to be another team of death!"

"Sounds reasonable!" Sun Jian burst out laughing.

"Mr. Fang we love you!" Cai Zongming said dramatically.

Crossing his arms over chest, Lin Que was standing in the corner quietly, but his lips curved slightly.

Lou Cheng and Yan Zheke exchanged a look and caught the smile on each other's face.

Now that we can't change the rule, why not just enjoy it?

We newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, and it's the other teams that should be frightened!

Fan Leqi and Fang Jinjue introduced every team to the audience through their seemingly-casual discussion and then began to explain the rule of drawing lots.

This time, all the teams would be classified into three levels. While the top-four teams last year would be in the first level and join in group A B C D separately, the other division champions would be in the second level, and the rest of the teams were all in the third level.

"Let's welcome Mr. Fang to draw the first-level teams." Fan Leqi pointed at the box in front of her, "first, it's the seeded team in group A."

Fang Jinjue took a ball from the box, unfolded it in front of the audience and began to announce the name.

"Capital College."

Group A, Capital College Martial Arts Club.

"Group B, Guangnan University Martial Arts Club..."

"Group C, Shanbei University Martial Arts Club..."

"Group D, Huahai University Martial Arts Club..."

After drawing the first-level teams, Fang Jinjue made an obeisance and left the stage. Then another guest was invested by Fan Leqi to draw the second-level teams.

"Group A, Guoyang University Martial Arts Club..."

"Group B, Jinfeng University Martial Arts Club..."

"Group C, Jiuqu University Martial Arts Club..."

"Group D, Hudong University Martial Arts Club..."

Then it came to the third level, in which there were eight teams. This time the guest would draw two rounds in the order A B C D.

Li Mao and the other fellows, who had been watching the ceremony casually, immediately changed posture and slowed down their breathing.

The third guest stepped onto the stage, exchanged some conventional greetings with Fan Leqi and then put his hand into the box.

"Group A, Hexi University Martial Arts Club..."

"Group B, Moshang University Martial Arts Club..."

"Group C, Huatian University Martial Arts Club..."

"Group D, group D..." The guest paused and then raised his tone, "Songcheng University Martial Arts Club!"

"Wow, the group of Death!" Fan Leqi sighed with emotion.

We're in the same group with Huahai and Hudong... Lou Cheng felt neither surprised nor disappointed. For them, the four groups were almost all the same even if Hudong might be a little more powerful than Jiuqu."

"Not bad, at least we are not in the same group with Shanbei." Li Mao sighed with relief while the others began echoing him.

Then the second drawing round began.

"Group A, Hanbei University Martial Arts Club..."

"Group B, Tiedu College Martial Arts Club..."

"Group C, Xinghai College..."

The result was almost clear at this moment. Fan Leqi couldn't help murmuring to herself with widely-opened eyes.

"Super group of death..."

The guest took out the last ball dutifully and showed it in front of the camera,

"Group D, Mingdao University Martial Arts Club!"


In Huahai University Martial Arts Club, Xing Jingjing, who was usually calm and cold, turned her gaze at the club manager standing nearby.

Ann Chaoyang was a handsome man with half-long hair, which made him more like a scholar. But he was always squinting as if he hadn't woken up yet.

"Songcheng University..." He repeated a name in a low voice.

The bulletproof-monk-liked man with a shaved head was Piao Yuan, who grinned and said, "Songcheng, Hudong, Mingdao, tut-tut, I'm raring to the match..."

The fierce-looking man changed the order of the drawing result in his words unconsciously.


In Hudong University, the atmosphere was heavy, for no one had expected that they would be drawn in a group of death.

Yu Zhi, the leading player clenched his fist while shaking his fat.

"Songcheng University..."

Though looking like a sumo wrestler, his accumulated fat was not flabby but thick and bouncy.


In a men's dorm of Mingdao University, He Yifang and He Erlong exchanged a serious look with each other, while He Santai was playing a game in his cellphone, head down and fingers capering.


"Well, super group of death..." Sun Jian was exhaling heavily.

"Why should we be frightened? We are the team that have defeated Shanbei University and they mustn't be even more powerful." Lou Cheng initiated the conversation after looking around, "now that they are not Shanbei's match, we are probably to win the competition. Now that there is the possibility, why do we feel disappointed? Anyway, it's the first time for us to join the National Competition, we are not afraid of being a discredit! Remember what we said before? We should only keep one word in mind..."

He paused, and then yelled the word out with Lin Que, Yan Zheke and the other fellows,


We're going to fight as hard as we can!

After vowing their aim, Lou Cheng took Yan Zheke's hand in his while Shu Rui was shooting the others and didn't notice them, telling the girl through eye contact that he was actually looking forward to the tough opponents.

This April, the National Competition!