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 Chapter 183: Yellow Wyrm Lake

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Qin Yun looked at the thin girl and asked, "In the letter your father sent me, he mentioned that you are being pursued by demons. Can you tell me more about it? Also, your father died from serious injuries. Who was the one that injured him?"

Qin Yun had rushed there using Beam Transformation Art, hoping to have a chance of saving his good friend. After all, he still had the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill and other restorative treasures.

But when he arrived, he realized that Scholar had already been dead for a while. Even his soul had dispersed.

If Scholar's soul was still around, the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill could still revive him.

"I..." The thin girl hesitated before saying under her breath, "I was originally a lesser demoness in Pear Blossom Pool. But one day, a powerful demon stormed the place. My mother took me away in a desperate attempt to escape, but she was eventually killed by demons while fending them off. I had no choice but to continue escaping. I encountered Godfather, who is my present father. I have been with Father for five years."

Qin Yun nodded. "Why were they chasing you?"

"My mother told me that my birth father is Flood Dragon King of Qian Prefecture's Yellow Wyrm Lake," said the girl softly. "The demons are pursuing me because of Yellow Wyrm Lake's Flood Dragon Palace. I don't know anything past that. The one that seriously injured Father was General Crab, a great demon sent by Yellow Wyrm Lake's Flood Dragon Palace!"

"Yellow Wyrm Lake?" Qin Yun's eyes flashed a cold glint.

The girl continued immediately, "Yellow Wyrm Lake's Flood Dragon Palace is the strongest Water race in Qian Prefecture."

"I know. That old flood dragon has long reached the Connate Golden Core realm. The yellow flood dragon lineage... is one of the more famous ones among the Water race. Logically speaking, that Flood Dragon King would not kill a daughter like you. Perhaps, someone else in Flood Dragon Palace has given the command." Qin Yun's eyes were cold. There were many members of the Water race in the world.

There was no need to elaborate on the Four Seas' Dragon race. They were the strongest ethnic group.

The prosperous Four Seas' Dragon race could match the entire human race. They also controlled the Four Seas.

And on land, there were the lakes and rivers! Some lakes stretched out for thousands of kilometers and were basically mini oceans in the middle of the land. Some Water race great demons disliked being controlled by the Four Seas' Dragon race, so they would rather reign as monarchs and overlords of certain huge lakes!

Some of them were even collateral relatives to the Four Seas' Dragon race.

With individual rivers or lakes having their respective Dragon Kings, there was quite a number.

The yellow flood dragon lineage was also a collateral relative of the Dragon race. Although their bloodline wasn't pure, they had a long history. They had occupied Yellow Wyrm Lake for tens of thousands of years.

"Uncle Qin," whispered the girl. "I know Yellow Wyrm Lake is powerful and I do not wish to burden you. Uncle, all I ask is that you send me to another prefecture and I'll live under a different name."

With her mother dead and her adopted father, who treated her extremely well, also dead, she no longer wished to be a burden on others.

"Burden me? Just because of the yellow flood dragons?" Qin Yun shook his head. "Don't worry. With me here, that Flood Dragon King won't dare try anything."

The girl was taken aback.

Yellow Wyrm Lake's Flood Dragon King was the leader of the Qian Prefecture's Water race!

"Whoever wants to kill you and whoever sent their subordinates to take my brother's life, I will see to it that they meet with justice. I will even have a nice chat with that Flood Dragon King." Qin Yun's eyes were cold. He would not give in that easily.

The girl was shocked and perplexed. If what she heard from her adopted father was true, wasn't Uncle Qin just an Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador? Yellow Wyrm Lake's Flood Dragon King was not someone even most Purple-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors would wish to offend.

"Yellow Wyrm." Qin Yun repeated the name silently, to remember it.

"By the way, I know your father's hometown is in Jia'an County City. Do you know where his family grave is?" asked Qin Yun.

The girl nodded immediately. "I do. I would accompany Father to the graves to burn incense money every year. It's at Mt. Blue Granny outside Jia'an County City."

"Alright." Qin Yun nodded.

Qin Yun looked at the peaceful-looking Scholar. he said, "Scholar, don't worry. Leave everything to me."


Qin Yun focused his mind.

Scholar's body floated upwards.

Following that, Qin Yun cast a tiny Dharma spell with a thought. Scholar's body was set aflame and began burning. However, the flames did not affect the bed or the other surrounding items. After all, everything was contained within Qin Yun's sword intent domain. He was in perfect control.

Fu Sizhuo knelt down and looked at Scholar's corpse with tearing eyes. "Father."

Qin Yun only watched silently.

Moments later.

Scholar's ashes were placed in an urn. Qin Yun handed the urn to the girl and said, "It's best you carry it yourself."

"Yes." The girl hugged it tightly.

"Is there anything else you need to bring along?" asked Qin Yun.

"No." The girl shook her head. "We came here while fleeing for our lives."

"Alright, let's go."

Qin Yun immediately summoned his powers.


He controlled a cloud to carry the girl. They flew out of the residential compound and headed for Jia'an County City.

There were two lesser demons on a hill outside of Tongfu Provincial City. Their eyes suffused blue light as they looked around listlessly.

"Who knows where that fish demoness has hidden. A provincial city is where humans reside after all. All we can do is search carefully. If we cause a stir, we might attract human Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors."

"She's only a mere fish demoness and we have pursued her for this long! Even we are suffering after all this time."

The duo was looking around.

Suddenly, one of them widened his eyes and looked into the sky. "Look! Look! It's that little fish demoness."

"It's her! It's really her!"

They could clearly see a black-robed youth accompanying the thin girl on a cloud. The girl was even carrying a tiny jar.


Qin Yun did not converge his aura nor did he cast an Invisibility Spell. He led the young demoness in open flight as if to deliberately attract the demons that were chasing after her! Only by attracting them would he able to follow the breadcrumbs and find the instigator.

As for danger?

The most powerful demon in all of Qian Prefecture was Patriarch Wolf Mountain! And he was still waiting in Grand Dominance County for him! Besides, Qin Yun was unfazed by Patriarch Wolf Mountain, much less a mere Yellow Wyrm Lake faction.

"Demons are coming." Qin Yun sensed it. He was in no hurry to fly off. Instead, he deliberately waited for them.


Five avian demons flew over from a distance and blocked their paths.

"Human, quickly hand over that young fish demoness." The leader of the demons noticed that Qin Yun was flying with a cloud, which meant that Qin Yun was likely a Connate realm cultivator. So he did not dare to charge in directly. Instead, he shouted from afar. "We are subordinates of Yellow Wyrm Lake's Flood Dragon King. We have orders. As a human, it's best you do not interfere."

"The five of them have been chasing me constantly. Father fought with them but was helpless because they could fly." The young girl whispered while standing beside Qin Yun.

Qin Yun nodded.

Although Flood Dragon King was a member of the Water race, he was ultimately a great demon at the Connate Golden Core level. He naturally had many avian demons under his command. Furthermore, Yellow Wyrm Lake spanned more than five hundred kilometers so it was common to see avian demons fly over the lake.

"Five avian demons. There are demons below too." Qin Yun's psyche could emanate fifteen kilometers through his Intrinsic Flying Sword, so he naturally discovered more than ten demons.

"Quickly hand over the young fish demoness or when our general comes, it will be too late for regret." The leader of the demons threatened. Another avian demons added, "Cultivator, do you want to make an enemy out of our Yellow Wyrm Lake?"

Although they were hollering threats, none of them dared to charge forward.

"Your general?" Qin Yun waved his hand.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The five avian demons felt an indomitable strength sweep towards them. All their hearts were shattered as they immediately spat out blood while plummeting, revealing their true forms on the way down.

Qin Yun intended to kill those who had pursued Scholar.

However, he was afraid he would scare General Crab away if he was too forceful. Therefore, he had killed the lesser demons with ordinary attacks.

"I'm protecting this young fish demoness. If you want to find me, you can go to Mt. Blue Granny outside Jia'an County City." Qin Yun's voice rumbled downwards.

Following that, he flew away with the young demoness while the demons on the ground watched from afar.

"How arrogant."

"It has always been us from the Yellow Wyrm Lake killing humans. When have humans ever dared to provoke our Yellow Wyrm Lake?"

These demons were enraged.

"He can conjure a cloud for flight. That means he must be a Connate realm cultivator. Let's quickly report this to General."

"Yes, report it to General."


Qin Yun naturally planned to avenge Scholar. The first person to destroy was the murderer-General Crab! Next would be the mastermind behind the matter!

After traveling for a hundred kilometers, they arrived in Mt. Blue Granny outside Jia'an County City.


Together with the demoness, Qin Yun descended on the cloud.

The sky was gradually brightening and dawn could already be seen along the eastern horizon.

"Uncle Qin, follow me." The demoness was familiar with the desolate mountain. Mt. Blue Granny had many graves.


"This is Father's family grave." She pointed at a bunch of tombstones. Most of them had the family name, 'Fu' engraved on them.

"This is Grandma's tomb." The demoness came to a rather large tomb. It was made of a large amount of rock. Back then, Scholar was a successful examination candidate. He was wealthy, so when his mother passed away she was naturally given a grand burial.

The demoness pointed at an empty spot beside the tomb. "Father told me that when he died, he wants to be buried here, right beside Grandma."