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 I was just about to go to work when someone pushed me to the train railway.

My body got dismembered with my head decapitated and I lost conciousness.

When I wake up, I was in this cafe and a system with me.

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[System: Welcome to another world.]

"Where am I?"

[This is your cafe.]

The cafe looks fine.

[You can earn by doing quest.]

First of all, I can't believe it. After I died from an accident I am here. This is weird.

"Hey what if I don't wanna?"

[Then you can rot here.]

The system sounds pretty mean. What the hell.

"Hey.. I was just joking"

Since, I am new to this world, this is the only way to make a living.

[New Quest: Name your cafe]

I'll just name it after myself.

"Misa's Cafe."

[Quest complete: gained 5 exp]

And then there's a sound effect for some reason.

[To check your progress say progress]


[Level 0: 5/10 exp

Coins: 0

Gems: 0]

Wow! I just have to say progress and it pops up in front of me.

Well I'm still beginning so everything is zero.