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 - 16

I can' even be bothered to write much today, my little Sam-sam said he hates me... I'M SO BROKEN!

- 23

Its been a week, i cant even bother anymore. Ive cried myself to sleep almost every night... Everyone has noticed my heartbreak, my friends left me, people pick on me for being grumpy all the time, the only people who will still talk to me calls me emo, i just cant with the world...


My night-time friend still cares though, now that i have nothing to care about, i spend the day with him now. So were together all the time now. . . I kinda like it. . .

- 25

Another day with my night-time friend, but now i know his name is Mike. If i spend the day with him too, i cant call him my night-time friend. I dont care whats going on in school any more... Even if i fail.

- 26

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Mike is always trying to read my jounal, so if i dont write at night, im hiding my journal from him... Anyway im begining to find missing posters with my name on it, since ive basically moved in with Mike i never go home or to school anymore.


Im not sure if this matters but, im begining to become a little frightened by Mike, hes becoming a little touchy... I dont know if i like it. I geuss ive developed a little afection for Mike, because even though i dont like how touchy hes become, i still like to be around him...

- 30