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 Chapter 91- Barrack

On the journey to Dongshan village, Cheng Yang was constantly killing the enchanted beasts he met along the way. Liu Xiyue who was following behind him also wasn't idle, as she continuously released Sacred Word on stranglers that managed to slip their way through.

He had to admit, Liu Xiyue's Sacred Word was truly made for assassination. Apart from the slight lip movements she had to make to activate the skill, there was basically no indication of it at all. However, the enchanted beasts targeted by her without exception were all silently killed.

Although Liu Xiyue was only at the first-low order, but with Sacred Word complemented with Luck That Goes Against Heaven's Will, her future path was already beginning to take shape. If it was any other ordinary professions, and they had just recently transferred, it would required at least two or three people together to kill an enchanted beast in the first-early order. Even then, the person in charge of resistance would still lose some health. However, Liu Xiyue wasn't the same. Her method of fighting can be described as thousands of leaves falling without one landing on her body.

Fortunately, the skill was single-target. If it was a group attack skill, then it would simply be too much of a bug.

Cheng Yang feel that if the growth system for priest later on doesn't has their magic attack's growth rate reduced, then Liu Xiyue would practically be unbeatable. However, if their damage property was subjected to certain restrictions, then this skill can't go against the heaven. After all, as long as the attack power was less than the opponent, this ability was equivalent to not existing.

Because Liu Xiyue has been following by Cheng Yang's side, the two of them were relatively far from the rear unit. As a result there was no one that noticed that a large portion of the enchanted beasts' death was due to Liu Xiyue's credit.

Liu Hao similarly followed the team, and with Lee Wanshan walking by his side.

"Captain Lee, what's your thoughts about Lord and Liu Xiyue? I've never seen him this enthusiastic about a girl before. "Liu Hao looked at the two people attacking in the far distance, and couldn't help but asked Lee Wanshan at his side.

Lee Wanshan secretly smiled: "You are thinking too much. Before weren't you also skeptical about Lord's relationship with Wang Lu? And what was the result? Stop thinking so much, and just focus on killing the monsters. "

Liu Hao muttered: "I hope Yangzi and the school beauty get together, they would be a perfect match. "However, his voice was very low, so Lee Wanshan and the others didn't heard him.

In fact, more than one person had the same idea as Liu Hao. In the brigade, there was a large majority who think there's something special going on between the Lord and Liu Xiyue, who lets this girl be so beautiful.

Cheng Yang naturally doesn't know what Liu Hao and the others were talking about behind his back, but even if he knew, he would've laugh it off. In this cruel apocalypse, survival was most important. Why should he care about what other people are talking?

In the morning, Cheng Yang had swept this section of the road, so there was no large enchanted beast group in this area. This made the journey goes very smoothly.

However, if it wasn't for Cheng Yang and others needing to take care of those who had yet to transfer and the professions carrying the wood, their speed would've been much faster. Because of these people, they spent nearly five hours to walk 30 kilometers. If it wasn't for the danger they may encounter if they were left behind, perhaps they would've long been left behind.

When they arrive at Dongshan village, the sun was beginning to set. At once, Cheng Yang handed the shipment of wood over to Yu Kai to build the wall, and then allow the others to transfer.

This time, they shipped around 400 cubic units in wood. After building the wall, there was a lot of surplus leftover, which Yu Kai used to build level 1 residences.

After these matters were finished, Cheng Yang let Liu Chengen with the 80 newly turned professions stay in the village, and then took the rest of the professions and left Dongshan village.

Dongshan village wasn't better than Xianghe village. However, due to the convenient road linking Xianghe village to Luo Feng village, even if the village had any danger, it can also be supported in a timely manner. However, Dongshan village don't have such an advantage. For a long period of time in future, Dongshan village will be left on its own. Therefore, the supply of essential materials were necessary. Cheng Yang planned on taking another trip to Dongshan village tomorrow, and strive to bring more people and supplies over here.

After returning to Luo Feng village, Cheng Yang dispersed the team and let them get busy with their respective task. Then, he began counting the day's harvest.

Cheng Yang was mostly concern about the wood and stone. As for the territory power value, at present the Scarlet Church instance bring in nearly 7,000 points of territory power value, so there was no need for him to worry about it.

These past few days, the number of logger and quarry workers became more and more, plus with the rise in purchase price of materials by Cheng Yang, it made everyone's enthusiasm for mining greatly increased.

Yesterday, the amount of wood harvested has reached 700 cubic units, but because 400 cubic units of woods were transported to Xianghe village, the remaining wood was insufficient to construct a building. And today, there was once again an increase in the number of wood harvested, breaking through 900 cubic units. Although 400 cubic units of wood were transported to Dongshan village, but there was still 800 cubic units remaining, enough to construct a functional building.

Stone exploitation over these past two days wasn't very good. Different from cutting wood, stone can only be found in mining sites. Around Luo Feng village, they currently only found 2 stone mining sites. Each site can accommodate 10 people at most. A day of extracting stones from these mining sites can harvest 200 cubic units. Although this was enough stone for the construction of buildings, but as you may know, the real usage of large quantity of stone wasn't for the territory buildings, but on the road. This production output was without doubt a drop in the bucket for a road.

Cheng Yang opened up the territory's properties page. After doing some deliberation, he decided to construct the Barrack first. Actually in terms of practicality, the Task Hall was indeed the most practical, but there was no appointment of official military post. Without it, you are unable to accept the tasks in the Task Hall. This was the rule the gods made, so Cheng Yang couldn't change it. Even if it's himself, if he wants to receive a task from the Task Hall, he could only do so in accordance with the rules. [TLN: Can only obtain a post in the Barrack or Mercenary Association.]

After Cheng Yang opted for the construction of the Barrack, a white light suddenly lit up from the altar, falling down to an area in the south. After a short moment, the white light was dispersed, and suddenly in its place stood a very vast building. Its style resembled the olden times barracks.

In the territory, the Barrack definitely belonged to a type of restricted area. Other than officials of a certain rank within the territory and members of the army, others were prohibited from entering. However, now the Barrack has yet to officially run, so there was no limit on who can enter.

Cheng Yang stepped inside, carefully paying attention to the details of the constructed Barrack.

This was the first time Cheng Yang stepped inside a Barrack. In his past life, he was a mercenary, and didn't have the authority to enter the Barrack. For the inside layout of the Barrack, he more or less heard from the mouth of other people

This Barrack was only level 1, so the amount of area it covered wasn't much, only about 40,000 square meters. It sounds like a high number, but it's actually just the size of a few football fields.

Around the Barrack was surrounded by a ring of wooden fence, about two meters high. On the left side of the fence was a row of living quarters, while on the right side was the training ground.

The number of living quarters was 15. From an outsider perspective, the number of people each living quarter can hold should be 100 people.

As for the training ground, it was completely different from the modernized barrack training ground. On the contrary, it was almost consistent with the ancient time training ground, except for some differences.

On the training ground were weapons, dueling arena, and target rings prepared for training the professions.

At the center of the Barrack was a more imposing building, about three layers tall. This was the backbone of the Barrack, which belonged to the management of the Barrack. It was also their resting place.

From here, the Barrack Manager can recruit professions as soldiers, and similarly dismissed the soldiers. At the same time, the soldiers of the entire Barrack can also promote their rank from this location.

As lord of Luo Feng village, it was naturally impossible for Cheng Yang to give himself the status of a soldier in the Barrack. He wasn't like Emperor of the Ming dynasty, who received the posthumous title of First Emperor. Since he can give himself the title of generalissimo.

Regarding the Barrack highest senior official, Cheng Yang hasn't appointed one yet, because he planned on making Niu Bing the Barrack Manager. His temperament was straightforward, which was well-suited for this position. However, Niu Bing had took his team out to sweep the monsters, so this matter can only be postponed for the time being.

Cheng Yang went into the central building of the Barrack, and opened the Barrack's properties panel.

Barrack (level 1): Army training establishment. It can accommodate up to 1,500 soldiers. Cultivating in the living quarters can increase the cultivation speed by 10%. Using skills in the training ground will receive double the skill proficiency. Every soldier can enhance the Barrack's operating rate up to two times. Barrack current operating rate: 0%.

For the Barrack's properties, Cheng Yang in the previous world had heard of it. For Cheng Yang, the most important thing he can do now was to improve the operating rate of the Barrack.

The operating rate expressed the military strength and activeness of the Barrack. It was closely linked to the number of people stationed in the Barrack, the rank of the resided soldiers as well as the training ground efficiency of the Barrack.

Also because of the existence of the Barrack's operating rate data, it made the role of the Barrack in the late stage increasingly large. Using the living quarters as an example, as a level 3 village Luo Feng village has been able to build a level 3 residence, which was capable of enhancing the cultivation speed by 30%. The Barrack was level 1 at the moment, and the living quarters can also enhance the cultivation speed by 10%. If you don't consider the number of people the buildings can accommodate as well as the cost, residences were definitely better than the Barrack.

However, when the Barrack level rises higher and higher, along with extra skill proficiency, even surpassing the benefits of residences was also possible.