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 But thinking about it, when had the Feng Residence's position in the Cloudy Moon City been lower than any of the Family Clans and nobility?

When they thought about the might behind the Feng Residence, the two men who had been bottled up with anger felt their rage dissipate. When even the Ruler had been refused entry earlier to stand in front of their doors, what more them? But since the Ruler had gone inside, it was thought that whatever had drawn down the Heavenly thunderbolt should be made known to them very soon, hence, there was no need to rush it at that moment.

At that same moment inside the Feng Residence's main hall, the Ruler was seated upon the main seat with a grim face. Though he had not said a word, it was clear that his anger had not subsided.

"Ruler, please have some tea."

After the servant retreated after serving up tea, the Old Patriarch gestured invitingly, before he down on the secondary seat with Feng Xiao standing beside him, his head lowered.

Murong Bo glanced at the two men and with the expression on his face lightening, he picked up cup of tea and scraped back the tea leaves with its lid to take a sip before he said in a deep tone: "Speak! What is it about those three Heavenly thunderbolts?"

However, after he posed the question, he was met with a bout of silence in response. His brows pinched up as he drank his tea, his gaze turning upon Old Patriarch Feng, his eyes showing clear displeasure: "What? You can't tell me?"

The seated Old Patriarch Feng let out a soft sigh and said apologetically: "Ruler, this is a matter that really cannot be told as this old man doesn't even know how to put it in words."

Hearing that, Murng Bo's lightened expression darkened once again, his gaze turning sharp and imposing as it swept over the figures of Old Patriarch Feng and Feng Xiao.

"To have drawn down lightning from the Heavens, could the two of you be thinking that it is matter of little significance? For one's cultivation to draw down the Heavenly thunderbolt, one would need to attain the Martial Emperor level before that will happen. Now that the Feng Residence drew down three strikes of the Heavenly thunderbolt which alarmed the entire Cloudy Moon City. So, shouldn't an explanation be given to your liege?"

'I wonder what kind of an explanation does the Ruler want from us?"

A light leisurely voice tinged with an ounce of indifference reached them, alleviating the tense atmosphere within the main hall.

Murong Bo looked over towards the source of the voice and saw Feng Qing Ge dressed in full white walking in with graceful steps, an air of pure elegance around her, her countenance exquisitely beautiful, thinking that it was little wonder that his most outstanding son's heart had fallen for her.

Old Patriarch Feng saw her appear and did not say another word but just sat there with his eyes lowered to sip at his tea, seeming to hand the floor entirely over to Feng Jiu, for her to deal with the situation.

Seeing that, Feng Xiao's lips moved, but did not speak and just imitated his father to play dead.

Walking slowly into the main hall, Feng Jiu perfunctorily offered up a bow and then stood there quietly to look at the seated Murong Bo who had occupied the family host's main seat.

It might be because he had always assumed the superior position for so long, and had too often always taken the lead over things, and was too used to using an ordering tone to relay his wishes. Like this matter about her having drawn down the three Heavenly thunderbolts. If it had been anyone else, no one would dare to question them about it at all, as it was the Feng Residence's own business. If they chose to not say anything, who could do anything about it?

When Murong Bo heard her words, his brows knitted up and he said in a deep voice: "What do you mean by that? Your liege came here because of the three Heavenly thunderbolts and you will just need to tell your liege truthfully, how those three Heavenly thunderbolts came about and that will do! There's no need to utter so much garbage!"

Feng Jiu smiled and then asked: "Dare I ask the Ruler, it's just three thunderclaps that sounded on this day. Why is it made out as if it's something so serious? Those three thunderclaps did not kill anyone, nor did it cause the mountains or lands to split. Having just three thunderclaps sound out in our Feng Residence's backyard and the Feng Residence is now expected to give an explanation? What kind of an explanation should we give?"