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 When she jumped aside to avoid it, the horse would lean to that side, stretching its long horse face forward with its tongue stuck out seeking to lick her face, which caused the young man to freeze in shock for a moment before he pulled back on the reins and shouted.

"Old White, he's a male!"

Following that, he turned towards Feng Jiu to say apologetically: "Old White is a little lecherous. I think when it saw that the Young Master is so good looking, it mistook you for a girl."

A corner of Feng Jiu's mouth tugged when she saw that the fat horse was still struggling to come forward and cosy up to her and she then asked: "What kind of a horse is that? Why does it have antlers?"

"Old White is a variant Spirit Beast. Because it has the looks of a horse, with the antlers of dragons, hence, it can be called a Dragon Horse. Other Spirit Horses can run at highly tremendous speeds but as Old White here eats too much and is just too lazy, it has then grown become so obese."

The young man even gave the Dragon Horse a helpless gaze as he went on to say: "I had actually not wanted to bring it out, but the people in my family said they wanted to slaughter it to turn it into food on the table and I could not bear to let them, so I brought it out. But we've just come halfway out here when it started acting up once again."

'Neigh! Neigh!'

Old White the Dragon Horse whinnied, its tail swishing as it attempted to go closer towards Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu found it highly amusing and said: "This Dragon Horse really looks highly intelligent." As she spoke, she reached her hand out to stroke the horse's head and it nickered before immediately lying itself down onto the ground, it's four hooves kicking in the air looking like it was very happy.

Seeing that, Feng Jiu could not help but feel a corner of her mouth twitch as she thought to herself: [It's really a lecherous horse!]

"I'm called Bai Xiao, what about you?"

Feng Jiu cast a glance at him and replied: "It's just a meeting by chance, is there a need to ask for names?" Upon saying that, she clasped her hand over her fist in farewell and then continued to make her way forward. She utilised the Cloud Tracing Steps and hence, she moved at a very high speed, moving more than fifty meters away in the blink of an eye.


When Old White who had laid itself on the ground saw that Feng Jiu had left, it leapt to its feet with a loud neigh, and its hooves thumped right after her in pursuit.

"Hey! Old White, wait up! I have not gotten on yet!" Bai Xiao cried out in surprise, being dragged to run as he held on to the reins.

Hearing the commotion behind her, Feng Jiu glanced back behind her which made her want to sink her head into her palm. She immediately quickened her blazing pace but against all her expectations, Old White who looked to be as fat as a pig when it came to running, was in no way just mediocre, whom after chasing her the entire way, still could not be shaken off.

Seeing that she was about to reach the city in front, she gradually slowed herself down as she blew out a breath, and glancing behind her, she immediately came to a stop.

"Sheesh! It's driving me nuts!"

Bai Xiao fell off the back of the horse, his entire person sitting on the ground as he gasped for air. When he saw Old White leaning itself close towards the red clothed youth, Bai Xiao's eyes bulged as he stared in speechlessness.

Feng Jiu's eyes were similarly staring at the lecherous horse who was salivating there right before her eyes. [How to put it in words!]

This Dragon Horse was not buff at all and was instead a whole lump of flabby fat, absolutely devoid of any sense of aesthetics to her eyes. Although the speed it was able to sprint was not slow, but she really didn't want such a fat horse following her.

"Hey, keep a rein on your horse. Don't let it continue to follow me anymore." Feng Jiu said as she looked at the young man on the ground. The moment her voice fell, her red figure flashed and she quickly sped in through the city's gates. It had been just a flash, before she disappeared within the crowd.

Old White was stunned a moment, and with a loud neigh, it picked up its hooves and with a leap, it continued with its pursuit.

Bai Xiao could only clench down on his jaw tight, his eyes glaring in anger as he shouted:'Old White! You damned fool! You continue to run and I will really not want you anymore!" The moment those words came out, Bai Xiao immediately got up to chase after the horse.