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 The several people who witnessed that scene were just thinking of oiling their feet to slip away when they heard the red clothed youth's lazy sounding voice wafting over to them, tinged with danger.

"Thinking of leaving?"

The steps of the group wavered, the expressions on their faces froze. Maybe the resolute viciousness of the red clothed youth had frightened them or it could be because of his deep indiscernible powers that had shook them, but it made all of them unwilling to make an enemy out of the guy.

Because their instincts were telling them, if they became an enemy of the red clothed youth, they would definitely die horribly!

Fatty was still rather dazed, unable to react to this sudden and highly abrupt change in scenario.

[This..... Weren't they supposed to quickly think of a way to run for their lives? How did it turn out that the other party were thinking to escape instead? It must be known that besides the several peak level Spirit Masters among them, there was also a Grand Spirit Master cultivator!]

His mind was still in a whirl, but his gaze remained fixed upon Feng Jiu, seeking to see through his cultivation. But he discovered that he could not see through his cultivation level at all and all that they all knew was only what the youth had revealed, which was merely what he had been willing to let them see.

At that moment, seeing that sinister and dangerous aura upon Feng Jiu's body, he then belatedly discovered that this youth was truly the most terrifying one!

"What do you want?" The cultivator named Lee had at that moment devoid of any maliciousness, his face showing only wariness.

Hearing that, Feng Jiu narrowed her eyes and then laughed sinisterly: "To rob you of course! Hurry up and hand over everything that is of value or this Young Master wouldn't mind killing you first before looting. Afterall, after a person dies, their things would then be without a owner."

The corners of their mouths stiffened upon hearing that. They had said these very words earlier and they are now hearing it coming out from the mouth of this youth. This sudden reversal in the wheel of fortune had come around too fast hadn't it?

"Senior Lee, is there no certainty of us winning if we all go up against him at the same time?" One of the cultivators feeling highly aggrieved asked in a whisper, his gaze staring straight at the youth whose face that made people want to beat him up before him.

"The opponent's powers is just too deep to fathom and based on just the speed that he grasped Chen Xue Hai's throat with, and using only one hand, it is obvious that neither you nor I will be able to compete with that. If we clash with him, we might very well just lose our lives."

The man named Lee furrowed his brows as he stared at Feng Jiu to say in a low voice: "My brother, I am willing to gift all the treasures we have acquired throughout our journey to you, but I hope that you will keep your word and no longer persecute us after you have received our things."

"That depends on how sincere the things you bring out are."

Hearing that, the man named Lee gritted his teeth and then said to the people beside him: "Take out all your things!" As he spoke, he took the initiative to take out all the skins and furs of the demon beasts he had hunted on this journey together with some useful beast horns and antlers, to lay them upon the ground.

When the people behind him saw that, although unwilling, they knew they had no choice but to surrender everything, putting them upon the ground one by one.

Fatty who stood on one side eyed the things laid out on the ground and after awhile, he shouted: "Lee still has not surrendered the Beast Crystal! That's what is truly precious!"

When Lee heard that, his face immediately darkened and his eyes were malicious when he glared at Fatty. In the end, under Feng Jiu's gaze that was tinged with faint indiscernible mirth, Lee's heart almost broke as he pulled out the two Beast Crystals and placed them on the ground.

"Everything's here."

Seeing that everything was in order, Feng Jiu nodded her head and said: "Mm, you can all go now!"

The few of them looked longingly at the pile of things on the ground and then forced themselves to tear their eyes away to depart from the place at light speed.

Till they have all left, Fatty then glanced at the treasures on the ground, his face oozing with excitement as he looked towards Feng Jiu and said: "Little Jiu, you're ri....." His words had just barely come out from his mouth and he was immediately interrupted.

"Whew! I was almost scared to death."

Feng Jiu's legs went limp and she fell back to sit upon the ground as she patted herself on her chest, looking like she was overwhelmed with fright.