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 Feng Jiu glanced at that self immersed gleeful look in the Hell's Lord's eyes and sneered: "It's not all that great."

"Oh? Is that right? Maybe if this Lord should come a little closer so you can see it more clearly." He said through narrowed eyes, his body leaning slightly forward, ready to advance.

Feng Jiu's face changed when she saw that and she quickly raised up her hands to shout: "Stop stop stop! No need to come over, no need to come over. Your body's just fantastic! Solid and very impressive! Will that do?"

[What kind of a person was that! ? Even a thug needn't be that thuggish right? Does he even care about saving face at all?]

The Hell's Lord did not go over as from what he saw, she would definitely end up as his woman, and hence, he did not want to rush it in order to not frighten her which would not gain him anything.

"Come scrub this Lord's back." The Hell's Lord said as he lay upon the pool's edge, exposing his back to her.

Seeing that, Feng Jiu's eyes flashed slightly as she gave it a thought before she said: "I can go over and scrub your back if you want me to, but you have to remain in that position and not move, nor can you turn your head around."


The Hell's Lord replied lazily, the corners of his mouth curling up. [This woman, is still not aware that her gender as a woman has been exposed to him.]

After hearing him agree to it, Feng Jiu then slidled over to his side of the pool and when she reached behind his back, her eyes glinted with a trace of confusion.

She was just a concocter of medicine he had captured and brought back, but here he was showing his back to her completely unguarded. She really didn't know where that trust he had in her was coming from as it must be known if it was anyone who harboured sinister intent and he exposed his back to people like that, he could very well lose his life to those people.

"Where's the towel? Did you bring one?" Feng Jiu asked and she saw him reaching out to hand her a white towel.

Receiving the towel from him, she then intermittently and half heartedly began scrubbing at his back, while thinking it incredulous in her mind that she would be soaking in hot spring with a man stark naked, and even scrubbing his back for him! ? It was something that she could never have dared imagined in the past.

"A bit harder."

His voice sounded slightly raspy, for no other reason than that she was scrubbing too lightly, which felt like she was tickling him, that drove a sinister fire to rise within him.

Feng Jiu had naturally been able to detect that his voice had been slightly deepened and tinged with a bit of raspiness. She threw a glance at him while she cursed inwardly, putting in a bit more strength into it. She had initially thought to use the hairpin she hid within her hair to prick him unconscious before she escaped but when she thought about the complete trust he was showing her, she could not bear to make herself do it.

After awhile, her hands were getting tired but some guy there was just sprawled there so comfortably that he was not moving an inch that she stopped and then said: "I'll say Hell's Lord. You should have enjoyed enough of it right? My hands are already about to fall off and my skin is wrinkling up from soaking in here for too long."

"Mm, you can go back first." He said lazily, still not moving from his position.

Hearing that and seeing him lying there with his eyes closed in comfort, she then retreated back a little to where her clothes were, and then pulling the clothes in to put them on underwater.

The Hell's Lord looked at her wearing her clothes with her back to him before she emerged from the water's surface, dressed in clothes that were dripping wet and getting up fully intent on leaving. His brows then creased up involuntarily and he said: "You are going to walk back in those wet clothes?"

As the clothes were soaked through, they clung on tightly to her body which outlined her curvy figure completely. Although she was hugging a cluster thin gauze before her body, that faintly discernible suggestive sensuality drove a heat to rise up inside.

[Moreover, on the way back, just how many guards both visible and invisible were there? Wouldn't she then be fully exposed for all to see?]

"What does it matter if I wear wet clothes back? I will change out of them once I get back."

She said it without giving it much thought as her steps carried her towards outside without pause. But in the next moment, her body suddenly stiffened and froze.