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 In the letter that Gosu received from Seo Yoon, it said:

"Sorry Gosu, I don't love you anymore, so please forget about me. Also, the only person I love right now is Tae Gon. I know that you and Tae Gon don't get along well with each other, but trust me, Tae Gon is not as bad as you think and he truly loves me, so please don't seek revenge on him."

"Other than that, I just want to say I'm truly sorry and if you wonder why I don't love you anymore, well people change as time goes by, so that's why. However, even though we're no longer lovers, but we can still remain as friends, so if you're sad or anything, you can always come find me,"

"Also, Tae Gon promised me that if you ever need help in the future, you can always ask him because since you're my friend, so naturally Tae Gon also sees you as his friend. Well, that's all I have to say for now, so please don't think bad of me,"

With that being said, Gosu returned back to his room and began crying all night long on his bed. And after hours of crying, Gosu finally fell asleep due to being too exhausted and from that day onwards, Gosu never eat or drink anything ever again.

Meanwhile, one week has already passed, and yet Prince Zelgron's group still hasn't found anything related to the boss monster of this floor.

Prince Zelgron's sighed and said, "Looks like there's no end to this..."

"Yeah, this forest is too damn big. It's almost felt like we searching for the entire continent or something....." said Prince Yorak disappointingly.

"Should we spread out and search? Maybe that will be faster and more effective," said Princess Ingrid suggestingly.

"Definitely no, because the monsters on this floor are too strong for us to handle if we fight alone. So fighting together will be safer for now, and we also need to preserve our energy for the final boss just in case," said Prince Zelgron.

Since this is the deepest floor, so naturally the monsters here are very strong at Low-King's level. Plus most of the time, everyone in Prince Zelgron's group has to fight underwater, which in a sense, made it a little difficult for them since their body is not made to fight underwater.

Meanwhile, Prime's party is just chilling and resting on top of whatever tall trees they could find to avoid getting wet from the seawater below them.

"Hmm, this is truly troublesome," said Prime a little annoyingly.

"Haha, yeah," said Geemo.

Sadly, Prime's game map is not working well on this floor, so as a result, he's having trouble finding the dungeon boss of this floor. As for Prince Sol, he has never been to this floor before, so he has no idea either.

Although Prince Sol did came to this dungeon before with his two Royal Knights, but the deepest floor he was able to reach was only the 19th floor. Which means anything above the 19th floors onwards, he has no clue about it.

At the same time, on the 30th floor, there are only two groups of adventurers, the first is Prince Zelgron's group and the other one is Prime's group. Other than that, there's no one else around, because no ordinary adventurers at this point are strong enough to reach this floor successfully.

"So what do we do now?" said Prince Sol while sitting on one of the tree branches.

"Well, I'm not sure how big this massive flooded forest is, but from the look of it, it seems to be as big as a continent. Also, my game map seems to be not working either, so I guess we will have to do it the hard way after all,"

"The hard way? What do you mean?" said Prince Sol.

"Which means we will have to search the entire continent itself until we find the dungeon boss. Sadly, that's the only way for now. Also, we might have to stay here for months just to search every land on this continent,"

If Prime were to guess how big this continent is, he would say that it is pretty close to the size of Australia or might even be bigger who knows.

"I see. Also, I heard that just now you said something about your game map not working, so does that mean you have a map with you or something?" said Prince Sol curiously.

"Err.... about that...."

"Hahaha! Leave this to me Prime-sama, I will explain how amazing and awesome your game map is to him," said Geemo excitedly.

It was at this time, Prime talk to Geemo through telepathy and said:

'Idiot! My gamer power is a top-secret that only we should know, so don't go around and tell people without my permission,'

The way Prime talks, he seems to be pretty angry that Geemo doesn't take things into consideration, and just spill the bean so easily without knowing the consequences. Although yes telling Prince Sol about his power brings no harm, but what he fears is that in the future, they could be someone with the power of able to read people's memories or minds.

So if one day Prince Sol were to get caught by someone with such an ability, then Prime's secret might be revealed to the world. Of course, the chances of that to happen is rare, but Prime just wanted to be safe, so that why he's not willing to tell Prince Sol for now.

Another reason is that if Prime's secret were to reveal to the world, then who knows one day it might even reach to the God Realm and when that happens, then Prime will be in trouble in the God realm. So just to be safe, it is better to keep it a secret for now, at least that's what Prime thought.

Seeing that Prime was unhappy, Geemo immediately shut up without saying a word.

Although Prince Sol doesn't know what's going on, but he was okay with it because he understands that each and everyone has their own secret that they don't want to tell, because if you reveal, then it's no longer a secret anymore.

"Haha, don't worry about it and forget what I just said," said Prince Sol.

"No problem and thank you for being understanding," said Prime.

Meanwhile, on the 29th floor, Asuna is currently fighting the Shaman Orc King, who is the boss monster of this floor. Of course, considering Asuna's level, it only took her a few seconds to defeat it and eventually, she finally arrived on the 30th floor.

"Hahaha! Finally here! Yes!" said Asuna joyfully.

Even though she's strong, but it's still pretty tiring to go through floor by floor, because each floor in this dungeon is massive and complicated. And if you're not smart or strong enough, then you might get stuck on a certain floor and unable to proceed.

Eventually 6 months later, Prince Zelgon's group still hasn't found anything and at this point, they already explored the entire continent of this floor.

"What the hell? Does this floor even have its own boss monster?" said Yorak wonderingly.

"Well, it looks like the dungeon boss is not on this continent after all. Hmm, if that's the case, could be it is living somewhere deep in the ocean?" said Princess Ingrid suggestingly.

"You're right, that's most probably the case, but the ocean is so big... so I guess we might have to stay here for years if we want to search for the entire ocean..." said Prince Zelgron as he wasn't quite happy with the current situation.

Although other floors are also vast in size like this floor, but at least there's a map they can use to find the dungeon boss. However for this floor, there's no map for it, so as a result, everyone has to use the trial and error method to find the dungeon boss.

"Well then, shall we begin our search in the ocean?" said Prince Yorak.

At the moment, Prince Zelgron's group is on the northern part of this continent, while Prime's party on the other hand is on the southern part. Of course, Prime's party is well aware that Prince Zelgron's group is here on this floor, but since Prime has no interest in them, so he didn't bother.

"Welp, looks like the boss monster is not on this continent after all, I guess we have to begin searching the ocean from now on," said Prime.

"Eh? But I can't swim that deep though...." said Prince Sol worriedly as he's terrified of the sea monsters living in the ocean.

"Don't worry, you can just stay inside your halo shield for protection and breathing oxygen, or you can stay inside my stomach if you want to be safe," said Prime.

"Stay inside your stomach? What do you mean?" said Prince Sol confusingly.

"Hehe, well you will see soon," said Prime with a smile.

'Hmm? What is Prime-sama going to do this time?" said Geemo when he saw Prime smiling.

"Alright! Watch this!" said Prime as he slowly transforms from a human, into a 100 feet Mosasaurus dinosaur.

"Hahaha! What do you think of my new form?" laughed Prime loudly.

"Holy shit! How did you do that?! And what kind of species is that you just transformed?" Geemo was shocked, even Prince Sol was shocked too.

Before Prime evolved into a Dragon, he was a Mosasaurus dinosaur back then who roam around the ocean. And since his body remembered the Mosasaurus form, so transforming back into a Mosasaurus again is not a problem.