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 Without delay, Prince Sol and Geemo jumped up high in the sky about 1000 feet and scanned their surroundings.

"Woah! I can't believe this!" said Prince Sol excitedly.

Even Geemo was excited too as he has never seen such an environment like this before.

"Damn! This is real and we're actually in the middle of the ocean," said Geemo surprisingly.

After a while, both Geemo and Prince Sol fall back down onto the ground and "BAM!!" Sound of water splashing.

Meanwhile, ahead of them about 50 Kilometers away, Prince Zelgron's group is currently swimming toward the East direction. In fact, they have been swimming for the last 2 weeks, and they still couldn't find the boss monster of this floor.

"F**k! This forest is just too damn big!" said Prince Yorak annoyingly.

"Hmm, what should we do now?" said Princess Ingrid to Prince Zelgron.

Prince Zelgron gently sighed and said, "Well, we will take a break for now and continue again tomorrow,"

"Zzzzzzz alright....." said Prince Yorak unhappily.

Sadly, the map that Prince Zelgron's group had with them seems to be not working. Probably because the map they had was an old map, so as a result, it is not up to date, which is why is not accurate.

Meanwhile, Asuna was already on the 23rd floor facing the boss monster Cerberus, and considering her level, killing the Cerberus monster is just a piece of cake for her. Of course, after killing the Cerberus, a magical gateway appeared once again and she moves on to the next floor.

"Welp, 6 more floors left to go I guess," said Asuna as she's feeling a little bored.


Far away in the eastern part of this planet, or to be precise the Azure Dragon Continent, a boy is currently sitting alone cross-legged inside a dark cave looking very frail and sweaty.

It seems like he's trying to break through to the next level, but sadly, no matter what he did, it just seems to be not working.

After a while, he finally gave up and lie down on the ground looking very exhausted and also breathing heavily.

"Dammit! Just how do I get rid of this poison inside my body!" yelled Gosu angrily and frustratingly.

After resting for about 5 minutes, Gosu got up again and sat cross-legged, but this time, he's focusing on his soul instead of his physical training. Sadly after a while, he realized that the result was still the same as it's not working too.

"Even my soul power is so weak..... seriously, just what's wrong with me? It felt like my soul is not complete or something, but why? Wait! Don't tell me the poison affect both my physical and my soul too?"

"Hmm, that cannot be because when I'm training my soul, I don't feel the poison is getting in the way at all. Ah! Just what is going on! No matter what I do, I just can't figure out what's wrong with me," said Gosu in a frustrating manner as he scratched his head.

It was at this point, he decided to give up being stronger because he realized no matter what he does, nothing seems to be progressing.

"Sigh..... Maybe I should just kill myself after all, since I'm so useless and only a burden to my family....." said Gosu in a sad manner.

After a while, Gosu began to cry sorrowfully alone inside the cave. He cried because he can't take the suffering anymore, especially since he's constantly getting bullied every day, and even his parents had to suffer too because of him being a useless son.

Eventually 10 minutes later, he finally stopped crying and tried to motivate himself by saying:

"Although I don't feel like living anymore, but I can't kill myself yet because I still have Seo Yoon and my parent who still loves me,"

Even though he's on the verge of breaking down mentally, but the moment he thought of his loving parent and his future wife Seo Yoon, he immediately felt motivated again.

"F**k it! I don't care if I suffer or not, but I can't be selfish and die without thinking about how my loved ones will feel," said Gosu as he tightened both of his fists.

After a while, Gosu wiped off his tears and decided to head back home to his clan. After about a few hours of walking, he finally arrived outside the Jin Clan's backyard.

Looking at the Jin Clan's backyard, Gosu can't help but sighed sadly again because he knows those bullies are definitely waiting for him inside.

"What a life... even my own clanmates are against me..." Gosu sighed sadly once more.

However, just as he was about to jump through the fence and enter the Jin Clan's backyard, suddenly, he heard someone gossiping.

"Hey hey hey, did you hear that the Yoon Clan came here just now," said one of the Jin Clan's guards.

"Oh? The Yoon Clan came here? But for what reason?" said another guard curiously.

"Well I'm not sure what's the exact detail, but I heard it is something about the arranged marriage between Seo Yoon and our useless young master Gosu Jin,"

'What?! The Yoon Clan came here just now?!' Gosu was shocked as he thought to himself.

After that, Gosu quickly left his spot and went to search for his father. After a while, he arrived at his parent's courtyard, and the moment he arrived, he saw someone was already waiting for him and it was his father.

The moment he saw his father waiting for him, he already knew it must be bad news for sure.

'I have a bad feeling about this, but let's not jump to conclusion and ask my dad first,' Gosu thought to himself as he approached his father.

"Father? What happened? I heard that the Yoon Clan came here just now, is it true?" said Gosu.

Woo Jin looked at his son and sighed sadly:

"Yes, it's true. Also, where have you been this whole time? Because Seo Yoon was here just now and she wanted to talk to you, but sadly, you were not here,"

"What?! She came here just now with the Yoon Clan?!" Gosu was shocked when he heard that.

"That's right and since you weren't here just now, so she ended up leaving a letter for you to read," said Woo Jin as he gave Seo Yoon's letter to Gosu.

The moment Gosu saw Seo Yoon's letter, he immediately grabbed it and began reading it. After a while, he broke down in tears and cried like crazy.

"Waaaaahhh!! Waaaaaahhh!! Why did you do this to me?! Why?! Please tell me why Seo Yoon! Please tell me why!" said Gosu while crying intensely.

As for Woo Jin, he already knew what's in the letter, so he wasn't surprised when he saw his son crying.

"Don't worry my son, you can always find another woman that will truly love you for who you are," said Woo Jin as he hugged his son tightly and began crying too.

However, Gosu didn't respond to his father's word because he was so heartbroken to the point that he can't even think straight anymore. After about 10 minutes, Gosu finally stopped crying and return back to his courtyard alone.

As he was walking back to his courtyard, along the way, he met some of the bullies who laughed at him and mocked him saying:

"Hahaha! I knew it! That Seo Yoon is a bitch who will do anything for power," laughed one of the bullies.

"As much as I don't like Tae Gon, but I still think that Tae Gon is more suitable for someone like Seo Yoon. Hahaha! Poor Gosu, even the woman he loves betrayed him,"

"Hahaha! Yeah, if only our Gosu is strong enough and doesn't embarrass our clan. Oh well, a loser will always be a loser I guess," laughed another bully as he punched Gosu in the stomach hard.

After getting punched in the stomach, Gosu then vomited some blood and fell onto the ground in pain. Even though Gosu is in pain, the bullies didn't care and still continue to beat him up without mercy.

After a while, once they're satisfied beating up Gosu, that's when they spat and peed on him, and after that, they finally left Gosu alone.

"Hahaha! Know your place idiot! A piece of trash yet wants to marry someone like Seo Yoon? Dream on! You both don't suit each other, and you better off marrying one of our maids instead," laughed one of the bullies again.

"Yeah, even though you're a young master of our clan, but your status is almost as low as a maid, so I think marrying a maid indeed suit you more,"

After saying what they wanted to say, that's when they left and went back to their courtyard.

Meanwhile, Gosu was just lying down on the floor bleeding and crying, he was also furious and wanted to take revenge, but unfortunately, he's doesn't have the power to do it.