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 [Experiencing a mysterious phenomenon]

I make a signboard of magical power words on top of my head.

There's a small reason I'm feeling so playful.

I often watched comedy programs during my previous life, I often thought that I want to do tsukkomi too.

Maa, that doesn't matter right now.

Right now, I'm loitering on the ground I have slowly descended to.

I wish to find something that will clarify this mysterious phenomenon to me, I walk while thinking so.

The floor-like ground is quite spacious.

From what I saw, about a tennis court size?

It makes me want to play tennis a bit...... ah, but I have never played tennis before.

I continue exploring while thinking about things that don't matter.


「Fumu...... there's nothing, really...... there's nothing oi」

I bend my lips to へ shape in indignation, no I'm not really angry, but I talk to myself.

I talk to myself without hesitation while looking around this strange space as there's only me.

The reason I don't hold back talking to myself is not that I feel lonely, but because this is the only time I can speak without reserve in the past year.

「It's not like there's nothing...... there's the floor...... like thing, and words above me」

Then, there's me...... I said some philosophical thing.

[Experiencing a mysterious phenomenon #(Stroll Ver.)]

I slightly modify the words on the signboard above me and start searching again around while walking slowly.

I noticed when I looked at the edge of the floor-like, ground-like thing.

I just did not notice the edge before because I was focused only on searching for something.

「Wa~wo...... there's so many floors」

What I seen from the edge of the floor, was a countless number of floors.

I can see a tremendous amount.

It appears I'm on one of those.

「I don't understand more and more...... Why have I ended up on this floor in this strange space......」

The questions increase.


[Experiencing a mysterious phenomenon #(Lost Child Ver.)]

How many times did I rewrite the signboard today, u~n I tilt my head.

It seems that I'm still composed.

「The countless floor don't seem to be different from this one, well, only those in the extent of my vision」

I compared the floors below me from the edge of the floor I'm at with my eyes.

「...... Now then, there's nothing else to see...... how do I return, huh」

I sprawl down on the floor.

I link my hands under my head and look at the sky...... not, I look at the words floating above me.

「"Startup" ...... What are you starting?」

I read the words floating above me out loud.

I thought that I should read the words floating above one by one, but it was somehow troublesome, so I read only the "Startup" which my eyes landed on first.

Then, I continued absentmindedly staring at the words.

I wonder how much time has passed, I'm not tired, I'm not sleepy, there's no change in my physical condition.

When I sigh for I don't know how many times already, I stand up from the floor-like, ground-like thing, and mutter while holding my hands.

「Waaaaaaa~...... I want to go home~」

The change was instant.

The floating words vanished, and darkness wrapped everything.

And then, I woke up.


When I opened my eyes, I realized I returned from that mysterious space back to the world of darkness and white magical power.

There's really no sense of relief.

I felt no fear in the mysterious space, and I didn't panic either.

I was flustered a bit at the end, but that was just because I wanted to return.

I had returned when I said I want to return......

The mysterious space was a strange experience I can't understand.

「Lily, are you okay? No pain? No difficulties?」

When I thoroughly strengthened my ears, I could clearly hear Kuti's anxious voice.

[Un, I'm fine. I'm sorry for making you worry]

「Uun, don't worry about making me worry! We are friends, after all! You can depend on me as much as you want because we are friends!」

Smugface-san says in relief.

My cheeks almost relaxed hearing her, but before changing my expression, I noticed.

Because I was expressionless character until now, if I show a smile now, and Theo or Ellie sees me, it would create a fuss.

So close, so close...... tto, there doesn't seem to be anyone around.

When I raised from the baby crib and sat down, I didn't see anyone when looking around.

There would be someone usually around, but there was no one.

Strange, when I thought so after not seeing Ena who was constantly looking after me, I saw a "foot" in the corner of my eye.

It appears she has fallen asleep in the bed.

The bed has no magical power so I can't see it. I couldn't find her because she's covered in a blanket.

Her sleeping posture is bad......

After sighing loudly, I noticed that it's night right now.

Because I don't see the light, I can't tell when it's day or night, but I usually sleep at night with the exception of the naptime. It's noon when I get up from my nap.

[Kuti, it's night now, right? You haven't returned today?]

「It's not like I could return when Lily was suffering from fever, right! You didn't wake up even for a meal, everyone was worried, you know!」

It seems she has not returned home? because she was worried about me.

I felt bad about it, but I was happy even more.

Since I confirmed it's night, and no one besides Kuti is here, I smiled without holding back.

「...... !?」

Kuti was extremely surprised, but this Smugface-san always behaves suspiciously, so I don't know whether this Fairy-san was really surprised.

[Other than that, I had a fever, right? I feel entirely fine now. What did the doctor Randolph-san say?]

「...... Ah, umm, I'm certain he said it's a slight fever, Ena dissolved medicine in water and let you drink it when you were asleep. Theo and Ellie were making excessive bitter faces for some reason. Was it bitter, I wonder?」

Kuti has completely grasped the family's names and faces.

A light fever huh, I'm glad it wasn't something serious.

Is it thanks to the medicine I feel so lively? I'm glad, I'm glad.

[I don't know whether it was bitter because I was sleeping, but. It seems I don't have a fever anymore, I feel quite fine]

「I see~ I'm glad you are fine now~ Ah, but you shouldn't overstrain yourself, okay! You can't study and practice until you completely healed okay, promise me!」

[Promise...... I have no confidence]

When I answer with a bitter smile, Kuti holds out her own pinkie and locks it with my pinkie.

「I promise in the name of God of Land and Peace, Green God Alastria」

[I promise]

It feels like[If you lie, you'll swallow a thousand needles].

It appears she knows a lot of things like children sayings.

「Fufu...... Now sleep, sleep! Not sleeping enough is most dangerous, you have to sleep properly!」

[Ye~s, then, good night]

The kind Fairy-san with a gentle smile urged me, so I decided to sleep on an empty stomach.

Regardless of my empty stomach, I unexpectedly fell asleep smoothly.

It seems that I have succeeded in traveling to the world of dreams without having to get lost in that mysterious space this time.