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 In A dilapidated dark castle room laid a sludge of green which constantly shifted and wiggled with weak fluctuations of power. After whom knows how many hours the fluctuations finally came to an end and the sludge solidified into an egg shape before once again falling into silence.

A dark green ethereal wind picked the solid egg from the middle of the throne room and shifted it gently out the door, the door closed behind the egg as the sound of bones rattling and stones shifting echoed out. The egg now stood before a giant blue portal which housed the next level of this labyrinth, unbeknownst to the owner of the egg it slightly shifted inch by inch toward the portal is if it was being drawn to it.

Within the egg yang was experiencing a long dream, in this dream he was the first of his kind, A slime. All the other progenitors picked and laughed at this small green like slime with a crown on its head. In this dream he along with the other monsters and demons were the first of their kind, a start of a species. Once a monster starts a line they get transported to this unique plane of existence, some would say this land is a land of opportunity and others would say this land killed all those who stepped out of the predestined path of heaven, it killed those who wanted to rise above the angels and heaven. In this long dream he experienced the life of the king slime, he was born from a heavenly accident, he was one of the few true unique, every slime and their variations comes from him. When he was born, he was shipped to this place, scared and alone he trudged around cautiously and carefully until he came across a giant city filled with unique beings like him. He entered the city and spent a few dozen years learning about itself and growing before it finally got the courage to take a step out. Despite being bullied its whole life, the king slime did not really mind as it new the law of the jungle since birth.

Time passed by and the king slime wandered about inside this land of opportunity, it gradually lost its fear and instead gained confidence. It witnessed so many things which branded within its blood, it saw wars, gods and demons fall, it saw the birth of unique beings and it learned through the years. Now a few centuries past and it returned to its birthplace and the city it stayed for the beginning of its life. Now instead of being a helpless slime that was once bullied and picked on it now stood before the giant city with a reputation even more gargantuan. Wise and old it no longer bothered about the mundane events which plagued it so many years ago. Now it just came back to reminisce as it felt the end of its lifespan, for it knew that no matter how powerful you are, time shall always catch up. Taking one last look at the city and its people it gave a slight smile before willing giving up the last of its life and energy to make descendant to live on its legacy. The last of the magnificent old king faded as within the countless lower plane worlds slimes now resided.

Back in the real world the egg started to shake and crack ever so slightly before bursting in a purple light, what was in was now revealed. A small dark purple slime rested in the shards of its holder, besides the changed color if one looked closed enough they would see a small piece of a broken crown. Immediately without saying anything the slime shifted from the small purple slime to a small humanoid child. This humanoid child had long flowing purple hair with gold and purple shifting eyes, it also had small curved horns on its forehead and a broken crown floating in the middle. The child's eyes opened after the transformation and observed its new body, despite its size the child's eyes appeared old and aged as if it went through hundreds of years of encounters.

"Rose, how much time has passed" the small child asked with a sigh, without replying a screen popped up in its view showing a counter of 5 hours and counting. "500 hundred years, half a millennium, a few centuries". Pain filled the small child's voice as it recited that time and time again. "Who am I, I'm supposed to be dead." The small child hugged its head as it tried to comprehend what is happening. Right before he seemed about to burst into tears he stood up and walked to the portal, his slime rushed over his body shifting into intricate woven clothes fit for a king. A long black cloak dragged behind the child as he stepped into the portal.

'I am yang, but I am also a slime, the king.' The small child thought when its body went into the giant blue portal.

On another level a group of werewolves chased after a large snake which slithered through the forest at a speed which seemed to defy its appearance. The wolves let out howls and snarls as they chased, they at first chased on 2 legs and carried weapons but the hunt seemed to turn them more savage as they sheathed their weapons and jumped to all fours. The snake slithered as fast as its body could carry it, but the wolves were relentless in their hunt, the snake could not escape it knew that.


It let out a strong hiss before turning and wrapping around the nearest werewolf crushing its body into a million pieces. But before it could move to the next one the werewolves loud out long howls and jumped on the snake ripping at its scales and tearing pieces of flesh off with every swipe and bite of their teeth and claws. The snake thrashed around to try and get them off its body, but it was useless, they held on and tore apart the snake like nothing. But the wolves who ripped and teared at the flesh became battered from the continues hits. For, the next few moments the fight become incomparably intense but luckily for the wolves it soon died out and they won. Long howls of victory resounded inside the forest as they declared that another victim has fallen prey to their mighty tribe. The leader of the werewolves came and violently ripped the head of the snake off its body, letting the blood and flesh drip over its body and the dirt. It spoke in a harsh demonic voice "We are unstoppable" And another long cry of victory resounded. But before it could finish a glint flashed and the leaders head was separated from its body. Silence rained, and there standing on the shoulders of the giant werewolf was a small child in black royal clothing looking indifferently at the shocked werewolves. The leaders headless body became smaller and less hairy as it turned from a werewolf into a human. At the end of the transformation the shock broke and the werewolves rushed forward with blood red eyes. Glint after glint rushed through the air and with every glint a headless werewolf crashed into the floor, their heads still with bloodshot eyes tumbled onto the floor alongside their bodies. Finally, when all the wolves were dead the small child fell on one knee and spit out a mouthful of blood and sweated profusely. He walked over and started to consume all the fallen, he stopped near the dead snake and raised a hand near its face and then....