Chapter 70: Rise Above

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"Hundred Beasts Movement!"

Pei Zi Yun focused his energy for several seconds before opening up his arms slowly. Yu Yun Jun and Zhao Ning's eyes were wide open and staring at how Pei Zi Yun's movements were neither too quick nor too slow. In fact, he had reached a stage of proficiency that even when he was still, his stance was flawless. They both watched, stunned.

'This is impossible!' Was what they were simultaneously thinking.

For a normal person to master just the fist techniques or just to understand the techniques without putting into practice would require more than 10 days to half a month. However, he managed to execute the entire technique with such accuracy. It was impossible for anyone to master the whole thing in under three to five years.

A genius is one who's able to look at a set of complex movements once and be able to emulate it the exact same way. In fact, these techniques were very complex. But right before them, this person was executing it perfectly. He was being neither too quick, nor too slow, and was still able to maintain his stability and rhythm. Just watching him made them blink dumbly.

"Master level. No, almost master level." For his fist techniques to reach a stage like this, he had already achieved the essence of the entire movement. It can be said, that since he was so proficient in this, he didn't even need to cultivate other aspects. Just by repeatedly practising the Hundred Beasts Movement this flawlessly, he would be able to fuse his blood and Qi perfectly, and be able to become a Human Immortal.

For mortals, every few hundred years would present maybe a person like this. This was what they referred to as "using Martial Arts to enter the Dao, or enter the Dao through dancing".

"Inner strength is thin, but Qi flows through his entire body, causing him to absorb the essence of the movement, and buffing his inner strength."

"It can be said that his level of attainment is definitely not beneath ours. It's only whether he truly understands. However, for him to display such deft movements would mean that he understood its entire essence."

The four people before Pei Zi Yun were appalled. Yu Yun Jun was ecstatic, her face was all smiles.

The little girl Chu Xia applauded loudly, "I have such a talented junior brother. In the future I can just walk straight and crash through everyone, and they will all have to avoid me."

Yu Yun Jun stretched out a hand and poked her forehead before saying, "You have plans to become a crab in future? Little Xia!"

Zhao Ning's face changed subtly. He then looked at Pei Zi Yun once more, his eyes were gleaming. At this very moment, he realized that he had taught this person for so many years, and had managed to miss out on a true genius. He was still smiling, "With this level of comprehension, it's terrifying. As long as you keep working hard, you will be able to rank top 3 within the outer disciples."

"Clap clap clap" A young man walked in through the big entrance of the hall. This was the third master from old master Hou's household, Wei Ang. He had been watching from outside the hall. As he walked in, he clapped his hands and smiled before bowing, "Big Senior Uncle, Senior Aunt, Wei Ang pays his respects."

After Wei Ang had paid his respects to his senior uncles, he then faced Pei Zi Yun, "Pei Zi Yun had just arrived here yesterday and had already made such a grand entrance. Indeed a genius. I've came to see how you fared today, and your reputation is indeed not without justification. Looks like our Free Cloud Sect is very lucky. Who knows, in future we might need to rely on brother Pei to bring the sect to greater heights."

The piece of advice given by Zhao Ning had no hidden meaning. To give advice and guidance in the hall, meant that anyone who was around could freely participate. It's just that the outer disciple are all outside practicing now, and thus not many people were around. Wei Ang was outside when he heard Zhao Ning guiding Pei Zi Yun and had seen his performance as well. He was fascinated and thus decided to come in.

When Pei Zi Yun heard the voice, he raised his head and looked at the man. He had seen him before. In fact, it was just yesterday. This man was together with Song Zhi. Seeing him again reminded him.

Ji Bei Hou's third son, Wei Ang.

He had a long face, a pair of thick and bushy eyebrows and eyes that looked like a splash of paint on a canvas. He was not wearing a Daoist robe, but rather a traditional robe. The original owner remembered that this man was very low profile, and withdrawn. However, he had just witnessed this man being so loud and confident. It didn't match his memory of this person.

Song Zhi smiled and said, "Junior brother is a Top Scorer. In future, we have plenty of chances to visit one another in the capital. With a pair of brothers like us in the capital, we can definitely bring the sect to greater heights together."

As he said this, he then turned to Yu Yun Jun and Zhao Ning and said, "Senior Uncle, I have something to attend to, and shall take my leave now."

He seemed to be extremely at ease, he left as soon as he said this. However, once he passed through the door, his face fell. He was in the lead for the honorary disciple spot, to be groomed to take over the sect leader. Furthermore he was a big senior brother in Free Cloud Sect. Who would've expected this Pei Zi Yun to show up and threaten his position.

When Song Zhi was some distance away, Pei Zi Yun then laughed coldly. Since the original owner had wasted so much time, and had brought into the sect foreign techniques, he had no way to penetrate the nucleus of the sect.

Anyway, it was too late for the original owner as well. Song Zhi was already an honorary disciple by then.

Free Cloud Sect had been under the attack of Dark Altar Sect. In order to withstand the attacks, the original owner had revealed the Plum Blossom. Song Zhi then betrayed the original owner by handing the Plum Blossom over to the Dark Altar Sect. In exchange, he became a Senior Advisor within Dark Altar Sect. Pei Zi Yun's hatred for this man ran deep, and was hard to dissolve.

According to the original owner's memory, Xie Cheng Dong was rapidly rising up the ranks now. Within 10 years, he would shock the entire Dao world with his progress. Pei Zi Yun did not have much time.

In order for one to become an Earth Immortal, he would first have to be a core disciple. Hence just because Pei Zi Yun wanted to survive, he had to steal the spot away from Song Zhi and become one of the five core disciples. From there, he might even ascend to the honorary disciple spot.

Although he had the original owner's memory, he didn't have the time to accumulate strength yet. What was most pressing was the fact that the honorary disciple spot was almost due to be bestowed on Song Zhi. If he didn't do anything soon, the spot will go to Song Zhi and when that happens, he will have no chance to snatch it back.

'It has been rumored that this Song Zhi is the reincarnation of a sect elder and has a close and intimate relationship with the current senior advisor to the sect. This was why he was able to influence the decision of the sect members. Furthermore he was able to participate in decision making on several occasions. Over the years, he had accumulated a significant amount of contributions as well.'

'This Wei Ang is the third son of Ji Bei Hou. Ji Bei Hou had followed the current Emperor to war all over the nation, and thus is a very powerful man. Since it is peacetime now, all war ministries have been converted to education. However, he still wielded immense power. Since his son Wei Ang has joined the sect, they have access to many benefits. Clearly, the reason Wei Ang is in the sect was because of his family status.'

'One with family status, the other with the sect's adoration. Competing with these two wasn't going to be easy at all.'

'According to the original owner's memories, he didn't have much time left to accomplish his objectives. If he failed, even with a perfectly cultivated Dao Technique, he wouldn't stand a chance.'

He glanced at the faces of Yu Yun Jun and Zhao Ning, and realized that their faces bore cold expressions. He thought to himself, 'Although Song Zhi was doing a good job hiding his true colors, how could the both of them not see right through him?'

Yu Yun Jun then instructed him, "Since you're already familiar with the Dao manual, go and cultivate by yourself."

"Yes!" Pei Zi Yun bowed in obedience and walked out.

Once he had left their sights, Yu Yun Jun then withdrew an enchanted communication amulet and tapped it once. The amulet started to light up. Before long, the face of an old man appeared on it. Zhao Ning and Yu Yun Jun bowed reverently.

When the old man appeared, he laughed and asked, "Yu Yun Jun, Zhao Ning, what's the matter?"

"Sect leader, my disciple Pei Zi Yun had just received the Dao manual yesterday and by today had claimed to finish studying it and learnt the Dao techniques within. He displayed them flawlessly. Hence I request for sect leader's approval to promote this disciple to the inner circle." Said Yu Yun Jun.

"Is that so?" The Free Cloud Sect Leader was shocked himself, and thought deeply.

"Yes leader. I can vouch for fellow sister Yu. I've seen it with my own eyes." Zhao Ning added.

"If there's really such a thing, it seems like this disciple really has fate with our sect. And is a step closer to Dao." The sect leader smiled and replied.

"Leader, do you think he can be promoted to the inner circle? And become a core disciple?" Yu Yun Jun asked.

The sect leader contemplated for some time before exhaling, "My two sect elders. This cannot be done. For a person to enter the inner circle, he has to cultivate up to a certain level. And for a person to become a core disciple, it would have to be based on his contributions on top of his cultivation level."

"In order to reach the inner sect, regardless of how gifted Pei Zi Yun is, he still has to break through the gates of heavens and become a Yin master. Those are the rules."

"And to become a core disciple, he has to first enter the inner circle. From there he has choose between using his spiritual roots, karmic luck, innate talent or contributions to vie for a spot. But since he had just joined the sect, and haven't done anything for us, plus the fact that he hasn't cultivated up to the required level, promoting him would only break the rules."

"Besides, if he's truly gifted. It will only be a matter of time before he cultivates up to the required level and joins the inner circle. There's no need to break rules for him. Both of you just guide and look after him. Doing this will help to foster strong relationships between the sect members and elders."

Yu Yun Jun and Zhao Ning eyed each other. In reality it was very normal for Yu Yun Jun to recommend her disciple to receive direct supervision from the sect leader. What's more this disciple was indeed outstanding.

Although the sect leader refused now, that didn't mean that he will refuse forever. It was clear that the sect was at a critical conjecture now, and promoting Pei Zi Yun would give added competition pressure to Song Zhi. Afterall, being a core disciple was a big honour and a person had to be deserving.

"Although it's been long established that Song Zhi was not the reincarnation of the sect leader's advisor, the sect leader could still not bear to face it." Thinking this way, the both of them sighed and replied, "Yes, leader."

(E/N: An advisor is also a sect elder)

When Pei Zi Yun and Wei Ang received their command to go and cultivate by themselves, they thus walked out of the main hall. Little Chu Xia followed along beside them. She was holding onto Pei Zi Yun's sleeve as they walked.

The three of them were speaking excitedly, although the little Chu Xia was so talkative she was a bit of a headache, Wei Ang was very patient. Halfway through, Wei Ang smiled and suggested, "Senior Sister, Junior Brother, why don't you come to my Hou Mansion. It's an invitation by the landowner as a measure of friendship."

"Great, great!" Little Chu Xia agreed.

"Many thanks brother Wei. But I've just started cultivating, and need to stabilise my foundation. I seek brother Wei's forgiveness." Pei Zi Yun saluted him as he spoke. He suddenly understood why Wei Ang was so talkative and in high spirits, unlike the version of himself from the original owner's memories. Pei Zi Yun then went quiet.

"If I remember correctly, Ji Bei Hou was involved in a big case later on, and was executed. Since Wei Ang was protected by the sect, he was finally absolved of the crime after much difficulties. However, he had lost his ace card - family status, and thus fell behind."

"With someone like that, it's not worth it to be close to him, especially within the sect."

"Since my junior brother is not going, then I won't go as well. We shall go to your house the next time to play." The little girl said. As she said this, she then dragged Pei Zi Yun by the sleeve to play. It was the first time that this little girl had been to the outer sect quarters, and she was intrigued. She pulled Pei Zi Yun to explore the different corners of the place. Pei Zi Yun could not ditch her, and had to follow.

Wei Ang smiled as he left the monastery, riding an ox-cart back to Hou Mansion.

Hou Mansion was relatively near and he reached in 30 minutes. He then saw a line of fearsome soldiers standing still outside. Wei Ang walked in without a care. He then walked along the corridor all the way to the pond. There he saw an unfamiliar soldier. This soldier's face was painted red and black. Although he was short, it was clear that he had immense strength and exuded a fierce aura. This man seemed like he belonged to the elite group of people within the capital, and yet he was not dressed like an official. He pondered for some time, "A warrior from Fu Sang?"

Wei Ang furrowed his brow and thought hard. Just as he was thinking someone came out from the library. This man was about 40 years old and he looked exhausted. Wei Ang paused for sometime before bowing, "Mr Shen."

This man was Shen Zhi, the secretary of Fu Mansion. Ji Bei Hou ruled his house with an iron clad fist. When generals and ministers visited Ji Bei Hou, they did not even dare to look up and speak to him. This secretary however, was dressed in a plain white robe and spoke freely to Master Hou and won his admiration. It was to the extent that even Master Hou's sons had to address him as "Mister" whenever they saw him.

"Oh, it is third young master." Shen Zhi looked at Wei Ang and sighed. Wei Ang was born a literary genius and distinguished himself from his peers at a young age. Since he was young, he was intelligent and bright. Ji Bei Hou had hopes that he could rely on his son in court. Nobody expected him to join the Free Cloud Sect. Shen Zhi started advising him, "Young master, you are very talented and would excel in becoming a government official......"

Even before he could complete his sentence Wei Ang interrupted him, "Mister, you need not say further. Big brother would inherit father's post, and second brother is a high ranking official. Two in the family is more than enough. Besides, I have no ambitions of becoming an official. In my life I've always wanted to be free and unfettered."

As he said this, he waved his hands and left.

Seeing his shadow fading away, Shen Zhi heaved a long sigh. To take on a responsibility as huge as becoming a government official required someone to want it. There was only this much he could do. Besides, he could not say that Wei Ang was wrong about whatever he said.