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 Chapter 68: Entering the Sect

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The little girl stopped Yu Yun Jun and said softly, "Aunt, you did not choose the wrong person. My junior brother has a heart of gold. It seems like this Holy Jail Sect are a bunch of rotten eggs to have forced my junior brother into killing so many people."

Pei Zi Yun had yet to officially join the sect, and this little girl Chu Xia was already defending him like she would do for a junior brother.

Yu Yun Jun sighed and looked at Pei Zi Yun.

She had been gathering reports of him these past few days to get a full and thorough understanding of Pei Zi Yun. His innate gift was extraordinary. He had killed three bandits for his childhood sweetheart before becoming an Elementary Scholar. After which he devised a strategy for the patrol officers and himself to annihilate the Black Wind Sect stronghold. Afterwhich he attained High Scholar before returning back to kill Li Wen Jing. Shortly after, he killed Zhang Jie Yu in his own village.

As for the feeling she had that Pei Zi Yun was hiding something, there was no proof to that. For many things as long as there's an outcome, everything would reveal itself in due course and cannot be hidden.

'To be so firm and decisive in killing, and yet, to have such a soft side, could it all be an act? I will never know.' Yu Yun Jun pinched the little girl's cheeks, "You are so clever."

"He he" The little girl squirmed around and tilted her head to one side.

"Teacher, shall we go directly to the prefecture?" Pei Zi Yun asked respectfully.

"We shall go directly, there's a boat waiting for us." Yu Yun Jun raised her hands to touch the leaves that brought dew along with it. She then said, "It was not convenient for me to scry your skills yesterday. Now let me see that how far you've managed to cultivate."

"Teacher, please have your way." His tone was prideful, as if he knew that he had done well, and yet, his words were modest and humble. Yu Yun Jun looked at him, before stretching a finger and touching his forehead. At once a bright glow of energy shone out from within him. After sometime, her expression showed one of surprise, followed by happiness. She then said, "You've managed to gain access, and cultivated up to the 5th level, that level emphasizes on internal strength."

Pei Zi Yun raised his eyebrows, as his eyes gave off a contented and satisfied look. He then asked, "Can you tell me more?"

He already knew the answers, but he couldn't say that he knew and thus had to ask.

Yu Yun Jun started touching her lips before she raised her head and said, "The first few steps of cultivation starts with the physical body. The 1st and 2nd steps are related to health. The 3rd and 4th steps are related to proper breathing techniques."

"These are all normal, mortal steps that even a regular martial artist is able to attain."

"However the inner strength step cannot be attained by just anybody. The internal organs are very fine and delicate and require very careful steps in order to cultivate internal strengths. In fact, it's extremely difficult to cleanse one's meridians and break and regrow bones just to reach this step. Once a mistake has been made, it will not be visible, yet it will have several side effects. I've taken a look at your inner strength, and it shocked me. I realized that your inner strength building was flawless. How did you cultivate like this?"

What she meant was, although there was a manual to follow, the steps within the manual were fixed and concrete, how could he have achieved a flawless cultivation, if he hadn't deviated?

If it weren't for the fact that he was born pure, and had been under the watchful eyes of Zhao Ning for many years, and had no traces of other techniques, she wouldn't dare to believe it herself. She then heard Pei Zi Yun reply, "Teacher, I have no idea, I just followed the manual as it is."

Yu Yun Jun had no words to say for a long time. Could he really be gifted?

She then continued what she had been saying, "Regardless, inner strength is the starting point and the threshold to becoming an immortal. It can also be said, that once this threshold is broken, everything from this point on will accumulate towards your immortalisation."

She then said in detail, "Inner strength can cause your internal organs to develop and heal faster. A person's lifespan will increase as a result of inner strength as well. Once the inner strength is at its maximum, you can then proceed to the 7th and 8th steps, and produce extraordinary strength."

"For the 9th and 10th steps, a person learns to control this strength, and is able to be extremely firm and extremely flexible. He would then be able to live up to 120 years old, and has crossed the boundaries of being a human immortal!"

"For the 10th step, the gates of heavens are opened to this person, and he can walk along the Dao and becomes master of Yin. At this stage he shall be referred to as Dao Master,"

Yu Yun Jun finished speaking and remained silent for some time, "You've already started cultivating inner strength, and have done well in this regard. I've accumulated some techniques, I can impart some to you. As for opening the gates of heavens, we can speak about this another time."


They stepped into their own ox-cart and headed toward their destination, but they could still talk to each other since they were sitting alongside each other. Yu Yun Jun then said, "You've cultivated a pure and clean Qi, when we reach the monastery, your senior uncle will be very happy to see you."

Pei Zi Yun smiled. With experience from the original owner's memories, if he was unable to cultivate a pure and clean Qi, it would be the joke of the century.

After that conversation, they both remained quiet and listened to the sound of the wind. Pei Zi Yun felt a sense of satisfaction and joy well up within his heart. This time, he had managed to enter Free Cloud Sect five years before the original owner. From here on, he'd managed to alter his fate.

They both had nothing to say at this point as the ox-cart hurried along the way. Only the little girl was singing and humming, asking many questions. Whenever she stopped humming, she would grab Pei Zi Yun and ask him anything that came into her mind.

The little girl Chu Xia, was his senior sister and was very experienced in his previous life. Pei Zi Yun forced a laugh and dealt with her endless stream of questions. They were rushing towards their destination until they reached a pier, where they boarded a boat and headed straight for the prefecture.

Zhou Prefecture, Green Cloud Monastery

They arrived at a lake, situated on the west side of the monastery. Pei Zi Yun walked in the direction of the monastery. The sun had just risen and a group of people had just woken up, lighted up their lanterns and headed out to sea to begin their day, catching fish.

When they were near the monastery, they could see many Daoists doing their assigned work.

*Muttering Incantations*

Pei Zi Yun walked past and heard these familiar Daoist incantations. Yu Yun Jun smiled and said, "This is a morning class. A Daoist cannot cultivate when it's quiet, as they have to chant incantations. Even outside of the sect, they have their orders to follow. These Daoist cannot even be counted as disciple. Their responsibilities involve sweeping the area, and cleaning it."

Pei Zi Yun nodded his head when a bell rang all of a sudden. The sound of the bell was dense and loud, bringing a certain sinking feeling.

Green Cloud Monastery was situated in the north, yet faced the south. From the middle, left and right were three different paths leading to the monastery. There was another entrance to the back as well, and thus had four ways to enter the monastery. In front of the monastery, were two huge trees that were approximately 100 years old. They were so thick that two people could hug them and still not touch each other. They were about 10 meters tall and caused their shadow casted on the ground to be huge. At this time there were many visitors exiting the monastery.

Once they entered the monastery, Pei Zi Yun sighed. Although the original owner had been here before, it was in fact his first time here. The main hall was majestic looking at first glance. There were adjacent halls to its left and right, and were filled with numerous paintings.

Although it was still very early, there were many visitor who had come to visit and burn incense.

Yu Yun Jun followed the little girl, Chu Xia. Chu Xia's eyes were round and wide open. It was hard to tell what she was thinking of.

The three of them walked on as Yu Yun Jun introduced Pei Zi Yun to his new surroundings, "This monastery was build during the previous dynasty. It's been 300 years since its been first opened. Pei Zi Yun, do you know why Daoist cultivators must not be caught up with the wealth and riches of this world?"

Pei Zi Yun had been asked the same question in his previous life during his visit here and thus he knew the answer, but chose not to give the full answer, "Teacher, in order to support the sect and ensure that it flourishes, we need to have land and wealth. If we get too caught up with the wealth it might hinder our cultivation"

"Aunty, it's not like you're unaware of how intelligent my junior brother is. He became a Top Scorer at fifteen. He's so young he still can grow taller." Chu Xia said indignantly as she looked at her aunt.

"That's correct, Green Cloud Monastery is the exterior of Free Cloud Sect. The outer disciples begin their Daoist experiences here, which explains the importance of riches and land to the sect. We are Daoist cultivators, and while we should not be blinded by riches, we should not be poor as well, as poverty wields little influence."

As she spoke, she led him to the main hall. There were idols of different deities standing around the main hall. Just as Yu Yun Jun opened her mouth to speak, Chu Xia interrupted her, "This I know. Junior brother, let me explain it to you. The idols in this hall are all immortals that were officials and scholars."

"The believers will all enter the main hall and seek secular blessings and protection. It's been said that doing this was very effective, although these were just the words of ordinary people." The little girl, Chu Xia spoke like a little bird, chirping away confidently and merrily.

Pei Zi Yun was very familiar with this, since the original owner had a deep impression and memory of these affairs.

"The middle hall has two Dao Sovereign statues."

"The last hall was filled with statues of Ancient Founders."

Behind that last hall were the living quarters of all the disciples within the outer circle of the sect. Memories of being here flooded his mind, as he looked ahead.

"I'm finally here." Pei Zi Yun entered and noticed he was in a courtyard filled with bricks and gingko trees lined the yard. Everything looked extremely familiar to him. Right at this moment, a middle aged Daoist came walked over. He had an aura that made him seem extremely wise and safely. When Pei Zi Yun looked up, he realized that it was Zhao Ning. He hurriedly walked over and saluted him, "Student pays his respects to teacher."

"Good, good. Pei Zi Yun, the last time I permitted my junior brother to hand you the manual. I can see that you have no disappointed me. You've practised it well. And your academic endeavors have been very successful. You managed to acquire consecutive titles from Elementary Scholar to Top Scorer. You are indeed my good student." Zhao Ning said as soon as he saw Pei Zi Yun.

Yu Yun Jun smiled and said, "Alright brother Zhao. Let's go in and talk. I've brought Pei Zi Yun here today so that he can officially join the sect. I've already accepted him as my disciple, and thus he is your junior nephew. Didn't you say you've prepared something?"

"Respects to Senior Uncle. I've not seen Senior Uncle for some time now, and he looks very handsome today."

Zhao Ning turned around and saw that it was the little girl, Chu Xia speaking. He then laughed, " I'm old enough to know there's no free lunch in this world, and your compliments will come at a cost. What's so good about your senior uncle?"

He then said, "You've sent a letter ahead of your arrive. The monastery had made preparations some time ago. The people who are supposed to be here are already here."

As he said this, two young men entered.

The first person who walked in was his senior brother Song Zhi, and another young master who was tall and walked in a dignified demeanor. This noble young master had a Qi aura that far surpassed any regular Daoist's aura.

Pei Zi Yun recognized him. He was Ji Bei Hou's 3rd young master.

When he saw Song Zhi, Pei Zi Yun's fury started to build up within him once more. However, this time he came prepared and suppressed it.

"Respects to Senior Uncle, Senior Aunt, Little Sister." Song Zhi greeted everyone.

"This is your big senior brother Song Zhi and another senior brother Wei Ang." Zhao Ning introduced them to each other. Pei Zi Yun shivered as he looked into the eyes of Song Zhi.

When they were introduced, Song Zhi was referred to as big senior brother. This was because Song Zhi was already the big senior brother of the outer sect disciples, and he was about to be the successor of an Inner Disciple.

Song Zhi didn't know what Pei Zi Yun was thinking. They had met once before. He then turned around and spoke to Zhao Ning, "Senior uncle Zhao. The initiation rites for my fellow brother has been prepared. All my junior brother needs to do is to take a shower. After that he will be able to proceed."

Zhao Ning smiled, "Since the preparations have been concluded, and you are the big senior brother, please bring your new junior brother to the shower, where he has to wear his Daoist robes. I shall wait with your senior uncle in the main hall."

"Yes!" The both of them bowed in unison. Song Zhi led the way and brought Pei Zi Yun to the courtyard at the back, where hot water had been prepared for his shower, and a new set of robes were prepared.

After Pei Zi Yun had taken his shower and changed into his fresh clothes, Song Zhi was waiting outside and complimented, "What a good looking heroic Daoist."

He then led Pei Zi Yun into the last hall. Pei Zi Yun then met up with Yu Yun Jun and Chu Xia. He noticed that they too had changed into fresh robes. Chu Xia was blinking repeatedly and smiling at Pei Zi Yun.

"Pay your respects to the Dao Sovereigns."

"Pay your respects to the Ancient Founders."

"Pay your respects to your Teacher."

The ritual was very simple and was over in no time, and yet it was extremely important and symbolic. Yu Yu Jun sat in front of Pei Zi Yun. Now that she had officially received him as her disciple, she said, "Pay your respects to your senior uncle."

Pei Zi Yun went up to Zhao Ning and said, "Disciple pays his respects to Senior Uncle."

Zhao Ning smiled and nodded his head. He then extended an arm to help Pei Zi Yun up, "You do not have to be too courteous, get up. Congratulations to Fellow Sister for acquiring a new disciple. I have prepared a gift."

As Zhao Ning said this, a young Daoist boy came over and brought a box. He then opened it and took out a sword, "This is a little something from your senior uncle."

"Thank you Senior Uncle."

The little girl was seated at the side fidgeting. Yu Yun Jun then smiled and said to Pei Zi Yun, "Come over here. This is my gift to you. A Dao Plate and a manual of Dao Arts. Keep it well. This manual is the Free Cloud Daoist Manual (Upper Volume). There are big and small Dao Arts within, with a total of 23 different techniques. However, cultivating it requires a certain degree of fate and capabilities. Of 100 people that cultivate, maybe only one would be able to cultivate most of these skills. Whichever skill you managed to cultivate up till will be entirely dependent on you then."

"Thank you teacher!" All of a sudden, he felt as though he had been hit by something. He looked around and saw a small sparrow, its body was white in color and its beak was red. It chirped a few times before flying off.

That feeling lasted for a fraction of a second, and caused Pei Zi Yun some shock. Before his eyes appeared a white plum blossom. It bore with it a faint white glow around it.

"Now that this mission had been completed, I wonder what benefits will I get?" A warm feeling enveloped his body.

"After the conclusion of this ceremony, you will be a disciple of the sect. I hope you'll cultivate diligently and not slack off." Zhao Ning said.

Pei Zi Yun paused for awhile before replying, "I will remember Senior Uncle's words."