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 Chapter 231: Legendary Weapon

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A flat and streamlined flying machine emitting a silver radiance was approaching at supersonic speed. It appeared over the horizon and reached them within the blink of an eye.

Chu Feng and the two oxen were just about to leave at that time, but they were flabbergasted after seeing a flying saucer appearing out of nowhere.

The others were also shaken. Could this be some sort of alien technology?

"Hey, is there anyone here from the Extraterrestrial Culture Research Institute? Wasn't there news of you guys digging up a flying saucer? Is it the same as the one in the air right now?" someone shouted.

The Extra-Terrestrial Culture Research Institute was also one of the major corporate powers alongside the Pre-Qin Research Institute, the Tonggu Alliance, and Deity Biomedicals. Their initial focus of study was related to extraterrestrial culture.

As the people were pondering, the flying saucer shot through the sky and circled around Mount Longhu as if it was trying to spy something.

"Are the extraterrestrials looking to conquer Mount Longhu?!" Some people were puzzled.

Everyone was momentarily dumbfounded after hearing this. What situation was this? The flying saucer's appearance was definitely headline material.

But while everyone was alarmed at the sight, the flying saucer shot out a beam of light. The ray containing high amounts of terrifying energy zapped straight towards Chu Feng.

Chu Feng's hair stood on end as his king level divine instinct kicked in. He swiftly evaded to the side and looked back to find a large black cavity where he stood previously.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Several beams descended in succession and all of them were aimed at Chu Feng. The barrage was almost like an incisive and terrifying divine rainbow.

Those present all felt their hair stand on end; the might behind those attacks were extreme. Even a king level entity would not escape unscathed once hit.

"Where did that flying saucer come? They're actually focusing all their shots!" The black yak was shouting oddly. It wouldn't be too odd for Chu Feng to be targeted by certain large powers, but it was indeed highly unusual for an extraterrestrial to have any grievances with him.

He picked up a large rock and threw it at the airborne enemy at terrifying speeds. It tore through the skies like a rocket.

But alas it was ineffective. Although the force behind it was boundlessly powerful, the rock simply shattered as it came close to the flying saucer, ground to dust by the lights surrounding it.

This was too mysterious. The flying saucer just appeared without warning and started attacking.


A beam shot towards the black yak. He was startled, but he had sensed it earlier and was able to move out of the way. A black hole appeared on the ground where he had just stood.


Someone was injured in the beam's area of effect and turned into bloody mist. The energy was truly shocking.

"Dammit!" Someone from Tonggu Alliance roared. Apparently, one of theirs had died.

Chu Feng was fleeing. Every time, he had to sense the trajectory of the attacks and evade in advance. He finally produced the Thunderous Bow and released a shot into the air.

This caused everyone to be petrified. How could this primitive weapon be effective against a flying saucer?

But everyone had to admit that the force behind Chu Feng's arrow was terrifying. It carried the roar of thunder and was surrounded by arcs of lightning as it flew straight towards the firmament, an amazing sight to behold.

This arrow was not as powerful as Chu Feng's flying knife but the range allowed it to attack distant targets.

But shooting arrows at the flying saucer made everyone confused. It was too odd a strategy.

But unfortunately, the arrow was met by an energy beam mid-flight. The two destructive forces exploded amidst brilliant lights, not unlike fireworks.

"Up onto Mount Longhu!" Yellow Ox transmitted.

At this phase, both Yellow Ox and the black yak were coming under heavy fire. This flying saucer had locked onto the three of them. The others were also suffering from stray shots, but they were definitely not the main targets.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The three rapidly ascended the mountain and disappeared into the woods. Yellow Ox understood the terror of the Energy Field on the mountain and hoped to use it to deal with the flying saucer.

They were just about to give up on this mountain and leave, but who would've thought the enemy would appear right at that moment. The situation changed completely as they came under heavy fire from the aerial enemies for no apparent reason.

"Dammit, have you felt it? They're intentionally driving us up the mountain and wantonly bombarding the path behind. This was the same we way chased Schiller up the mountain.

Chu Feng sensed the flying saucer had slowed down as if they were compelling them to ascend the mountain. The situation felt odd... and bad.

"The owner of this flying saucer must be cooperating with a power from our world. They're targeting us specifically and intentionally as if they recognize us." The black yak was furious.

"Don't worry. The power of the energy field is terrifying. Even the flying saucer might not be able to resist," Yellow Ox said with relative calmness.

His only hesitation was that the mountain suppressed all divergent races. Every time he climbed up here, he would feel his heart beating fast and his chest tighten. The feeling was somewhat difficult to bear.


A scholarly youth clad in white robes was sitting on a sofa within a meticulously decorated and majestic guestroom. He was studying the Xingyi Fist Manual in a leisurely manner. Sitting across him and sipping tea was a three-eyed youth of uncanny handsomeness.

"I really didn't expect Chu Feng would leave so soon. He merely amounts to that much, truly disappointing. And here I was hoping he'd scout the road for us." The white-robed man put down the manual. "Can this flying machine you inherited from Atlantis really capture and bring them back here?"

"Were it not for the problems with the badly damaged weapon system, the flying machine can even kill the old llama from Kunlun, let alone a mere Chu Feng. It's truly unfortunate," the three-eyed youth replied. He had come from the sea and the flying saucer was his property.

At this moment, his subordinates were driving it in pursuit of Chu Feng and the two oxen.

Beam after beam of light shot out from the flying saucer as it chased the trio up the mountain.


Under Yellow Ox's instructions, the three entered the forest near the solar essence flame ravine.

The flying saucer was met with some interference as it lost track of the three people. It failed to scan the area and was simply hovering in the air shooting an occasional beam to break open the earth.

Chu Feng looked at Yellow Ox in surprise. "Are there flying saucers in your world?" He felt that Yellow Ox was knowledgeable about flying saucers and the methods to deal with them. This made things much easier for them.

"No, I've only heard that some large worlds with advanced technology possess them. But I also knew that they can be suppressed with formations," Yellow Ox replied.

Energy fields and formations worked on the same principle. Shockingly, every major sect back at his home world knew how to lay down formations and domains for defense.


The flying saucer wildy bombarded the area. Finally, some beams of light entered the ravine and agitated the solar essence flames within-chaos ensued.


A bright golden flame instantly shot up and swept towards the heavens, truly a horrifying scene to behold.

It was like a golden mushroom cloud. What an odd scene!

The agents from those major powers at the base of the mountain were surprised. Was this the energy of Mount Longhu? It was too shocking. The golden solar essence flames billowed and swept towards the skies.


The flying saucer reacted swiftly and rushed to escape, but the terrifying solar essence flames condensed into a golden cloud which chased after the escaping vehicle.


The flying saucer began to glow as if it was disdainful of the energy mass chasing after it. It proceeded to retaliate by shooting out several beams of light in quick succession but failed to stop the solar essence flames and could only resort to fleeing in the end.

At this point, the solar essence flames slowly opened up and dispersed.

Chu Feng clearly saw everything that had happened. This Mount Longhu was truly dangerous; it could even chase away a flying saucer!

"The flying saucer struck the core solar essence flames within the formation. This caused the energy in the formation to abruptly transform and give chase," Yellow Ox explained the cause.

Very soon, they flying saucer was back. It still hadn't given up on targeting the trio.


It shot more beams of light and once again agitated the solar essence flames and the ensuing golden mushroom cloud.

The flying saucer ran away once again. It had gained experience from the last battle and was now probing at how powerful and extraordinary this mountain was. It then returned once more and continued its wanton bombardment. This time, some beams were shot directly at the summit.

"I suspect people from earth are piloting this so-called alien technology. Otherwise, they wouldn't make such an elementary mistake," Yellow Ox commented.

At this time, the flying saucer was carpet bombing the whole mountain, especially towards the summit; rocks and debris were flying everywhere.

"How so?" Chu Feng inquired.

"If you can find an energy field as powerful as the solar essence flames halfway up the mountain, it goes without saying how terrifying the summit will be," Yellow Ox explained.

Just as he had said, a truly shocking scene took place before them.

The people below the mountain were all petrified. They were all dumbfounded and felt the scalps go numb.

Two mushroom clouds bloomed from the summit, one silver and one gold. They transformed violently into the shape of a gigantic dragon and tiger and pounced towards the skies.

"Oh god, what is that thing? A dragon and a tiger?!"

The two beasts were simply too large. They rose from the summit and expanded towards the firmament, emanating power enough to cause even king level entities to tremble in fear.


The silver flying saucer failed to escape. It had been trapped in place as the fast approaching dragon and tiger locked down space itself. Very soon, they had broken the flying saucer into two!


At the same time, incomparably brilliant lights appeared on Mount Longhu.


Chu Feng coughed up blood while the two oxen had it even worse. The space between their brows was lacerated, and their spirits were being repeatedly suppressed. It seemed the trio had received grave wounds.

"Quick, run! The divergent suppression talisman has revived!" Yellow Ox cried out as he glanced at the dragon and tiger, his eyes burning brightly. He felt uncomfortable, but he was helpless to do anything except urge the other two to run.

Actually, the two were already thinking about running even without his advice. They all ran down the mountain at full speed. The power emitted by the dragon and tiger were astonishing; the whole mountain was suffused with the deadly energy.

"What is that?!" Chu Feng asked via telepathy.

"It's possible that a type of weapon is buried underground. The dragon and tiger are masses of energy released from it!" Yellow Ox replied.

He explained that it was likely much more complex than just a formation. There should be a terrifying weapon hidden somewhere within its famed peaks and great rivers. It activated on its own as Mount Longhu came under attack and chopped the flying saucer in half.

Chu Feng was shocked. A single weapon could actually produce such a powerful and lethal mushroom cloud. Not only was it as powerful as a nuclear missile, but also the mushroom cloud could transform into a dragon and tiger, living up to the name of the mountain.

In a faraway guestroom, the three-eyed youth suddenly shot up from his seat and stared fixedly at the monitor.

"My flying saucer!" he roared. The flying saucer that was worth several cities in value had been destroyed and fell onto Mount Longhu.


His fingers were turning blue from the pressure, and his joints were making crackling sounds as the screen in his hand shattered, releasing some smoke in the process.

"How unexpected! It appears there is indeed a legendary weapon hidden beneath Mount Longhu!" The white-robed youth sighed. He appeared quite excited.