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 Chapter 218: The Great Sage

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After hearing these words, Chu Feng was first pleasantly surprised but the smile soon turned into a frown. If one was required to collect and put together this ancestral technique, didn't it mean that the one they had was incomplete?

The great black yak was quite excited. He kept pestering Yellow Ox for more details; he wanted to know just what sort of hidden technique was enough to cause the latter to be so excited.

"An extremely powerful inheritance. If we can fully grasp it, our strength will surely soar to new heights!" Yellow Ox laughed.

He was in the form of a beautiful 6-year-old boy with long golden hair and sparkling eyes. Wearing a radiant smile, his whole being was exuding an aura of spirituality.


The black yak snatched the piece of jade-like a bully robbing a kid of his candy. He tossed aside his black sunglasses and swept his hair backwards before observing the item with a dumb smile on his face.

He then became puzzled. He sensed nothing special from it apart from the image of a single flood dragon.

"This type of inheritance is quite specific. Normal people won't be able to activate the brand within it." Yellow Ox perked his head. Blinking with his long lashes, he looked witty and charming.

"Who could've left this item? Just how powerful is it?" Chu Feng inquired.

"It's a rather ancient fist technique, not at all inferior to the Demon Ox Fist. Learnt to proficiency, it'll allow the wielder to sweep through all obstacles." Yellow Ox caressed the jade stone.

Chu Feng was startled. The Demon Ox Fist was definitely very strong, but just how close was it to a paragon technique?

The black yak also revealed a puzzled look. He had also cultivated the Demon Ox Fist and understood its terrifying power. However, it still felt exaggerated if one were to compare such a fist technique to those at the paragon level.

"You guys don't understand at all!" Yellow Ox laughed out loud.


The black yak gave him an unceremonious slap. "Little ox bastard, out with it!"

Yellow Ox glared at him. Unlike in the past, Yellow Ox didn't need to fear the great black yak at all at this point. He was no longer helpless like in the past and definitely possessed the qualifications to challenge the latter.

"This stone contains records of the 'Demon Flood Dragon Fist'," Yellow Ox informed the two in a mysterious manner. He stood there blinking his large eyes, apparently in a great mood.

Chu Feng gnashed his teeth. Just how fond of the word demon was this Yellow Ox? First was the Demon Ox Fist, then now came the Demon Flood Dragon Fist! [1]

Chu Feng suspected whether Yellow Ox belonged to the demonic dao in his homeworld. Otherwise, why would he always think so highly of such inheritances?

"I think mastering the Demon Ox Fist is enough. Since they're of the same level, there's no point in learning another one," the black yak commented.

Yellow Ox only smiled and replied, "What if I told you that learning the Flood Dragon Fist after mastering the Demon Ox Fist will potentiate both of them and raise their might explosively? Will you believe me?"

After hearing these words, both Chu Feng and the black yak were greatly surprised. They hurriedly inquired about the details. How was this possible?!

"Learning the two techniques together will cause their might to multiply. It would be even more terrifying if one were to completely merge the two of them. Their might would increase by several times!" Yellow Ox informed them.

"How unusual..." The great black yak's eyes were now glistening oddly with excitement. If he could explosively increase his strength by cultivating one more fist technique, he had to learn it.

Chu Feng asked why the two techniques could be combined. Could they be somehow related?

"Correct. They are indeed related." Yellow Ox nodded while explaining some secrets to them.

Before the Demon Ox Fist, there was another ancient and terrifying martial art that was famous throughout the four directions. It was called the Sky Shattering Demon Ox Fist!

As for the Flood Dragon Fist, its ancient name used to be the Ocean Overturning Demon Flood Dragon Fist. At the same time, there was also another technique called the Sky Churning Demon Roc Fist. These three techniques actually had a common origin.

Chu Feng felt a vague sense of familiarity after listening to this explanation.

"According to legends, there were a total of seven fist techniques. Mastering one would allow the might of the other fist techniques to increase by a huge margin. Merging them together would allow the wielder's strength to increase by leaps and bounds."

Yellow Ox explained to them in detail. Back in the other world, there had been a fortunate person who was able to collect four ancient fists techniques and combined them together. Thereafter, he became virtually unbeatable within the same realm.

Chu Feng listened attentively and finally, he doubtfully questioned, "Don't tell me the fourth fist technique is the Ape Fist Technique."

"No. the inheritance of the fourth fist technique had been lost." Yellow Ox shook his head.

Chu Feng revealed an odd expression-Sky Shattering Demon Ox Fist, Ocean Overturning Demon Flood Dragon Fist and the Sky Churning Demon Roc Fist-it was difficult for him not to ponder about these names.

"It would be rather interesting if one were to combine these names with the title 'great sage', don't you think?" Chu Feng mused.

The black yak had lived in this world for quite a long time. Even so, he was dumbfounded at the mention of this, "Sky Shattering Great Sage, Ocean Overturning Great Sage, Sky Churning Great Sage?!"

Yellow Ox nodded. "Oh, that's a reasonable theory because people have indeed suspected these fist techniques to be of the great sage level."

"What do you mean by suspected? Just tell us if there is indeed a Heaven's Equal Great Sage [2] or not?" Chu Feng pressed on with the questions because this matter felt too mysterious.

"We only have four fist techniques at my homeworld." Yellow Ox shook his head and told them that many people had in fact suspected that these were great sage level fist techniques.

"Just what were the origins of these seven fist techniques. Were they invented by the Demon Ox King, the Demon Flood Dragon King and the Demon Roc King?" Chu Feng questioned further.

Yellow Ox shook his head, denying Chu Feng's theory and further explaining that the fist techniques were all born of the earth.

"I want to beat you to a pulp!" Chu Feng roared. How could fist techniques possibly grow from the earth?

"To be precise, there was a certain mysterious ancient tree, its name, the Divine Fist Tree. It took root and grew within the soil of a vast dao land before splitting into seven branches. At one point, seven living beings cut off a branch from the tree and each obtained a fist technique from within," Yellow Ox explained in all seriousness.

Chu Feng didn't know how to continue the conversation after seeing Yellow Ox's little face turn incomparably serious.

The black yak was also stunned. The seven ancient fist techniques grew from a tree?

Chu Feng was momentarily hesitant. Should he smack Yellow Ox for not being serious? This theory was too absurd! But Yellow Ox looked as if he was speaking the truth.

Yellow Ox said, "You've both already seen the Refinement Sacred Tree back at Kunlun and received his help in refining weapons. You've also seen the might of the Martial Sacred Tree from the Vatican. As small as it was, its silver fruits were able to massacre myriad kings. In the vast world, there are other such mysterious and powerful trees."

This caused Chu Feng and the black yak to frown involuntarily. Chu Feng's thoughts immediately reached the seed in the stone box. It was currently in the shape of a treasured gourd.

Finally, the two of them were convinced-Yellow Ox had no need to lie to them.

The seven mysterious fist techniques all originated from a single tree; this was their connection. One's might would be raised by a great margin everytime a fist technique was merged.

"I don't give a damn about other stuff. Activate this inheritance quickly so that I can start practicing the Ocean Overturning Flood Dragon Fist," the black yak said grinding his teeth.

"Very Well."

Yellow Ox appeared solemn as he held the chopstick-sized silver spear and pierced his own finger. His blood dripped onto the piece of jade, after which he immediately circulated the special breathing technique while holding onto the jade with both hands.

The stone was visibly glowing at this moment, absorbing the blood upon it into the body of the flood dragon.

Suddenly, dragon roars resounded as the light filled the training room. The sight was brilliant and eye-catching-the image of the flood dragon became increasingly corporeal as if it was about to come to life.

Afterwards, Yellow Ox closed his eyes and begin to sense the power within, prepared to receive the brand of inheritance!

During this process, the jade was emitting lights while a flood dragon danced through the mists and clouds. The dragon transformed into a human and began to demonstrate various fist strikes.


Finally, amidst a thunderous explosion, Yellow Ox stood up and began to display a set of fist techniques as if he was a flood dragon unfolding its body.

The jade stone also gradually became dimmer and was soon restored to its original state.

The fist technique was astonishing. The image of a flood dragon could be seen vaguely behind Yellow Ox accompanied by the roars of dragons. He had mastered the true form and its rhythm.

Both Chu Feng and the black yak couldn't help but sigh in admiration. Yellow Ox was truly talented-he was able to learn a new technique so quickly.

"You don't need to watch me practice. Receive the inheritance from the stone yourselves," Yellow Ox instructed.

"So we just drip blood on it?" Black yak confirmed.

Yellow Ox nodded. "That's correct. The seven fist techniques are a closely guarded secret, but after learning one of them, one can use blood to unlock the inheritance within the jade stone."

The black yak couldn't wait any longer and started to drip blood on the stone before grasping it with both hands to sense its mysticisms. The scenes from before repeated themselves as dragon roars and lights filled the room.

Only after a long period did the black yak stand up with a delightful countenance. He began to practice vigorously, kicking up huge winds and eliciting thunderous explosions as if a flood dragon was descending from the skies.

Chu Feng took over the jade stone and performed the required procedures for receiving the inheritance.

Suddenly, a flood dragon appeared before his eyes. It rose from its slumber after coming in contact with fresh blood and soared through the skies emanating a terrifying aura. The illusion was extremely realistic.

Afterwards, the image of a man appeared before this flood dragon and began to perform a set of fist techniques.

The man demonstrated the technique while the dragon behind was its true form. After gaining proficiency, one would be able to materialize the true image of the ancient beast when attacking, and step over the stars and galaxies!

The flood dragon was now dancing through the air, piercing the starry skies. It was a terrifying sight to behold!

After a long period of fixedly observing the flood dragon's true form, Chu Feng saw some changes and duly memorized the man's fist techniques. The jade stone then slowly lost its splendorous glow.

Chu Feng stood up and stretched, releasing his fist intent in the process. He was a like a flood dragon tearing through the skies amidst thunder and lightning.

Even the vague silhouette of a shattered galaxy seemed to have appeared behind him. It was like the receding image of a flood dragon flying away into the horizon.

He had just learnt the technique and already caught onto its profundities just like Yellow Ox.

This petrified the black yak. He was one of the most perceptive beast kings in Mount Kunlun and even the old llama had praised him for his intelligence.

However, he discovered that he was a far cry from Chu Feng and Yellow Ox.

"You two are simply demons! How could you learn everything so fast? You're making this king look like a mortal!" The black yak furiously went back to focus on his cultivation.

One day and one night later, Chu Feng and Yellow Ox were still practicing. A flood dragon could be seen coiled behind them, emanating a terrifying aura of great desolace.

Both of them felt their strength growing.

"Practicing the Flood Dragon Fist after learning the Demon Ox Fist is indeed able to increase one's strength!" Chu Feng sighed in approval.

Moreover, it was so much easier to practice the Flood Dragon Fist after mastering the Demon Ox Fist!

Yellow Ox said with a frown, "Do you get the feeling that something is missing among the later parts?"

The black yak revealed a puzzled expression while Chu Feng nodded in confirmation. He also sensed a deficiency in the Flood Dragon Fist.

"There possibly exists a second piece of jade. That old man must've left one out on purpose," Chu Feng concluded.

Because Qi Honglin told him that he might know of a way to find the second piece.

But if he went over now, the Pre-Qin Research Institute would surely know that he had comprehended the mysteries of the jade stone and might force him to reveal the secrets.

"Let me go to the Pre-Qin Research Institute and find out where they excavated this piece of jade," said Chu Feng. After which, he got up and left the training room.

He realized that the Pre-Qin research Institute must've thoroughly researched this ancient tome for quite some time before finally giving up on it and gifting it to him.

Presuming they had consulted certain other experts, there should be some news of it. They couldn't possibly hide such an item somewhere to collect dust.

Chu Feng was reminded of Lin Naoi. As someone who hails from the Deity Biomedical Corporation, her news channels were efficient and vast. Perhaps she could help him find some leads.

Not long afterwards, he was listening to the sweet sounding and familiar voice coming from the communicator.

"Naoi, I need some help..."

Lin Naoi silently listened until he finished explaining everything before informing him that she knew of it. There was a similar piece of jade in Deity Biomedical's possession.

"Oh, how is that even possible?"

Lin Naoi informed him that they had cooperated with the Pre-Qin Research Institute to explore a certain seabed tomb. The Pre-Qin Institute lacked the manpower and resources, which Deity Biomedicals provided in this cooperative excursion.

Finally, they discovered two pieces of jade with one going to each party.

"What a... coincidence. Can I take a look at it?" Chu Feng's unceremonious face was as thick as the city wall.

"I can try," Lin Naoi replied.

"I'll come find you!" Chu Feng knew that she was back at Jiang Ning and wanted to go to her immediately.

"Okay!" Lin Naoi only spoke that single word before hanging up.

Chu Feng and the two oxen couldn't wait to be on their way. They had Lu tong prepare a suitable flight for their imminent journey to Jiang Ning.

At the same time, they had made plans to conquer the Longhu Mountain and experience the Daoists' ancestral court if they were able to learn the complete set of the Flood Dragon Fist.

The black yak began to contact his friends to find some reinforcements. His first stop was the Siberian Tiger-he contacted the latter via communicator and had him come over.

Chu Feng also contacted the Immortal Phoenix. He wanted to have a true expert on their side just in case the marine race was also planning to assault the mountain.

They had prepared for war on several fronts. They were determined to take Longhu Mountain, the legendary Daoist ancestral grounds!

"Chu Feng!"

Lu Shiyun suddenly appeared. She was wearing a white dress, with her hair down to her neck and the sweetest of smiles-she was the very picture of youth and liveliness.

She and White Tiger had come to the Hollow Jade Temple and ran straight into Chu Feng's party.

After hearing that Chu Feng was about to travel south and possibly conquer Longhu Mountains, she was immediately filled with spirit and asked Chu Feng in a whisper whether he could take them along.

"You're siblings, right? No problem." The burly black yak wearing sunglasses came over and immediately agreed without a second thought.


[1] I think "flood dragon fists" will sound better right?

[2] Self-proclaimed title of the monkey king Sun Wukong.

Link: ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Sage,_Heaven%27s_Equal