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 Chapter 215: What's the Point in Keeping You Alive?

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The White Dragon screamed in misery. A terrifying hole had been punctured through his open chest, and he was wholly soaked in fresh blood as he shot out and crashed into an imitation mountain.

He was almost split into two and was rolling on the ground in agony. The wound from that fist strike had even reached his torso, truly devastating.

Chu Feng approached and looked down at him with frosty eyes.

Astonishment was written all over Jiang Luoshen's face. It was the first time she had personally witnessed Chu Feng fight. The battle was too shocking.

She had observed the whole battle. Chu Feng was like a god of war with resplendent lights enshrouding his whole body and beams of light shooting out of his eyes. He fought with a type of powerful elegance and defeated the enemy through sheer force. It was an overwhelming scene.

"He's that powerful..." She couldn't help but mutter to herself. As a close-up spectator, her heart was in turmoil and couldn't calm down for some time.

Xiong Kun, Hu Sheng, and Lu Qing were all in high spirits. The silence of the battlefield was soon broken by their cheers. Such a powerful sea dragon had actually been defeated swiftly by Chu Feng.

They were all delighted. Their eyes were sparkling with admiration as they reaffirmed their decision to follow Chu Feng. This kind bearing which resembled a demonic god shook their hearts.

The White Dragon was rolling in boundless agony. He could feel his life force slowly fading away as he completely lost his combat ability. He grunted restlessly when he saw Chu Feng approach.

Chu Feng came closer and looked down upon him. "By the time I finished stretching and warming up, you have already been defeated."

His calm words stung badly-White Dragon was agitated to no end. The latter glared with arcs of electricity dancing through his wide eyes.

"You're quite weak, aren't you?" Chu Feng commented.

In truth, the White Dragon was quite powerful. He could easily surpass the other experts with five severed shackles. He was especially terrifying when using the string of jade green pearls and could kill anyone below the level of the peerless experts... well almost everyone.

At this time, the shattered pearls were already in Chu Feng's hands. He needed to bring it back for further study.

He was intentionally provoking this arrogant White Dragon.

"You..." White Dragon was so furious that he wanted to roar loudly. This blatant disdain made him feel extremely humiliated. A stately White Dragon who was able to suppress all his peers was actually being looked down upon.

Especially since he had spoken boldly that he viewed Chu Feng only as prey to be hunted. This final result was rather unexpected for him.

White Dragon's shame turned to fury. The hunter had actually been defeated by his prey.

"Don't be so smug. Once the countless powerful experts from the marine race come forth, the mountains will collapse and the earth shall be torn asunder."

"Oh? So the marine race is planning to climb ashore in large numbers?" Chu Feng was surprised.

"The marine race will indeed go ashore one day and conquer all the famed mountains and great rivers. At that time, you'll understand how small you are in comparison," White Dragon exclaimed.

Chu Feng's smile swiftly disappeared. Did they think there are no experts with six severed shackles on the continent? He glanced down at White Dragon and asked, "How do you want to die?"

White Dragon's expression suddenly changed. He had just asked Chu Feng this very question not long ago, but in the end, it was returned to him.

Although he was stubborn and reluctant to lower his head, he still feared death.

"I was truly rash this time. I shouldn't have listened to Qi Sheng's instigation. Allow me to apologize in all sincerity-I hope we can leave things at that," White Dragon spoke in a hushed tone.

He was extremely arrogant by nature and it was a rare sight to see him admit defeat and ask for mercy.

Chu Feng only stared at him without a word.

Qi Sheng was furious as he looked on from afar. Although the scheme was indeed his, it was obviously White Dragon who was already planning to hunt down Chu Feng for his breathing technique.

"Tell me more about the Marine Race," Chu Feng demanded.

"The great oceans are vast and boundless. There are a great number of peerless experts on the rise, much more than on the continents. Some of the marine race members had already gone ashore in hopes of conquering the famed mountains and great rivers," White Dragon explained.

He didn't mind revealing some information if it could make Chu Feng nervous.

"Anything else? Like the location of the Fusang Divine Tree, Immortal Island of the Outer Seas, and the Ocean's Eye Dragon Palace," Chu Feng inquired further.

White Dragon was puzzled. He was only the tyrant of a small area within the ocean and was naturally not familiar with all of this.

"Perish the thought. Those areas are sure to be a gathering zone for the unmatched tyrants of the marine race. You people from the mainland have no chance of winning."

Chu Feng looked him in the eye and said, "What use do I have for you if you don't know about these things?"

White Dragon's expression shifted. "Chu Feng, you have to know that there are countless experts among the various races within the ocean. It's not a force you can resist. Killing me will incite a racial war."

Chu Feng calmly asked, "Anything else?".

"If you let me go, I'll pretend nothing ever happened today!" White Dragon promised.


The next moment, Chu Feng had thrown the scarlet flying knife and swiftly decapitated White Dragon, saying, "I've never been one to give in to threats."

"You..." White Dragon's head fell to the ground but he hadn't yet died. His eyes were wide as he glared fixedly at Chu Feng.

He thoroughly lost signs of life only after a while.

At the same time, he reverted back to his true body. A snow-white electric eel lay amidst the ruins of battle, crackling with electricity.

Only after a while did the electric residues dissipate.

There were no changes in Chu Feng's expression. He didn't regret killing this marine race expert who had attempted to harm him.

If he mercifully left this white electric eel with his life, the latter would surely seek vengeance with renewed fervor. It was best to clean up all loose ends.

"I wonder if electric eels are tasty?" Chu Feng mused.

In the distance, Jiang Luoshen was badly shaken. This was a young overlord of the marine race. Even someone who considered a supreme king level entity had been killed by Chu Feng.

She was especially dumbfounded after hearing Chu Feng's words. How big a nerve does this bastard have? The only thing on his mind is food!

Qi Sheng's eyes went dark. He had almost fainted in terror, knowing that he was now in big trouble.

Ma Kuo and Qi Teng were also also quivering in fear.

"Brother, this time, we're done for. Demon King Chu previously said that we're to blame for this conflict with the marine race and that he would have the Pre-Qin Research Institute take responsibility for these matters or else he'll eliminate us all," Qi Teng spoke in a hushed voice. Even his spirit seemed to be trembling.

After hearing this, Qi Sheng's eyes turned white as he fainted

"Brother-in-law is too powerful!"

Xiong Kun excitedly shouted; he was incredibly spirited.

Hu Sheng and Lu Qing were also running over in large strides, delight written all over their faces.

"A mere electric eel actually dares call himself a dragon. Didn't I say it before? How can a flood dragon be so weak? Even weaker than a western dragon." Chu Feng stared at White Dragon's carcass.

The electric eel was wholly white and translucent like jade. It was indeed a rare breed.

"Wake Qi Sheng and have him contact the upper echelon of the Pre-Qin Research Institute!" Chu Feng ordered.

"Got it!" Hu Sheng and the others carried a bucket a cold water and poured it over Qi Sheng and made him contact his grandpa on pain of death.

"If the Pre-Qin Research Institute doesn't show sufficient sincerity, the consequences will be dire!" Chu Feng warned.

Qi Sheng's face was deathly pale as he drowned in regret. He had formed such a powerful enemy just because he wanted to get back at Chu Feng.

It was all because he was used to a conceited life and believed that an organization as powerful as the Pre-Qin Research Institute would be completely untouchable. He always looked down on everyone else and now he had kicked an iron plate.

He truly regretted his actions. The world was now a different place after the upheavals, but his personality failed to adapt. He still lacked fear towards king level experts who had evolved from humans, thinking he could scheme against them. In the end, he had brought disaster upon himself.

"Grandpa..." Qi Sheng braced himself and explained everything to his grandfather.

"Are you looking to die?!" an old man roared from the other end. Qi Sheng was badly shaken and immediately turned pale with fright.

"Grandpa... I was wrong." Qi Sheng was trembling.

"Immediately utilize all available resources to lock down the establishment. We mustn't let word of this spread. I'll head to Shuntian immediately!" Qi Honglin instructed. He almost felt like killing this unfilial grandson.

He knew things were bad. His grandson Qi Sheng tried to scheme against Demon King Chu and failed. This was simply him courting death. But not only did Chu Feng not kill the brat, but also allowed him to contact his family. There was only one explanation to this. Chu Feng was waiting for them to compensate him, much like a lion with his mouth opened wide. He would come knocking at their door if they failed to satisfy him.

This was no ordinary king level expert. He was someone who had killed dragons and lions, an extremely fierce existence!

Qi Honglin felt a huge headache heading his way. He almost wanted to kill Qi Sheng, Qi Teng, and Ma Kuo. These people caused too much trouble and accomplished little. This time, they had actually provoked the Demon King Chu.


"This electric eel is white all over. I wonder if he's an albino. Is it edible?" Chu Feng mumbled.

He was currently feeling quite leisurely. He had some people bring in large freezer boxes into which he began to pack the lobster and eel meat. He was planning to take his time to eat some and gift the remainder.

The whole area had been locked down. The Pre-Qin Research Institute frantically mobilized their agents to prevent people from entering. The higher-ups immediately made their move and arrived personally to oversee things.

Jiang Luoshen was still observing Chu Feng from a distance. She originally wanted to go over, but she noticed his eyes were glancing at where she was previously spanked. Jiang Luoshen turned around and left in embarrassment.

"Take care of our baby!" Chu Feng teased.

He had received confirmation from Qi Sheng that Jiang Luoshen and Mu Tian weren't working together to harm him. Otherwise, even the national goddess may not be able to leave unharmed.

"You're truly a scoundrel!" Jiang Luoshen's eyes were full of anger as she turned and left. Even then, she could still feel his evil gaze fixated on a certain part of her body. She was at a loss about what to do and could only run away in a hurry.

Qi Honglin arrived in Shuntian one day later.

His arrival shocked quite a few well-informed people despite coming in secret.

"Elder Qi!"

Some influential people went forth to welcome him. They were all amiable and passionate because Qi Honglin was one of the Pre-Qin Research Institute's major dignitaries. The institute's power received the reverence of many a people.

Qi Honglin sighed softly. He duly returned the greetings and left in a hurry to call on Demon King Chu.

He had already contacted Chu Feng in private, and the feedback he received made him feel quite troubled.

"The Golden Lion wanted to suppress me and so I ate him. The arrogant Chilin wanted to kill me and so I roasted him. I have no previous grievances with the Pre-Qin Research Institute, and yet your people conspired to harm me. I'll leave you to decide what to do!"

Qi Honglin's heart spasmed after hearing such words. He realized the other party was furious and although Chu Feng wasn't openly demanding compensation, it was probably worse.

Demon King Chu was no ordinary king level entity. They would need to bleed themselves partially dry in order to appease the former's wrath.

Qi Honglin clearly felt that Chu Feng wasn't just saying things for fun. It was likely that Chu Feng would come knocking on the doors of the Pre-Qin Research Institute if they didn't satisfy him.

After arriving in Shuntian, Qi Honglin immediately sought to beat Qi Sheng to death. However, he couldn't bear to do it in the end; the latter was, after all, his own grandson.

Qi Honglin massaged his temples and sat lost in thought. Only after much deliberation did he contact Chu Feng. He told the latter that he had brought a legendary ancient tome with him and wanted to arrange a meeting.