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 Chapter 207: Girlfriend

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Lu Shiyun was dressed in a suit of white that was both neat and clean. She had a sweet, charming face and was full of youthful spirit. Her bright and innocent eyes widened as she listened to Xiong Kun's shameless bragging. She then smiled. Her eyes became the shape of a crescent moon as the corners of her lips slightly lifted up. There was a certain sense of wittiness about that look on her face.

Xiong Kun's eyes went all googly as he watched her smile. He himself was a tall and sturdy fellow, but nonetheless, he was somehow particularly fond of girls that looked innocent and incorruptible, especially the ones that were also full of youthful vigor. On the contrary, those female beast kings seemed to have never struck his interest.

"I can introduce you to Demon King Chu sometime in the future, then you'll believe what I said. I know he's famous and all, but in front of me, he's just a little brother!"

Xiong Kun's words became more and more detached from reality. He found it more and more difficult to shut that big mouth of his because the more he looked at Lu Shiyun, the more unhinged his mind became. Every twinkle and every smile was bewitching for him. Everything seemed so perfect about this girl. Lu Shiyun's feminine charm had driven the sense of him, making the words he said more and more high-flown.

Hu Sheng became a bit unnerved by this. What would Demon King Chu do if he heard these words? But, luckily, someone like Demon King Chu should never come to occasions like this.

"You're bluffing!"

Xia Qianyu and Jiang Luoshen interjected. Xia Qianyu curled her lips and said, "I can't say I know Chu Feng any more than you do, but I know you're bluffing. Chu Feng and I had been through a lot together, and I know he's not that kind of person!"

Xia Qianyu upset Xiong Kun a little, but when he looked over his shoulder and cast a glance at Xia Qianyu and Jiang Luoshen, he gasped at their unmatched beauty.

"Oh, girls, you're so wrong this time. I'm not bluffing. I'll bring you to Demon King Chu sometime in the future, and you'll see for yourself," Xiong Kun said. "Wait a minute, I think I've met this girl before!" Xiong Kun thought to himself.

He was right. They did have met before, but Xiong Kun couldn't recognize her.

He was very down on his luck on that day. He, along with many other mutated beasts, was completely subdued by Chu Feng. They were all lying limp and soft under Chu Feng's stomping feet like a group of click beetles.

And because his head was pinned down by Chu Feng, he couldn't look up to see how Xia Qianyu actually looked. It was only a quick glance, and that was definitely not enough for him to engrave her onto his memory.

Furthermore, Xia Qianyu had been wearing a pair of blue contact lens today for the occasion. The lens made her eyes especially big and shiny. Her eyes looked as if they were carved out of sapphire, which made it all the more difficult for Xiong Kun to recognize her.

Xia Qianyu did not recognize Xiong Kun either. Her mind was so simple that she didn't even think that mutated beasts would attend this party at all.

"Sure. Call me when you decide on how and when to bring me to meet with Chu Feng!" Xia Qianyu said with a dazzling smile. She thought that it was a good idea to have a second gathering with Chu Feng along with these people here. She thought it would be very interesting to see know how things would go.

"Absolutely!" Xiong Kun laughed as he walked with big strides towards Xia Qianyu. He was about to exchange communicator numbers with Xia Qianyu so that the two could keep in touch in the future.

Jiang Luoshen was standing next to Xia Qianyu. She had been scared stiff. While her best friend might not have recognized Xiong Kun, she had noticed that this was in fact a beast masqueraded as a human since the very beginning.

Jiang Luoshen was not just a woman of unmatched beauty, but she was also a meticulous observer. She was smart too. She was able to remember something by heart after just a single glance. Right now, Jiang Luoshen was at a loss as to what to do.

She changed her standing posture. Right now, she looked somewhat akin to an ostrich with her head almost burying under the floor. She deliberately went out of her way to make herself look not as elegant as before.

Her eyes looked away. Meeting eyes with Xiong Kun was the last thing she wanted.

"Goddamn it!" Jiang Luoshen cursed under her breath. This was a sticky situation for her. She had no valid reasons to back off right now, but if she didn't, this undercover beast might recognize her, and once her cover was blown, the news about her attending a blind-date party would be all over the internet by tomorrow.

Jiang Luoshen was looking for her auntie, but she had long gone.

Then, she saw another familiar face, and that was Lu Shiyun. This put Jiang Luoshen into a deeper state of despair. Another familiar face meant a higher chance of her being exposed. The two had met more than once before. They had even talked to each other before during the battle of Taihang.

"Let's go!" she whispered to Xia Qianyu. This place was getting more and more unsuited for her to stay.

Luckily, there was still some distance between her and the other undercover beasts. Xiong Kun was the only one walking towards them; the rest still seemed unaware of her.

But soon, Hu Sheng came over as well. His golden hair drifted in the air as he walked; his long and slender eyes shone a glint of golden glitter. He bowed to Xia Qianyu as a form of courtesy, then he flattered, "Good evening, miss. You're the most beautiful lady tonight! In terms of beauty, you're brighter than the moon!"

"Oh, thank you!" Xia Qianyu seemed to have a great time.

"Hmm... Excuse me, but may I ask if we've met somewhere before?" Hu Sheng had come nearer. He was sure that she must have been someone he had met before. On that day when he was pressed down on the ground like a limp dog, he couldn't look up either. Although Xia Qianyu and he were passing acquaintances, Hu Sheng still couldn't recognize her.

Jiang Luoshen, on the other hand, was very nervous. She was desperately trying to think of an excuse to flee the scene because she knew that Hu Sheng was much smarter than Xiong Kun. It was only a matter of time before she was recognized.

Right now, Jiang Luoshen was full of regret. "Why am I here? Why am I so down on my luck? Why do I have to run into so many familiar faces on a rare occasion like this? Headlines? Explosive news? A national goddess becoming a national laughingstock?" She wanted none of these.

"Please come with me, my beautiful ladies. I have some friends to introduce to you," Hu Sheng had a graceful bearing. He invited Xia Qianyu and Jiang Luoshen to follow him.

"Sure!" Xia Qianyu seemed quite pleased by the invitation because she found it very amusing to listen to a mob of swindlers bluffing.

"No, Qianyu. Let's go!" Xia Qianyu secretly pinched Xia Qianyu's bottom from underneath.

"Stop teasing me!" Xia Qianyu laughed as she pushed her hands away then tried to drag Jiang Luoshen to come with her.

Jiang Luoshen was dumbfounded. "Teasing you? This is not a joke! If I'm exposed right here right now, both of us will 'die' a tragic 'death' here!" Jiang Luoshen tried to convey herself through the look on her face, but it was to no avail. Xia Qianyu still seemed to have absolutely no ideas of the circumstances. In the end, Jiang Luoshen couldn't help but to use her mutant strength to pull Xia Qianyu out of here.

However, someone else seemed to have already had their eyes on her. Lu Shiyun was looking this way. At first, there was a look of astonishment on her face, then there came a visceral smile on her face. She grinned as she quickly ran towards Jiang Luoshen, then she wrapped her arms around the latter's arm.

Jiang Luoshen pinched Lu Shiyun on her waist and said, "I'll give you a dragon bone bead if you let go of my arm!"

"What are you saying? I don't understand!" Lu Shiyun was still all smiles.

"Two beads then! I can't give you any more than that! I bought these beads from Kunlun. They cost me an arm and a leg!" Jiang Luoshen whispered before she pinched Lu Shiyun on her waist again.

Lu Shiyun rolled her eyes. She pinched Jiang Luoshen on her slim and slender waist as well. She rolled her eyes again and said, "No deal! Unless it's a string of beads!"

"I don't have it!" Jiang Luoshen said.

"I don't care!" Lu Shiyun began blackmailing again.

Jiang Luoshen struck back. "Do you think that I'm completely powerless against you? Stop it, or else I will tell all the media outlets that you're a lesbian! I know a lot of reporters, and you know that!"

"I don't care! Persuade that big-eyed innocent girl you brought today to marry my brother then!" Lu Shiyun haggled with Jiang Luoshen.

"No way! Arranged marriage had gone out of fashion for a long time, don't you know that? Stop playing around here, or else I'll let the entire city know that you love your father, your brother and other women in a sexual way!"

"You're talking nonsense!"

"Yes! I am talking nonsense!"

What's happening? Chu Feng was still playing dead on the sideline. The girls were having their fun, blackmailing each other through brainwaves, but they were completely unaware of Chu Feng's presence. Chu Feng was a king with four severed shackles, so every single word of their rapid-fire exchange sounded nice and clear for Chu Feng.

"Excuse me, lady. You look quite familiar to me too," Hu Sheng was looking over in this way and voiced his suspicion. Even though Jiang Luoshen was not directly facing him, Hu Sheng still had somehow noticed it.

Hu Sheng was a male fox. He was born with exceptional intelligence. He was the first to sense the strangeness in the air.

"Hey! You're right. She does look quite familiar. She looks like the girl that my brother dated!" Xiong Kun said.

"Who's your brother?" Lu Shiyun asked. She was still smiling. Her smile might perhaps be the sweetest thing in the world, and Xiong Kun was quite a sucker for sweet things. "Chu Feng, of course!" he said without even giving it a second thought.

Jiang Luoshen's eyes were glittering with anger. She glared at Lu Shiyun.

Xia Qianyu tried to save the situation by saying, "Stop speaking nonsense! This is my friends whom I've known for years. She's never dated anyone before, let alone that goddamn Demon King Chu. She doesn't even know him!"

"I only said that she looked like her. I was saying that there was something about her that very much resembled the girl that my brother used to date. The more I look, the more resemblance I can find."

Xiong Kun was certainly not as smart as Hu Sheng. He still couldn't make out what was happening. He looked surprised as Hu Sheng pointed it out. "Yes, he was right! They do very much look alike!"

Xiong Kun was very slow when it came to understanding situations like this. This unbearable slowness was a nature that ran in the family of black bear. Xiong Kun still couldn't make the connection that this lady in front of her was no other than Jiang Luoshen, the national goddess herself.

Meanwhile, Hu Sheng was so scared that his whole body had been drenched in cold sweat. At this moment, he had become a hundred percent certain that this lady was the national goddess in disguise!

"Stop talking nonsense, or else don't blame me for being rude to you!" Xia Qianyu threatened.

"Hey, like I said, I was just making assumptions. I'm not saying she is my brother's girlfriend. I'm saying that she LOOKS like her. And you should know that this is a compliment. Do you know how famous his girlfriend is? Her girlfriend is the national goddess, Jiang Luoshen!" Xiong Kun was still utterly clueless.

"Ha, ha, ha..." Lu Shiyun couldn't stop laughing.

Jiang Luoshen's snow-white forehead was crawling with black lines. "I'm leaving!" Jiang Luoshen said.

However, Lu Shiyun was still tightly clutching onto Jiang Luoshen's arm. For the uninitiated, Lu Shiyun and Jiang Luoshen seemed like two very intimate friends.

In the not so far distance, Chu Feng was sitting there, facing the rest of the crowd with the back of his head. "THIS IS ABSURD!" Chu Feng cursed under his breath. What chance was there of meeting Jiang Luoshen, Lu Shiyun and that stupid black bear all at the same time? This... was truly absurd!

"Shut up!" Hu Sheng said to Xiong kun. He was scared stiff because he was really worried that Jiang Luoshen might tell everything to Chu Feng, and the consequence of that wouldn't be great.

He had the impression that although this national goddess had not come out to confirm her relationship with Chu Feng, the two were still very fond of each other nonetheless.

"Why?" Xiong Kun looked confused.

"Our goddess Jiang had nothing to do with Chu Feng, and even if there were a relationship between them, it is nothing more than... friendship!" Hu Sheng said as he wiped his cold sweat. Offending the national goddess was the last thing he wanted.

Xiong Kun argued, "That's not right, Brother Hu! You told me that although the relationships between Jiang Luoshen and Demon King Chu was unclear, they were lovers in secret. You said it yourself, remember?!"

At this moment, Jiang Luoshen's eyes were about to spurt out flames. Now, she knew what people were actually saying about her behind her back.

As to Hu Sheng, his face had turned green. He pulled Xiong Kun to his side and shouted, "Shut up!"

"Why?!" Xiong Kun still looked confused.

"This IS Jiang Luoshen!" Hu Sheng whispered.

"HUH?!" Xiong Kun was dumbfounded.

Right now, Jiang Luoshen was wearing a murderous look. "I warn you, no-one here will say anything to anyone else about this, you hear me? And I'll say it again, there is NOTHING between me and Chu Feng. If I hear any more slanders on that, don't blame me if you find yourself dead on the next day!"

Hu Sheng's head nodded like a rattle-drum. "Sorry, I'm so sorry. Sorry! Please forgive me. I'm sorry!" Hu Sheng apologized again and again.

Xiong Kun might not be the brightest lad out there, but his ability to steer with the wind was superb. He quickly corrected himself by speaking sternly out of a sense of justice, "Yes! Of course! Our national goddess is someone high above the masses. How could our goddess date someone as despicable as Chu Feng? Who is he? He's NOT worthy of our goddess!"

Chu Feng was still playing dead in the not-so-far distance. He looked calm and composed, but on top of his mind, he had beaten that son of a b*tch to a bloody pulp!

Lu Shiyun was still smiling a dazzling smile. Her bright eyes kept on glancing over at Chu Feng, who was still sitting in an empty corner, facing the wall right now.

Xiong Kun, on the other hand, began to feel a little embarrassed. "Don't mind what happened just then. It was all just a big misunderstanding. However, Chu Feng is indeed my brother!" Xiong Kun was still trying to bluff.

"What do you make of that?" Lu Shiyun asked Jiang Luoshen.

"Make of what?"

"Make of the stuff Xiong Kun has just said." Jiang Luoshen seemed very frustrated, but Lu Shiyun was still pressing on regardless.

"What do you want?!" Jiang Luoshen asked. She seemed very alerted. Her instinct told her that things were far from over.

"Hey! Stop playing dead!" Lu Shiyun walked towards an empty corner where a man was sitting with the back of his head facing the crowd.

"This guy looks kinda familiar to me," Xiong Kun said.

The look on Hu Sheng's face had just become normal, but immediately, his face turned green again. Hu Sheng was crying wildly inside him, "OH MY GOD! WHY THE F*CK IS HE HERE? OH, F*CK ME!"