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 Chapter 173: Sequelae

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Snowy white waves akin to mountain peaks rose up as thunderous sounds assailed the ears; a shadow flashed across and cut the huge tide in half.

Chu Feng was like a savage flood dragon charging through the ocean. After severing his third shackle, he only took a while to calm down. Now, he was going all out, testing just how powerful he had become.

Because soon he would be heading off into a great battle!

Some people were, unexpectedly, attempting to invade the East; how could he let this opportunity go?

The whole area had risen into tall waves that shot towards the skies like tsunamis.

After reaching such a state, he had an unprecedented speed that was 4 times that of sound. Every dash took him several hundred meters away as if he was flying.


Chu Feng stomped down; light golden energy rippled outward and caused a depression on the whole ocean area as if the ocean floor had collapsed. It was a terrifying sight.

Many pillars of sea water violently rose up as if they were trying to shoot through the firmament.

The power of the Divine Feet was tyrannical and ferocious. The energy that radiated from his feet was terrifying; he had the feeling that he could kill a normal beast king with a single stomp.


Chu Feng landed on the beach, which shattered the sandy ground with frightening force, sending sand shooting up as if they were waves.

A large dark hole was left where he landed.

With a swoosh, Chu Feng's image disappeared from view-he knew he shouldn't stay here much longer after causing such a huge ruckus.

A large group of people arrived from afar, and after seeing the scene of destruction before them, they were all flabbergasted.

They became momentarily stunned; how extreme was this? Even the sandy beach had turned into a deep ravine.

"Oh god, just what had happened here?


Chu Feng had long since left the area and was now walking towards another beach.

He was attempting to fully adapt to this newfound power and physique. He stood there in silence, gaining new understanding of his new physique and powers, his body sparkling and each of his punches and kicks possessing enormous power.

At the same time, he felt that when his feet were in contact with the sand, he was part of the beach itself. He could almost absorb mysterious energy from within the earth.

A scarlet flying knife spun around the vicinity, surging with red mist-the speed of the blade had increased substantially.

At this moment, Chu Feng was in great spirits. His eyes were deeper and clearer since his body evolved; his spiritual capacity had also taken a huge leap forward.

When Chu Feng utilized his spiritual energy, silver-white lights were visibly dancing across his forehead, akin to a god.


The flying knife flew out and reached three hundred meters away; the area of effectiveness had also increased. If he wanted to, he could extend the reach a bit more, but this was the optimal range for combat.

The scarlet flying knife made a rapid turn and, like an unfathomable scarlet dragon flying through the air, emitted an ear-piercing boom before slashing down violently.


The golden beach was split apart, revealing an extremely deep and ominous gulch. If this slash fell upon a being of flesh and blood, how could they withstand it?

Chu Feng felt that if he had to face any normal beast king, he could cut them in half with a slash of his flying blade.

Chu Feng's body and psyche had all transformed; everything had improved by a great margin.

Chu Feng was very satisfied with the upgrade; he now had a lot more confidence about the upcoming battle. He was prepared to attack the Eastern expedition from the rear and unleash a massacre.


His stomach was crying out-after a round of evolution, he felt a wave of intense hunger come over him. It was just like his last level up at the Pilgrimage Grounds.

Merely this time, it was many times more intense; he had broken through two shackles after all.

"I can't stand it anymore; I need to enter the city and find a place to eat,"

Or maybe the previous round of exercise had induced this explosive state of hunger. He became quite agitated and started to run swiftly.


Jerusalem; many people had taken photos of the Whale King and had posted it to the internet, causing a sensation.

Whales had not been sighted in this area in the past, so the sudden appearance of an island-sized beast was headline material.

However, after seeing so many beasts rise to power, the news was not something that could attract the world's attention.

Everyone was focused on the Black Dragon and the Arctic King attacking Mount Kunlun in the East.

Some people, however, were extremely interested in this gigantic whale. They were, of course, the people who had chased Chu Feng-the white bear, Qiao Na, Ovidius, etc. They immediately recognized this whale as the one who had swallowed Chu Feng.

"Oh, who would've thought it would swim all the way to Jerusalem. Just as well, I'm being sent there as a diplomatic envoy, anyone want to go with me and see?" asked Ovidius.

Schiller, as strong as he was, was wary of Jerusalem and wanted to ally with them. He thus sent a diplomatic envoy to discuss things.

"I'll go with you," the white bear replied.

"If you can find the Whale King on the way and recruit him, it'll be meaningful," Qiao Na said with a smile.

The sea was currently akin to a forbidden area to the humans. It was very difficult to enter and explore due to its vastness and diverse life forms. Some of them had even evolved to terrifying realms.

Qiao Na stood there with her golden hair dancing in the wind; she had beautiful features and blue eyes along with a charming smile. She said, "Convince the Whale King that we could help him search for Atlantis or expand towards the East."

"That's not a bad idea." Ovidius laughed.

They suspected that the Whale King's lair was close to Jerusalem; after all, the holy city had a fatal attraction towards the beast race.

Finally, Ovidius and the White Bear left for Jerusalem, representing Schiller.

At this moment, the war between the East and the West had begun. Manpower was a scarce resource that could not be spared; Qiao Na, the earth dragon, etc were all on standby for the upcoming battle and could not leave.

In Jerusalem-Chu Feng was ravenous. He entered a certain restaurant and started ordering huge amounts of food. He ate so much that he began to scare the waiters.

The plates began piling up as he gobbled down enough food for ten men.

The waiter was stunned at the sight and felt his hair stand on end. He suspected that he had met a beast king in human form-no way a normal human would be able to eat so much.

Finally, even the manager was alarmed. He looked on as plate after plate of food disappeared and couldn't help but sweat.

Chu Feng himself felt quite alarmed; just how powerful was his digestion and absorption? Could he truly have digested so much food and turned them into mysterious energy within his body?

In the end, he felt a bit embarrassed at his appetite. However, he was still hungry. Just like pouring water into sand, everything was absorbed in great speed.

"I need high energy food." Chu Feng realized that normal food wasn't going to satisfy him.

His evolution this time was too terrifying. After breaking two shackles, his constitution had been drastically upgraded, and all his cells were being strengthened. This process required astonishing amounts of energy.

The term "shackle severing" was rather self-explanatory. Previously, his body was being bound and remained in a dormant, shackled state. Now it was free and had been revived.

Therefore, it was as if he had gone through a long period of starvation.

Chu Feng sadly put down his knife and fork. Even though he was hungry, he knew he couldn't continue this way. No matter how much of such food he ate, it wouldn't be effective.

"Last time, I ate a quasi beast king at the Pilgrimage Grounds. Now, where do I search for one?"

As Chu Feng got up, the manager humbly saw him to the door as if he was dealing with the god of pestilence himself, refusing payment and hoping that this customer would not return again.

He never thought he would face such circumstances. The post-evolution hunger was too serious. He wandered through the city and took in the extraordinary atmosphere of the ancient city.

He came across an ancient wall-the "crying wall". A vigorous form of energy was diffusely present within it; it was one of the holy relics of the city.

Not too far away were a few palace halls emanating divine radiance!

After the great change, everything became different. It was as if myths and legends had come to life, and some ancient heritages would emit lights day and night.

There were simply too many tales about this place.

Even some saints from the Holy See were buried here; their graves could be seen in the distance, glowing with divine light, even after their bodies had long decayed. This was truly a sight to behold.

Suddenly, to his astonishment, he saw the little girl walk out from one of the holy tombs. Her long golden hair was sparkling, and her face was like an angel. With sparkling eyes, she glanced at Chu Feng and sweetly smiled.

No one dared to approach that area because of the dense divine aura that lingered in the air, but she just walked out easily.

The little girl held an ancient scroll in her hand and was chanting from it. She walked into the most famous divine temple which let out beams of golden light as if it was refined from pure gold.

Normally, people revered and worshipped that place; none dared to approach. However, she just walked right into it.

Chu Feng was astonished; he had already guessed that this kind of place must be guarded by a true apex expert. However, this girl was not restricted, nor was she denied entry.

It was easy to see that she was very familiar with the place and was on good terms with the expert within.

Not long afterward, the little girl appeared again and walked towards Chu Feng. She handed him a piece of food; it appeared dark and seemingly not so tasty.

After that, she waved her hands and, with large, agile strides, disappeared among the many ancient buildings of the area.

Chu Feng felt odd; he looked down and saw the black piece of food that looked like a cake. He was not expecting this-this was for him?

He was moved as he took a bite and chewed on it a bit before swallowing. The taste was nothing exceptional, but it caused his eyes to go wide.

His extreme hunger was alleviated-this piece of black food was truly miraculous! He no longer felt hungry.

Finally, after finishing the food, he was half full. If only he could get his hands on two more such pieces...

At first, he wanted to use the red crystals in his bag to grow the seeds, hoping they would sprout. But, by the looks of things, it appears that he might have to delay it a bit.

Not only did he need to consolidate his foundation after severing two shackles, he also had to consider what he would eat after breaking through.

"No... I need to kill my way to the West in search of high energy food, I cannot delay," Chu Feng muttered.

However, after he decided to fly towards the West, he found that there was only one safe route and the flights were scarce and far between.

He had to wait for a couple of days!

Chu Feng decided to wait.

"They've come?!"

On the second night, Chu Feng's keen eyes saw some familiar faces: Ovidius and the white bear!

He immediately turned away inconspicuously.

"Eh?" Ovidius was very keen; he noticed the silhouette of a person who had just disappeared into the crowd. "it couldn't be-he's still alive?"

"Let's go take a look!" Ovidius shot out rays of divine light from his eyes as he gave chase, even though he wasn't a cent percent certain.

Chu Feng swiftly escaped as his stomach rumbled. He was not afraid of the two who were chasing him; on the contrary, he was drooling with anticipation.

He just didn't want to cause a scene in public!