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 Chapter 30. I Can Hear Your Voice (7)

"Here I go, Elemental Tempest!"

Shouting out the name that suddenly crossed my mind, I thrust out my spear clad with the enormous elemental storm. As always, my naming sense was rather simple.

[Critical Hit!]


"Kigik, Kuak!"

Immediately afterward, I staggered as dizziness swept over me. I had lost too much mana in an instant. I bit down on my cheek to rouse myself, and quickly took out and gulped down a Middle Mana Potion.

1,000 mana slowly filled me up, soothing my dizziness. Middle Mana Potions were sold at the Floor Shop for 500 gold. In other words, they were each worth one million won. Although I would have preferred to save them, now was not the time. The Dark Ratman was still alive and kicking.

I raised my head to see the result of my attack. What I saw was shocking. The dungeon's stone floor was a mess as numerous holes were scattered about. The ratmen that once filled the room were all dead, torn to shreds. Although I had somewhat expected it, it was still a surprising sight to behold.

At that time, I heard a message that I had heard once before.

[You created the skill, 'Elemental Tempest'! A technique that combines elemental power with the ancient spear technique designed to handle many enemies. It possesses a domineering force, obliterating nearby enemies! It uses half of the user's MP. This skill may only be used by its creator. The skill level is adjusted to lower-rank level 5.]

[You created a skill! Elemental Tempest is a skill that never existed elsewhere. Created with the most exquisite combination of mana, spearmanship, and elemental power, this skill will remain a legend for future generations of Elemental Spearman. You obtained 1 skill point as a reward. Current skill point: 4]

"Ha, hahaha."

I created another skill! An indescribable feeling of satisfaction swept over me.

Attack skill.

Shina's Hornet Pierce was considered an extremely rare skill. Attack skills were as rare as magic, and would serve its user for his or her entire life. As such, I was surprised I would create a second attack skill after Heroic Strike.

Not to mention, one was a single-target attack perfect to use against a boss, and the other was a multi-target attack perfect for fighting mobs. With these two, I would be invinci... no, wait.

'I could apply elemental power to Heroic Strike too!'

Of course, Heroic Strike was different from Tempest. It was easy to harmonize elementals with Tempest because it used a current made from mana. However, Heroic Strike was a pure concentration of my energy. If other elementals interfered, it would become weaker instead.

However, that did not mean I could not make use of elemental power. Spirit Aura. If I infused my spear with Peika, it would be possible. How strong would that be? Luckily, I did not need to imagine its strength.

I could just test it now.

"Kugagak! I will fry you along with your wings!"

[You wish!]

When all of its minions died, the Dark Ratman became noticeably anxious. It tried to use Dark Thunder Explosion, but Peika was none other than a lightning elemental. She absorbed the Dark Ratman's paralyzing electric shock and let out an even more dazzling light.

It was to be expected. Elementals had a 100 percent resistance against their own elements. In other words, they were completely immune to their own elements. Now that I saw Peika, however, it seemed she had an absorption ability as well. Although I suspected it when I first read the information about her, but it really seemed Peika was not an ordinary elemental.

"Kahahaha! It's a festival of lightning!"

[Try it, I dare you!]

As Peika fearlessly taunted the Dark Ratman, I escaped Dark Thunder Explosion's area of effect. Even if Peika was immune to it, that did not mean I was immune as well. It might be different if Peika developed further and our affinity rose to the extreme, but that was not the case now.

As expected, Dark Ratman's black lighting was absorbed by Peika the moment it came out, and she let out an increasingly dazzling light. When the skill finally ended, the Dark Ratman panted and screamed.

"Kugagak! Tough fly!"

[Stop calling me that, you rat!]


The Dark Ratman's physical resistance was close to zero with its leather burnt from Peika's endless lightning attacks. It had exhausted its mana with Dark Thunder Explosion as well. As it was now, it was no different than a sandbag.

"Huu. Hap!"

The Dark Ratman was exhausted to the point it could not even shoot out a single bolt of lightning. However, it swung its long claws in the air in attempt to attack Peika. Meanwhile, I charged toward the Dark Ratman. Although it noticed before long, I was prepared.

"Peika, stop his movements!"


At my command, Peika let out a cute shout and raised her hand toward the Dark Ratman. Parts of the lightning that danced around her shot forward toward the Dark Ratman, paralyzing it. I knew she was my elemental, but she really was perfect.

"Now, Spirit Aura!"

At the same time I activated my skill, Peika turned into a small particle of light and got sucked into my spear. I could feel my spear vibrating like it was alive and breathing. Above the spear, white lightning flickered about.

[Tell me in advance before you use it!]

"Sorry, I was in a hurry!"

Peika's lightning could not paralyze the enemy for long yet. I could not afford to waste the precious opportunity she created. Within that short period of time, I tensed my muscles and squeezed out all the strength and mana into one point on my spear. Then, I thrust out.

"Heroic Strike!"

"Kugagagak! Kak!"

I targeted the left side of its chest where its heart was located. Lightning rippled and white light radiated out as my spear burnt its leather to crisp, broke its muscles and bones, and penetrated its heart.

The Dark Ratman shrieked as it coughed up blood. Before long, its head drooped down. It was dead.

I couldn't believe it even after I did it myself. No matter how much Peika's lightning had drained its energy, I had just defeated a Floor Master in a single blow. So this was the power of an Elementalist! This was the power of an Awakened!

Even though it was mine, I was scared that I would become addicted to this power, that I would neglect my martial arts training. I had to remind myself.

'My strength lies in my spearmanship honed through 10 years of hard work. Never forget it. Don't become drunk on this new power.'

Then, as always, I was flooded with messages.

[A Grand Achievement! You defeated the Floor Master, Dark Ratman, alone! Amazing!]

[You obtained the title, 'Dark Ratman Slayer.' All stats permanently increase by 1. This effect will apply even if the title is not equipped.]

[You defeated the Dark Ratman alone. You obtained the special reward, 'Dark Ratman's Leather Jacket.']

[You obtained 5,000 gold.]

[Choose your reward.]

[1. Return Magic Book.]


Only after I heard the flurry of messages did I relax. Although I felt like collapsing on the floor, I held on and first deactivated Spirit Aura. Having returned to her elemental form, Peika sat down on my head and pulled on my hair here and there.

[Next time, tell me beforehand! It was scary suddenly being sucked in like that!]

"Yeah, sorry, Peika."

[Okay! I forgive you!]

Peika seemed to have been appeased as she gently stroked the hair she was pulling. Perhaps it was because she was an elemental, but she was extremely pure. Absent-mindedly, I went over the message log.

The Dark Ratman Slayer title was something I expected to get. Having defeated the third Floor Master alone, all stats were now increased by 3. No matter how small it seemed, piled up over a long time, it would have a significant effect.

And as I expected, I received the last part of the Dark Ratman Set, the leather jacket. I suspected that this equipment set had that skill. If so, I would gladly replace the Orc Lord Set I spent a long time to gather. Of course, I was currently wearing the Wraith Queen Set.

I took off the Wraith Queen equipment one by one. Leaving behind just the shirt, I put on the Dark Ratman equipment. After wearing the leather pants, leather boots, and leather belt, I wore the leather glove, put my the leather jacket, and pushed the leather fedora on my head.

Although they were heavier than the Wraith Queen equipment, they were lighter than the Orc Lord equipment. Although I was worried that the Dark Ratman Set's defense would pale in front of the armor-type Orc Lord Set, the equipment dropped by the 15th Floor Master were fundamentally different.

When I finished putting on the last equipment part, a fanfare rang out in my ear.

'What was that? I never heard something like it when I got the Wraith Queen's skill!'

The messages that followed made me freeze in place.

[You equipped the Dark Ratman Set. Your strength and dexterity increases by 10. When the Dark Ratman set is equipped, you can use 'Dark Thunder Explosion' once per day.]

Up to this point, it was within my expectation. Still, it made me dance in happiness. I could now use that powerful skill! Like the Orc Lord's Warcry and Vengeful Spirit's Wail, equipment-based skills did not use mana.

Even though they could only be used once a day, being able to use such powerful skills without mana was a great merit.

What surprised me was what followed.

[You satisfied the opening condition of 'Collector's Pocket Watch.' You obtained a subclass! Opening condition: learn 5 skills, collect 3 skill equipment, create 1 skill.]

[You obtained the subclass, 'Skill Collector.' Your magic and luck increases by 10 through class advancement bonus.]

[You obtained the class active skill, 'Endow Skill.' You can extract skills from equipment and endow the pocket watch with them. The skills will then be useable without having the equipment set equipped. You can endow up to 12 skills and they will be usable once per day. This skill has no level.]

[You obtained the class passive skill, 'Spirit of the Collector.' Upon defeating Floor Masters or Event Dungeon bosses, or clearing Event Dungeons, the chances of items you need appearing on the reward list increases. The chance increases based on your charm and luck stat. This skill has no level.]


The pocket watch. I had forgotten about it! I didn't even remember when I got it in the first place!