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 Chapter 233. Guardian (3)

The succubi filmed the entire Philippines recapturing process without leaving anything out. The number of videos we had was too many to count, and we didn't attach any difficult conditions for the media to obtain them. We only stopped them from separately editing them. Rather than making the video easy to see for the viewers, we wanted to directly relay the situation from the battlefield to the viewers. Of course, it was also to prevent any malicious editing.

To be honest, releasing the videos was a bit embarrassing, but my feeling of wanting others to understand the situation Earth was under was greater. No ability users could easily handle the monsters shown on the videos, and if Hwaya and the succubi didn't protect the cameras with their magic, they wouldn't have been able to properly film anything anyways.

Humanity had to understand this and fight against the monsters more seriously. The current trend of seeing monsters as a source of income had to be changed.

"As we expected, the reaction is huge."


"Also positively."

Hwaya grinned and scrolled through the screen in the air. I could clearly feel the passionate reactions from ordinary civilians and ability users of all countries. Even now, messages were pouring in endlessly.

"There's just too much evidence for everything to be a lie. Look, we're getting so many inquiries asking for how to apply to Revival. I already announced that the condition is being an SS rank, though."

"How cold..."

"Philippines no longer has monsters. At least, not at the moment. The land of the monsters became a land full of resources, and the surviving Philippine citizens are hailing us as gods."

"I mean..."

We didn't ask the Philippines for money, and we clearly told other nations eyeing the now empty Philippines that they had no rights over them.

What was important here was that we didn't benefit financially. The moment we requested something, we would become no different than those who saw monsters as money. What we had to gain from the Philippines was much more important than something like money.

Of the Philippine population, ninety percent had died from the monsters' invasion. In other words, only ten percent had survived. Although that may not sound like a lot, that was over ten million people, and that would be enough to run a country. For the Philippine citizens who were left without homes and land, the current Philippines would serve as the perfect foundation for recovery.

There was an innumerous amount of new mines and natural resources, and they would be able to test new crops and minerals that crossed over from another world. It was truly a land filled with treasures.

Of course, giving some of the new resources away to other powerful nations would be inevitable. Building everything up from scratch would simply be too hard. However, if Revival stepped in to ensure the trades were fair, Philippines would undoubtedly be able to rise again as one nation.

"Like you said, there are criticisms too, especially from Koreans. As you know, Koreans don't think too highly of the Philippines. They're asking why you're helping a country that has always committed crimes against them."

"Just laugh it off. Although we won't be able to butt in on personal vendettas, the ones that committed the crimes are probably dead, and the current Philippines won't be able to do anything against Koreans. Of course, if they do commit such an absurd act again..."

Although I didn't think that would ever happen, if they made use of the fact that we were protecting them, they would have to pay the appropriate price.

Well, if they realized even a portion of the power we had, they wouldn't dare do such a thing. In fact, they would undoubtedly do whatever they could to be gain our favor. Although we won't request anything from them, if they wanted to gift us, we wouldn't decline either. That was the best way to maintain our relations.

They'd lost families, friends, homes, jobs, and everything they knew and loved when they escaped from the Philippines. The fear of monsters was undoubtedly buried deep in their bones. To protect themselves from monsters, they knew who they had to make their ally.

However, it seemed that Korean citizens didn't want to even think about why we took the effort to film everything.

"There are so many. 'My blood is boiling', 'why does something a Korean person achieved have to be given to the Philippines', 'aren't they just idiots', 'Philippines should have been made to pay tributes to Korea', etc, etc..."

"They make it sound like they're the ones who shed blood in the Philippines."

"Tell me about it. It's not like you fought for financial benefits... You fought to find a new pet for your younger sister."


Hwaya's sudden attack caught me off guard. I let out a dry cough and turned my gaze.

"You sure love your sister. I wonder how these people would react if they knew the real reason we went to the Philippines. What do you think, Guild Master?"

Hwaya spoke as she put her arm around me and stared at me fixedly. I eventually gave in.

"Forgive me, Vice-Guild Master."

"Since it wasn't for a monetary reason, fine. I'll forgive you."

"Why are you bullying me? You're so mean..."

"You see, I think you're the cutest when you're making that flustered face."

"How selfish!"

In this trip to the Philippines, we gained everything we could ask for. Although Yua still felt guilty about making the guild members suffer and having the succubi die, thanks to her, we were able to attack the Lava King before he could fully prepare his army and ultimately defeat him.

If we had fought him later, although we would have also been stronger, he might have overwhelmed us with a much stronger army. No one blamed Yua and even considered her casual request as a fortune.

Daisy obtained an insurmountably powerful undead as a result, and Yua had obtained the Lava King's Egg, which had the potential to become stronger than the undead Daisy obtained. Hwaya obtained Evil Eyes, Daisy and Ye-Eun obtained powerful Legend grade weapons, and Ina obtained a ring that would fortify her weak defense.

Although I didn't have any material gains, I obtained the Guardian title, which had a powerful effect and gave an ample amount of stats and skill points. Furthermore, Revival position as Earth's guardian was solidified. Having no one to needlessly interfere with our business was truly priceless.

"Dear Husband, we have more data."


At that moment, the door opened and Licorice walked in. She carried a crystal ball in her hand, and I no longer needed Loretta to tell me how much information could be stored in that little crystal ball.

"There are three potential places where the kings could be staying. Let's look at them together, Dear Husband."

"Uh, you see, I have to finish grinding the 70th Floor Master..."

Of course, defeating the world's enemies was important, but it would be troublesome if it interfered with my progress in the dungeon. How am I supposed to face them if I didn't get stronger!?

However, the two girls didn't seem intent on listening to me.

"Let's work, Dear Husband! We have to crush those stupid kings' heads!"

"You only need an hour to do it anyways. For now, work. Is your Guardian title for show?"

"Damn it..."

I have other things to do in the dungeon too! I have to get my repaired Pure Black Desire from Lin! However, my inner screams only rang silently.

[You consumed the Fruit of Charming to the limit, making you glossier than before. You will receive love from all regardless of their sex. Your magic and charm increase by 13. Consuming more of this item will likely have no effect.]

[You equipped the Incubus King Set. Your charm and magic increase by 30. When the Incubus King Set is equipped, you can use 'Bewilderment Bomb' once per day. When your target's charm is lower than yours, you will steal half of their magic power and afflict your target with the 'sweet fatigue' status effect. When the target's charm is higher than yours, you will lose half of your health and mana, and fall into the 'feeble' status effect.]

"I managed to finish it today..."

I murmured proudly as I stared at the Incubus King's corpse scattering into particles of light. After finishing the tedious work and becoming free, I could finally enter the dungeon. As I had planned beforehand, I finished the Incubus King grinding.

Altogether, the ten Fruit of Charming increased my magic and charm by 40. Although it wasn't as much as the Succubus Queen's Tattoo, it made sense as the Succubus Queen's elixir was a tattoo invigoration elixir. What was important was that my magic had increased by 90 points by grinding the two Floor Masters. My charm also went up by 90 points, but that only gave me a headache.

The Incubus King Set was a suit with a striking black velvet jacket and pants. It was the type of shiny attire that rich people wore. Just by having it on, it felt like how cringe-worthy I was doubled. As such, I promptly extracted the skill and threw the suit into my inventory.

The skill's effect was almost exactly like Sweet Nightmare's effect. Sweet Nightmare stole the target's health, while Bewilderment Bomb stole the target's magic power. There was no need to hesitate. I immediately synthesized the two skills together.

[You obtained the Unique skill, 'Lilith's Temptation'!]

[Lilith's Temptation can be used once per day and only against a member of the opposite sex with a lower charm than you. Once activated, the skill can steal up to 50% of the target's health and magic power and afflicts the target with the 'absolute obedience' status effect with a 20% chance. Once afflicted with absolute obedience, the target will become your servant for eternity. However, if the target is not afflicted with absolute obedience, the target will become afflicted with the 'awakened one's rage' status effect with a 40% chance. Once afflicted with awakened one's rage, the target's abilities are doubled in exchange for having his health halved.]

[You created a unique skill! This grand achievement causes all gods of love to focus on you. However, other competing gods force them to take a step back. You obtained 3 skill points. Current skill points: 33]

"Lilith's Temptation... Couldn't it have at least used a man's name...?"

Not to mention, this skill seemed rather dangerous. Setting aside the fact that it could only be used against the opposite sex, a 20% chance to absolutely control an opponent was massive. On the other hand, the fearful 'awakened one's rage' status effect had a 40% of 80%, in other words, a 32% chance to activate. I had to be extra cautious in using this skill.

The good side was that it clearly drew a line against targets with higher charm, making it so that the skill couldn't be used against them.

"Whatever, it's better than not having it at all."

I sighed and closed the skill window before leaving the Floor Master room. I had yet to get my Pure Black Desire back. The Incubus King wasn't strong enough to make me put up any defense, but that would not be the case with Beyond's 20th Floor Master. It was now time to get my armor back from Lin.

However, when I left the Floor Master room, I didn't see Loretta at the Floor Shop. I thought it was strange, but I soon discovered even stranger things. The stairway to the 71st floor was gone, and so was the gate to Beyond's 20th floor. I couldn't believe my eyes. How could there be nothing!?

At that moment, a message I had never heard before rang out. It was message noona's flustered voice.

[An alert to all First Dungeon explorers. As an administrative guild master has gone missing, all activities in the dungeon will halt. Until the guild master comes back, all of the dungeon's services except the Residential Area will become unable for use. Guild masters of guilds B ranked or above should immediately gather in the Residential Area's plaza.]

I could only have one reaction in such a situation.

"It can't be Loretta!?"