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 Chapter 171. What Is Not Allowed for Her (2)

With its right leg's carapace broken off, the basilisk let out a furious roar that reverberated across the entire hilltop. Several of the people who heard the terrifying roar then became stiff, and signs of petrification could be seen on their bodies. I also halted for a moment, but I soon snapped out of it with the help of Soul Guard and my mana resistance. I then immediately saved Sumire, who had frozen stiff.

[You can use Athena's power if you want.]

[Really, Shin-nim?]

[Yeah. Let's show them our strength. You also don't want to be looked down on, right?]

[Yes, Shin-nim! I understand!]

I fanned some wind toward Sumire, who was looking at me with respect and flew back into the air. After roaring, the runic patterns on the basilisk's carapace began to shine, and it shot small rock-like things everywhere. These rock-like bullets also petrified whoever they touched.


The basilisk's roar continued. Unless there was continued healing, it was easy for people to die. Long-ranged attackers were pouring attacks at the basilisk's exposed face, but the basilisk swung its massive tail and blocked the attacks before they could hit its face. His tail then fired more bullets at all the explorers. I charged toward him as I dodged these bullets.

"Blade Rush!"

Massive monsters had a boundless life force, making them difficult to kill. However, their size also made them easy targets. I easily dodged the basilisk's tail swing and weaved through the rain of rock bullets. Then, I stabbed my spear into its left leg with full force. Chaos flame once again flared up above its carapace, and the blades from Blade Rush also hammered on its carapace. Of course, just this wasn't enough to damage him.

"Dark Thunder Explosion!"

The basilisk's body twitched for a moment, after which black lightning shot up from my body and poured into its carapace. The communication channel instantly became noisy.

[What's that!? Isn't that the 15th Floor Master's skill!?]

[I haven't seen that in 40 years!]

[Can someone explain what happened? That guy isn't wearing something like the Dark Ratman Set in an SS+ rank raid, right?]

[Oi, once that skill hits, it paralyzes its target regardless of the target's strength. Attack now!]

Unfortunately, Dark Thunder Explosion's duration wasn't that long! The moment the skill ended, I once again struck down at the carapace on its leg, then backed off. Immediately afterward, its tail swung past where I was standing just a moment ago.

If it were to hit me, it would petrify the part of my body it hit, which would then be shattered by the following shock. It would be a fatal damage. In fact, one of the other explorers was hit and instantly died. These Platinum ranked explorers weren't all that much! How could they not read such a giant monster's movements?

Regardless, once people began to die left and right, the surviving explorers became more spiteful and poured more attacks toward the basilisk. Almost everyone was attacking its left leg instead of its frozen right leg.




At that moment, its carapace emitted a brilliant light. I instinctively flew up and avoided the light. Most of the flying explorers did the same. However, several of the explorers on the ground couldn't do so.

These explorers then perfectly turned to stone.

[Damn it, its armor's activating! Priests, hurry!]


[Its eyes are shining! Attack! Stop it!]

[Damn, was it too hard with 100 people...!?]

[Stop being defeatist and use your damned skills!]

Thanks to someone's shout, bright lights began to shine from the ground. Among them was one particularly brilliant light. A beautiful girl holding an ornate shield was making the basilisk scream in pain... Wait, that's Sumire!

[Look, the basilisk is petrifying!]

[What!? Someone's petrifying the basilisk?]

[A god's power! That girl must have a god's true name!]

[An unknown explorer with a god's true name? What guild is she from? She must be the guild master, right?]

[She's even young and pretty. She's just my type!]

[Hey, you son of a bitch. Who the fuck are you? If we fail this raid, I'm going to kill you. What guild are you from?]

Good, Sumire! Well done!

Sumire had undoubtedly created an opportunity for us to overturn the situation. Although the basilisk possessed a petrifying ability, it was pushed back by the Medusa's head on Athena's shield. Starting from its eyes, which were about to do something, it became partially petrified. The experienced explorers present did not miss this opportunity, shooting powerful attacks at the basilisk. Of course, father and I were among them.

Father contained a powerful shockwave in his spear and successfully dealt a blow that the basilisk could not ignore. He had aimed for its petrified face. Although the petrification was done by a god's power, since the basilisk possessed a petrifying ability, it wouldn't be surprising if it broke out of it sooner. It was better to shatter the petrified parts of its face before it recovered on its own.

However, I aimed for a different place. Several long-ranged attackers were focusing its face, and as its one unpetrified eye began to shine, I avoided its face.


I descended from the sky like an arrow and surged up the energy of Mad Typhoon. A whirlpool of chaos flame became compressed and gathered at the tip of my spear. With a spirited shout, I struck down at the basilisk's massive tail.

[Critical Hit!]


Good, it was effective! With Twin-headed Ogre's Tattoo, I had gotten much stronger. With the momentum created by my quick descent, my attack successfully shattered the basilisk's tail armor!

[The tail armor broke!]

[There's a crack in its back armor! Attack there!]

[Ah, wait! Stop!]

Two flying attackers charged toward the basilisk's back despite the dissuasive shout. They were both warriors holding a hammer and an axe respectfully. They seemed to be from the same guild, as they simultaneously struck down on the basilisk's back with their weapons filled with aura. Immediately afterward, the basilisk's back emitted a bright light. A message then rang out in my ear.

[Sage Time guild, annihilated!]

"A-Annihilated... They're going to get sage time for sure..."1

I was curious as to who came up with that guild name, but unfortunately, it wasn't all that important right now. I broke out in a cold sweat as I checked the basilisk's back. What took away the Sage Time guild members' lives was none other than a group of flying snakes. There were hundreds of mini-basilisks shooting out from the basilisk's back.

[Damn, this never happened before!]

[They're going to split! Hurry up and kill them!]

The communication channel became noisy with shocked voices and curses. The magicians' attacks became focused on the mini-basilisks, but their magic resistance was annoyingly high. In other words, warriors had to take care of them. The one who stepped up was the man who froze the basilisk's right leg before.

[Magicians, focus on stopping the basilisk's movement! Focus especially on its head! Warriors, kill the small ones and break the basilisk's dorsal armor!]

He was most likely Desert Scorpion's guild master. After shouting out his orders, he charged toward the group of mini-basilisks, followed by about ten flying warriors, all wearing the same fluttering Desert Scorpion cape. As I also didn't want to miss this opportunity, I hurriedly charged forward.

"Sharana, we're going full speed!"

[Yes, Master!]

"Gale Track!"

There were finally guys that could boost my attack power. There was no way I would let others have them! I frantically accelerated and shot past the others.

'No matter how high leveled you are, you won't be able to catch up to my speed! I am the owner of Hermes' true name and the contractor of the unique wind elemental, Sharana!'

[Who's that!?]

[He's that Gold ranked guy.]

[Gold rank? With that speed? You're kidding, right?]

A trail of chaos flame was left in the path I took. I charged toward the mini-basilisks like a comet. The first mini-basilisk that faced me blew up after being hit with my spear. Great! With this...!


[You used Provoke! All enemies in the area will attack you with great hostility!]

In an instant, I was surrounded by mini-basilisks. They seemed to be capable of petrifying people with their gazes as I could feel a ticklish sensation of resistance from parts of my body they were glaring at. Of course, they weren't strong enough to penetrate Soul Guard. I smirked and sent them flying. Most of them were killed in a single strike.


[Looks like we won't be needed. Turn! We're attacking its dorsal area!]


Magic flashed from all sides, while the basilisk's attacks shook the earth. Of course, its armor was being broken by the explorers even now. Everyone present had the strength to threaten the basilisk's life. Perhaps, it was why this battle seemed especially exhilarating. After all, this was the first time fighting with explorers stronger than me!

However, I still wanted to defeat that guild master.

[Master, the wind energy is getting stronger!]

"Gather as much of it as you can! We're going to make a huge attack!"

Even as I ordered Sharana, I constantly changed the direction of my charge and pierced through the mini-basilisks with my spear. Ten, twelve, fifteen, twenty...!

"A bit more...!"

"A god's power!"

"Damn, is that guy a monster!?"

Then, along with the shocked exclamations of a few explorers, the basilisk stopped moving. It's over 300-meter long armor was completely frozen white! It was undoubtedly that guild master's attack... For a desert scorpion, you sure like using freezing attacks!

[Attack while Scizarnath's power holds it back! It's almost out of stamina! If we can properly break its armor, it will be our victory!]

His confident voice reached all the explorers through the communication channel. The explorers then used their most powerful skills they were saving to break the basilisk's armor bit by bit. The armor that once covered its giant body perfectly was now in a pitiful state.

It was then that I finished the thirtieth mini-basilisk and prepared for Gale Track's final blow. I could feel the wind energy gathering around me from Peruta Circuit's powerful rotational force forming a storm-like whirlpool. With a grin, I shot up. Although I didn't obtain Ogre Power yet, Twin-headed Ogre's Tattoo gave me just enough strength to try this.

[What's that whirlpool? It's flying up!]

[It's that guy.]

[Does he also have a god's true name?]

[No way. It's already surprising that a new holder of a god's true name appeared today. Throughout the entire First Dungeon, there are less than 20 people with a god's true name!]

'Yeah, keep talking!'

I was already hundreds of meters up in the air. The mighty wind whirling around my spear and body was so powerful that it was hard to see with the naked eye. However, I wasn't done yet.


The pressure on my arms instantly became stronger. Even with the stats, gods' true names, tattoos, and strength from Chaotic Spear, it is hard to use Gigant. I could tell that I could only last about 2 minutes with this enlarged spear.

Thankfully, that was more than enough to finish off the basilisk.

"Sky God's Rage!"


A golden lightning descended on the long and thick Chaotic Spear. The wind energy gathered from Gale Track changed its property through Sharana's influence and began to empower Sky God's Rage further. The lightning energy instantly became amplified, dying the clear sky in a golden hue. The lightning spear immediately grabbed everyone's attention.

[I knew it, he's a holder of a god's true name!]

[Who is that bastard!? No, what is this guild!?]

[E-Eh...? Wait... The 1st place for guild contribution! It might get stolen!]

[Hey, stop! Getting 1st place over the host?]

[Did anyone tell them?]

[They said they were all Gold ranked! Would you have told them!?]

[Hurry up and kill the basilisk before he attacks!]

[Please, if it were that easy, god's power wouldn't have been necessary!]

It was already hard to just kill it together, but it seemed there was some rule. Explorers sure liked to make things difficult... Of course, it was none of my business.

"Peika, come into the spear!"

[Kyahaha! It has an incredible energy, Master!]

The lightning was strengthened once again. I found it hard to keep my eyes open. However, I couldn't stop now. I forced my eyes open and tightened my grip on the enlarged Sky God's Rage spear. Then, as I descended toward the roaring basilisk, I shouted.

"I'll be the one to take its head!"

[You used Orc Lord's Warcry! All party members are cleansed of negative status effects. All party members' attack power increases by 50 percent for the duration. All party members become super-armored, unfazed by enemy attacks.]

Then, I activated the effect of Twin-headed Ogre's Tattoo, which boosted the damage of a close-ranged attack skill by 50% once a day. Even though I was wearing armor, Twin-headed Ogre's Tattoo appeared above it and glowed with a crimson light. Feeling the incoming threat, the basilisk shot a petrifying breath toward me, but it was blocked by the force of Sky God's Rage.

I became a streak of a crimson comet and shot down toward the basilisk.

As it was the final blow of a charge skill, my armor, and Giant Wolf's Tattoo boosted the damage by 110%, Gale Track boosted the damage by 200%, Orc Lord's Warcry boosted the damage by 50%, and finally, Twin-headed Ogre's Tattoo boosted the damage by 50%. In total, the attack just now was increased by 410%. Of course, as that was just the increase, the actual damage I did was 510%. There was no need to describe its destructive power.

I wasn't done. I added Heroic Strike on top of everything. I scraped together every bit of mana in my body and poured it into my spear. As I swallowed the Mana Potion I had prepared in my mouth, I shouted.

"Divine Speed!"

My already unfollowable speed became not three times, but ten times faster. There was no chance for the basilisk to dodge my attack. I took the basilisk's petrifying gaze without being fazed, and struck my spear down on its forehead!

[Critical Hit!]

It was very fortunate. After all, the basilisk undoubtedly had bones! With Skull Breaker's effect, all critical damage was increased by 50%. As critical hits normally dealt 200% of the normal amount, with the Skull Breaker title's effect, the attack was amplified to 300%! I found it funny that I was playing with numbers so much, but the result wasn't funny in the slightest.


Once the spear collided with its forehead, it discharged the lightning of ultimate strength and pierced through its head. The spear, which was dozens of meters long, split the basilisk's head into two! The basilisk barely squeezed out its death throe before it became silent. From its split head, it no longer emitted the petrifying breath or gaze.

Immediately afterward, the armor left on its body detonated. Its body became dust and disappeared.

The SS+ rank 500-man raid boss was finished.

Author's note:

What is a sage time?

It is the short period of time given to the Braves who toiled through hardships and agony, where their brain functions the most rationally, allowing them to answer the most philosophical questions! Unfortunately, today in 2015, the meaning has changed somewhat, signifying the moments where those who suffered a great defeat or unexpected event questions their existence in OTL position.

The raid boss reward and meaning of the arc's title will be revealed next chapter. Look forward to it!

Also, the popularity contest will open up today! Don't forget!

1. Read the translator's note.

2. The author changed the skill name from Gigantic to Gigant. The pronunciation is easier to see now too.