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 Chapter 128. Team Revival (2)

Everyone was lost for words. However, I organized my thoughts and asked her a question.

"How did you choose them?"

[I didn't choose them. They were already chosen. I simply picked the right dreams to send to the chosen ones. Though, I did have to use my precognitive power to read their future.]

"So it's you that decides whether someone awakens a D rank ability or an SS rank ability?"

[No. Like I said before, it's important how well an ability suits its master. Plus, people have their own talents and limits. If they are given abilities that aren't suitable for them, it might end in tragedy. That's why it's important to choose which abilities go to who. If I give abilities to those who meet all the conditions, I'm not left with many choices.]

In other words, she wasn't as omnipotent as I thought. A sense of distance I felt from her had been reduced somewhat. However...

"Why didn't this 'being' do this task himself?"

[I'm not sure. It could have something to do with the world's power.]

That was the most important part, but it seemed Ciara did not have the answer to it. While I was thinking over the things I heard, Ludia asked.

"So you're saying, you're the one who gave me the power of the earth?"

[Yes. I was surprised because someone who had to receive an ability suddenly appeared. But since I was certain, I gave you a suitable ability. It should be S+ rank.]


Ludia became speechless. I understood where she was coming from. I asked Ciara once again.

"Why were you chosen? I mean, why was such a great authority and mission given to a young child like you?"

[Hero-nim, that is the same as asking, 'Why am I the Hero?']

"You mean..."

[I don't know either.]

The moment I heard that, I felt strength leaving my body. Did I expect too much? My motivation plummeted. I wanted to go back home. When I staggered, Ludia silently held me.

[Sorry. I don't know why Hero-nim and I were chosen.]

"I told you, call me Shin."

"Also, don't tie yourself together with Shin. It's unpleasant."

I retorted, and Hwaya added a completely irrelevant comment. Listening to her, I suddenly remembered that we had not talked about the most important thing.

"What was the reason you called me here? Was it to tell me your ability? To tell me how people awakened their abilities?"

[That's part of the reason. I wanted to let Hero... Shin-nim know about my existence. You are the World's Core, entrusted with the world's power. You are someone who will lead all the Awakened and someone I should support from the side.]

"And what does this 'support' include?"

She was most likely waiting for this question. Her face seemed to brighten. As she answered, I felt a hint of eagerness from her voice.

[I have both funds and manpower prepared. I'm ready to do anything for Hero-nim. Since Hero-nim has the qualification to lead all the Awakened, a new group will be created for that purpose! A group that is not tied to the government like Guardian, nor tied to money like Freedom Wing. A group solely to save the world!]

'Mm, I see.' I nodded and said, "Go find someone else."


"I was wondering what you were going to say."

Because it was more boring than I thought, I lost all interest. With a snort, I turned around.

"Let's go, guys."

"Shin, I'm hungry."

"I'm tired... I want to sleep."

"Where's the person in charge? I hope he can get each of us our own room. Shin, want to drink before sleep?"

[Wait, Hero-nim! You're going to go back?]

Ciara stopped me. Without turning around, I replied.

"No, I'm going to party here. I'm curious how wyverns look like."

[In that case, can we meet tomorrow to talk? We have to discuss things in more detail! I have a lot of data organized.]

"Sorry, but I heard everything I needed to. Like I said, you should go find someone else."


"My name is Shin. Plus... I don't need something like that. I hate only bothersome things. Leading all Awakened? Like you said there are two organizations that move with money or government orders, so you should ask them instead."

[But this is something Hero-nim needs! Soon, dungeons will be mass created, and the monsters' threats will become greater! Hero-nim will be the first one they will aim for! To protect Hero-nim...]

"Dungeons will be mass created soon?"

Now that she mentioned in, she did say something about the second wave in her letter. It seemed she was talking about Event Dungeons. Telling myself to take note, I replied.

"In any case, I'll protect my own body. You want me to gather ability users to protect myself and play Hero? I'm not interested. Don't make me come and go for something like this again. I'll let it slide this time since I wanted to visit the Wyvern's Nest anyways."


"I have a lot to say, but since you have a lot to learn, I won't say anything. See you. Ah, one more thing..."

[Yes, Hero-nim?]

I turned around. Even though she couldn't see with her eyes, she must have realized I turned around with her ability as she fixed her posture on the chair and raised her head.

"What do you think about the dungeon?"1

[If they aren't taken care of quickly, they will cause harm to this world. If Hero-nim leads the dungeon subjugation, you will be able to quickly gather support and...]

"That's fine."

With that, I left the room. Hwaya, Ludia, and Ye-Eun read the atmosphere and also left without saying anything. I could hear Ciara trying to contact me with her telepathy, but it was cut off when I raised my mana. In the end, her telepathy was an ability that interfered with its target. If I wanted, I could easily defend myself from it.

While walking down to the 12th floor, I quietly said, "As I thought, she doesn't know about it."

"Yeah, I thought she would."

"But if you think about it, she never appeared in our dreams either."

"Maybe she can't see the dungeon with her ability."

'Even though she could see other worlds?' I asked inwardly. When we were about halfway down the stairs, Hwaya, who was walking down on my right, said with worry.

"Shin, the Kenex family is one of the most powerful families in America. It's probably true that she has the funds and manpower. I don't know how much her family will support her, but this could be an important opportunity. After all, what she said wasn't wrong... Plus, she has information about you. This might be more dangerous than you being the Hero."

"She's not that type of person. She won't tell others the secrets she knows."

I was certain. It was a special privilege to know that I'm the Hero. She said that she was 'chosen', while equating herself with me. It could have been to instill the idea that we were natural allies, but she was incredibly proud about it. It sounded like she was putting herself and me in a special position compared to others. It was the exactly something kids her age would think of.

As such, she would never tell someone about me. She won't give others a chance to intervene. Of course, even if she did...

"I hate doings things according to others' plans. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps."

Create an organization because the manpower was there? It was something elementary school kids would say. Though, I couldn't say anything since she really was an elementary school kid. Although I had forgotten about it because of her mature way of talking, Ciara was a kid. It was obvious from how she reacted when I didn't respond the way she thought that I would.

I was never thankful of the fact that I became a Hero. I didn't know who made me a Hero or why, but I didn't like that he left this heavy burden on me without saying a thing, and it was extremely irritating that he did so without my consent. If we ever met, I would punch him in the face. I had no intention of feeling responsible as a Hero since I never asked for it.

Additionally, I didn't like Ciara's idea that I had to lead everyone and protect myself because I became an existence that was not allowed to die. In the end, it meant I should sacrifice others to protect myself. It was exactly the kind of thing I hated.

I will get strong. So that no matter who comes after me to obtain this power inside me, I can send them flying with my own strength. Since the world ended when the Hero died, everyone should cooperate with me? That was why the Heroes had high charm? Fuck that.

Damn, because I met an irritating person and talked about irritating things, I ended up getting irritated.

There was only one way to relieve my stress. It was to go wild.

"You guys should go look for our housing. I need to stop by somewhere."


Ye-Eun tilted her head and asked. On the other hand, Hwaya looked like she knew what I meant.

"You... At this time of day?"

"Stupid, don't you know night fishing is the best?"

With that, I left them. Seeing Ye-Eun block Ludia, who was trying to chase after me, I gave her a thumbs up. Then, I headed straight to the canyon.

Obviously, wyverns were flying monsters. They had scales stronger than steel with wingspan that easily reached 20 meters. Their claws were strong enough to break diamonds. They could be thought of as miniature versions of dragons that appeared in western fantasies.

They were strong and tough enough to be called dragons. They even breathed fire. Plus, they quickly soared through the sky and snatched up their prey. Even experienced martial artists had difficulty responding to their crafty movements. It was hard to shoot them down with magic, and it took forever to take them down with melee weapons. It was understandable that the Field Dungeon stayed uncleared even though several months had passed since the Graveyard Over the Lake was cleared.

Even in the dead of night, the wyverns' hunting continued. Ability users were also running around frantically, trying to protect their own lodging and ordinary citizens living in a city not far from here. Since they were likely all S ranked or higher, I couldn't fathom just what percentage of the world's rankers were here.

Equipping my armor, putting on my cape, and putting down my helmet's visor, I completely concealed my appearance. Then, I joined the ability users.

"Hey, this is a S rank Field Dungeon! Entering alone is strictly prohibited!"

"Wait, I saw that red armor somewhere."

"He... He's Thunder Knight!"

"Thunder Knight? Why is he alone? I heard the Flame Witch came with him."

People who noticed me opened a path as they tilted their heads. With a grin, I stepped into the canyon. The canyon, which was only wide enough for a few people to walk side by side, had been widened so much that the entire business department could walk side by side. There were already several surveillance devices and large headlights to light up the darkness. I could also see numerous ability users ready to fight wyverns whenever they appeared.

I had Talaria. With it, I could freely fly for 30 minutes per day. However, since I wasn't planning on hunting wyverns for 30 minutes only, I couldn't solely rely on Talaria. Looking at the wyverns flying in the sky far away, I called my elementals.

"Ruyue, you should leave the egg there."


Ruyue went to return the egg in Fairy Garden with a sad expression. Meanwhile, I infused Peika into my gauntlet. My affinity with Peika grew day by day ever since I obtained Zeus' true name. Now, just by having Peika infuse into my gauntlet, it radiated golden brilliance and flickered with threatening sparks. People watching me flinched and took several steps back.

[I left it! Now, hug me!]

"Ruyue, come inside my boots."

[I'm not materializing?]

"You can't fly."

[Kukuku, serves you right!]

Ruyue infused herself into my boots with a sad expression, while Peika sneered at her. Thinking how friendly they were, I looked up at the sky again. At that moment, a red-scaled wyvern that was flying through the sky suddenly began to descend swiftly. By the flash in its eyes, it seemed it discovered me. People nearby began to scatter, and some of them contacted others with their radio.

"Alpha Area 3-7, a wyvern descended! Again, Alpha Area 3-7, a wyvern descended! It's alone, and is aiming for Thunder Knight! Requesting immediate reinforcement!"

'You guys are so nice!' I was pleasantly surprised. Technically, I was only a fool that walked into a restricted area and drew a wyvern's aggro. Thinking rather useless things, I bent my knees. The wyvern was extremely fast. It seemed it would reach me in about 2 seconds.

However, it was no match for me.

"Divine Speed!"

The moment I activated Divine Speed, I jumped with full force. With how long I spent my time grinding through the dungeon, I could easily leap dozens of meters into the air. With the addition of Divine Speed, I was in front of the wyvern in less than 0.5 seconds. Glaring at the wyvern blinking its eyes extremely slowly, I pulled my fist back.

"I don't even need a second to kill you! Tempest!"

Centered around my fist containing formidable lightning energy, a small yet powerful whirpool raged. As Peruta Circuit's level increased, the power of the whirlpool increased. I shot out my fist without a shred of hesitation. Under the effect of Divine Speed, my fist struck the wyvern's head faster than a typhoon.

[Critical Hit!]

With a lucky critical hit, the wyvern's head exploded. I burned the splashing brain with lightning energy and smiled. Feeling the pent up irritation disappearing, I shouted so that my voice could reach the entire canyon.

"Come at me, you damned flying lizards!!"

The night hunt was only now starting!

1. In Korean, singular and plural nouns aren't distinguished frequently (which is also why it's tricky to translate sometimes). In this case, Shin is asking about "the dungeon" (as in First, Second, etc. Dungeons). Ciara is understanding it to be the "dungeons" that will be created on Earth