When Li Singtan entered his office with the medicines, he decided not to wake her up and let her sleep for some more time.

He sat beside her and thought about the time when he had first seen Xie Ming.



Li Singtan had to leave country S and go to aboard for his further studies. He was very reluctant to leave but he had to.

When he was sitting on the plane waiting for his plane to take off, Li Singtan saw a beautiful young girl entering the business class. Li Singtan was taken by her beauty. Something about that girl attracted him a lot.

Troughtout the flight he couldn't help but steal glances of that girl.

After the flight landed, the first thing Li Singtan did was to look for that girl but she was no where to be found. Li Singtan sighed and boarded his car and left.

Several days passed. Li Singtan had settled in his college. All students who belonged from influential families were given some extra privilege. They were given special VIP rooms to stay. Even there food was prepared separately.

Soon the College fest arrived. Each and every student of the college were asked to attend it no matter if they were participating of not.

Li Singtan never liked such gatherings so he decided to sit in a corner all by himself.

Suddenly a long slender hand wrapped around Li Singtan's shoulder and said," Yo Bro. What are you doing here alone?"

Li Singtan slapped his best friends hands away. His name was Yang Yutang. He was the eldest son of the Yang family and also the future heir. He was of Li Singtan's age and was also very handsome. Yang Yutang was Li Singtans childhood friend. They had grown up together. They also had other friends but they had joined different colleges. Yang Yutang wanted to go to the same college as Li Singtan but because of his average grades he did get through the entrance examination. The Yang family had to use lots of power to get Yang Yutang into this college.

" Look at you there are so many hot Girls around you. They are dying to talk to you but here you are sitting alone like an old man." Yang Yutang complained.

" I am not interested." A faint reply from Li Singtan was enough to shut Yang up.

As the two friends were talking to each other, Li Singtan's eyes feel on a familiar person. The person about whom he had almost forgot. He had not expected to find his mysterious beautiful girl here in this college itself.

Pointing towards the girl, Li Singtan asked Yang Yutang," Do you know the name of that girl? And which department she is in?"

Yang Yutang was shocked. Never had Li Singtan ever asked about a girl in his entire life. Yang Yutang touched Li Singtan's forehead and said," Dude are you okay?"

Li Singtan slapped his hand away and stared at Yang Yutang with cold eyes.

Yang Yutang lifted his hands and said," Hey hey don't give me that look. Wait for a minute I'll go find out."

Yang Yutang returned after few minutes and said," She is from the architecture department and her name is Xie Ming."

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Li Singtan's lips curled upwards as he mumbled her name," Xie Ming."


A loud knock on the door snapped Li Singtan back to reality.

The receptionist came inside and said," Sir Mrs Li called twice and has asked me to tell you to receive her call."

Li Singtan sighed. His mother had definitely received the news. The news about this office travels faster than light to his mother. He gestured the receptionist to leave. He then picked his phone and called his mother.

As soon as the phone rang, mother Li received it and asked," How is she?"

Li Singtan looked towards his wife and said," She is fine."

Mother Li breathed a sigh of relief. When she received that news about what had happened, she was very anxious. She tried a calling his stupid son but he did not receive," When are you both coming home?"

" As soon as she wakes up."

" Okay. I'll be waiting for you both." After saying this mother Li hung up the call.


Meanwhile Han Zihao had finished settling matters regarding Chen Siquan.

Chan Siquan could not do anything but accept the termination letters and compensation.

Handing Chen Siquan the last piece of paper, Han Zihao said," Boss had a message for you." He the cleared his throat and said," It was nice working with the Chen Enterprise and specially with Mr Chen Siquan." Coming forward towards Chen Siquan, with a very low voice and mocking tone, Han Zihao said," And this is just the beginning. There is more to come."