Seeing the angry expression on Chen Siquan's face, Li Singtan lips curled upwards.

Placing the documents back on the desk he said," Since there is nothing else you want to say, Get lost."

Chen Siquan took a deep breath and said," Mr Li you can't do this. Chen enterprise will suffer a huge loss if you cancel these collaborations."

"That is not my problem. You are the CEO of Chen Enterprise so it is your headache." After saying this Li Singtan got up from his seat.

Chen Siquan could not control his anger anymore. He slammed the desk once again.

Disturb by the loud noise Xie Ming woke up. She tried to get up but Li Singtan quickly ran towards her and said," You sleep. Take some more rest."

Seeing his gentle expression Xie Ming nodded her head and then closed her eyes.

After making sure that Xie Ming was asleep again, Li Singtan got up and said," I think you are sick of living Mr Chen. I told you not to make noise and disturb her but it seems like you don't want to listen to me." Walking towards the door he said," It's fine. Follow me outside."

Chen Siquan glanced at Xie Ming once and followed Li Singtan outside.


Outside the office.

Seeing their boss come out, all the employees got up.

Li Singtan gestured them to sit down and said," Get me two chairs."

Li Singtan sat on a chair and gestured Chen Siquan to sit on the other.

Staring at the chair, Chen Siquan said," Why are we sitting here?"

" She is sleeping inside and I don't want to disturb her." Li Singtan said.

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Everyone was shocked. Li Singtan had left his office and was willing to sit on a chair along with the other employees because he did not want to disturb her sleep.

Chen Siquan sat on the chair and said," What about other projects? Are they cancelled as well?"

With a casual expression on his face Li Singtan said," Uh huh."

Chen Siquan'a eyes turned red," Why are you doing this? What about the promise?"

Li Singtan tilted his head and asked," What promise? I never remember promising you something."

Chen Siquan scoffed and said," The promise that your grandfather had given to my grandfather."

Li Singtan smiled and said," Ohh that. I am afraid you'll have to talk to my grandfather regarding that. I am the one running this business right now. So I will do what is beneficial for my company."

Chen Siquan gritted his teeth and said," You'll regret doing this."

Li Singtan snorted and said," We will see."

By this time Han Zihao came back with the medicines prescribed by the doctor for Xie Ming.

Taking the medicine from Han Zihao's hand, Li Singtan got up and said," Since everything is over now, I'll take my leave." Turning towards Han Zihao he said," Take Mr Chen to the financial and management department and settle everything."

He then patted Chen Siquan's shoulder and said," Dont worry I have left two collaborations untouched. I am pretty sure that it will be enough to save Chen Enterprise from bankruptcy."

Before entering his office, Li Singtan turned around and said," In future I don't want to hear Chen Enterprise threatening other companies using Li corporation's name."

Looking at his assistant, he said,"Han Zihao from today onwards make sure Mr Chen never enters my office without my permission."

Han Zihao nodded his head and escorted Chen Siquan outside.