Inside the office

Li Singtan carefully placed Xie Ming in the couch. He then gently touched her hand and said," I am sorry. This happened because of me. I was late."

Xie Ming shook her head and gave him a smile," No it wasn't your fault. Don't blame yourself."

Seeing that Xie Ming was trying to trying to hide her pain behind her smile, Li Singtan became more furious. He was about to call out for Han Zihao when the door opened. Han Zihao came in with a doctor.

Li Singtan got up and allowed the doctor to treat Xie Ming.

Seeing the furious expression on his boss's face, Han Zihao sighed. He was very sure that this was the end of Zhang Yuoro. Either she is going to die or she is going to half dead. Li Singtan would never let her go.

The doctor examined Xie Ming's wound and said," It's nothing so serious. I'll give her a ointment and it will be okay. And for back, it's just a simple sprain. Rest for a day and she'll be fine."

Li Singtan shook his head and said," How can you say that it's not serious? Look at the wound properly. Even I can say that it is something serious. Check again."

Seeing a murderous kind of a look in Li Singtan face, the doctor gulped and examined the wound again. The wound of not as serious as Li Singtan thought it was but to satisfy Li Singtan the doctor prescribed some medicines and painkiller for her back.

Giving the prescription to Han Zihao and after seeing the doctor out, Li Singtan sat beside Xie Ming.

Placing a pillow below her head, he said," You take some rest. We will go home after sometime okay."

Xie Ming nodded her head and closed her eyes.

After confirming that his wife had fallen asleep, Li Singtan got up and walked towards the window. He then took out his phone and dialed a number.

Within one ring, a person answered is phone," Boss."

Li Singtan narrowed her eyes and asked," Is the work done?"

" Yes Boss. She is in the room right now. What do you want to do with her? Can I kill her or atleast torture her?"

Li Singtan took a deep breath and said," Wait for my instructions. Don't give her anything to eat or drink till I come there. I personally want to greet her."

Understanding what his boss meant, Lui Songpa sighed. He was sure that the person inside the room had done something really very terrible that had angered his boss so much that he personally wanted to torture her.


Li Singtan ended the call and returned to his seat. Looking at the woman who was fast asleep on the couch, he breathed a sigh of relief. He could not help but blame himself for whatever happened.

As he was mending with his thoughts, the receptionist came in and said," Sir Mr Chen wants to meet you."

Hearing Chen Siquan's name Li Singtan frowned. He had initially decided to leave few of the Chen and Li collaborations untouched but what Chen Siquan has done today, Li Singtan was determined to destroy him even more. How dare he hurt this wife?

Li Singtan gestured the receptionist to send Chen Siquan inside. He then walked towards Xie Ming and covered her with a blanket.

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As Chen Siquan entered the office, he saw Li Singtan placing a blanket on Xie Ming and caressing her cheeks.

Chen Siquan pursed his lips and said," Mr Li I advice you to stay away from this woman. She is nothing but a piece pod trash."

Li Singtan clenched his hands into a fist. He tried his best to control his anger. His fathers words kept ringing in his ears ' A cat doesn't kill a mouse immediately after he catches it'

Walking towards his desk, Li Singtan said," I advice Mr Chen to stay out of my personal life. Since you are here to talk about business then let's just do that."

Chen Siquan sat on the chair and said," Off course I have come here to talk about the collaboration or Imperial city."

Li Singtan picked up his documents and said," About that. I have canceled the collaboration."

Chen Siquan narrowed his eyes and asked," Why?"

Li Singtan caually answered and said," No specific reasons."

Chen Siquan decided to ignore it and said," Okay then what about the project of the turtle town."

Flipping through his documents, Li Singtan answered," Even that is canceled."

Chen Siquan clenched his teeth and said," Okay then let's talk about the project of the plaza complex."

Without even looking at Chen Siquan, Li Singtan said," Cancelled."

Chen Siquan slammed his hands on the table and shouted," What is the meaning of this Mr Li?"

Li Singtan looked towards his sleeping wife and said," Keep your voice low. Can't you see that someone is sleeping."

Chen Siquan curled up his fist and said," Is this because of her?"

Li Singtan leaned back and said," This business belongs to me. Nobody has a say on any decision that I make."

Chen Siquan slammed his hands on the desk once more and said," Nonsense."

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes and said," Shout one more time and disturb her sleep and I'll make sure that you regret being alive."

Chen Siquan gulped in fear. He knew how fierce and dangerous Li Singtan was. He decided to talk to him sweetly and slove this matter.