Seeing Xie Ming at such a miserable state, Li Singtan felt his blood boiling. If he had not reached here on time, then his Ming would have got hurt.

Xie Ming looked at him and said," Li Singtan I-"

Li Singtan grabbed her hand to help her stand up but as he caught her hand Xie Ming hissed.

Li Singtan scrunched his brows. He then removed his hand. The moment he saw red marks and blood stain on his wife's hand, his eyes became red out of anger. Lifting her up by her waist, he shouted," Who did this?"

Xie Ming gulped. She wanted to explain. She wanted to pacify him but the moment she straightened her back, she felt a sharp pain in her back. She closed her eyes and hissed.

The painful expression on his wife's face added fuel to his anger.

He then turned towards his receptionist and shouted," You tell me what happened."

The secretary was about to explain when Zhan Yuoro interrupted," It was a missund-"

" Shut up." Li Sintgtan shouted.

Pointing at the receptionist again,Li Singtan said," You continue."

As the secretary narrated everything that had happened. Li Singtan closed his eyes . He had gone for away fifteen minutes and all this had happened. His wife had suffered. Insulting her was something but hurting her was beyond his border line.

Han Zihao who was standing behind his boss understood what his boss was feeling right now and he was glad that his boss did not have a gun in his hand right now otherwise their would have been two bodies in front of him. One of Chen Siquan and the other of Zhang Yuoro.

Zhang Yuoro bit her lower lip and tried to explain," Mr Li I-"

" You are fired." Li Singtan roared. Everyone in the room gasped. Nobody felt sympathetic towards Zhang Yuoro because she was never good to anyone.

" Han Zihao" Li Singtan shouted.

Han Zihao who was standing beside him said," Ye-Yes Boss"

" Call the doctor." Li Singtan then picked Xie Ming in princes style and walked inside his office.

Everyone who had witnessed this seen could not help but wonder who this woman was but that did not matter. What really matters was that in future they would make sure never to offend this woman even in their dream.

Zhang Yuoro was standing rooted in her spot. She could not beleive that she was fired. Li Singtan did not even think twice before firing her. All her efforts and dreams to become the future Li patriarch has now gone in vain.

Chen Siquan on the other hand was more shocked than everybody else. He couldn't believe that Xie Ming had such good relation with Li Singtan. Being with her for three years, he had never heard her even mention Li Singtans name. But what he had seen today was a proof that they indeed shared a close relation.

Zhang Yuoro who was still in daze did not know when she had reached he cabin. When she went inside she saw that her things were already packed.

A bulky man came forward and said," Miss Zhang you have five minutes to take all this leave this building. If not then we will have to throw all this away along with you."

Zhang Yuoro quietly picked up her things and left. She had decided to accept her fate. But did she really think that Li Singtan would let her go so easily after what she had done to his beloved wife.

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