Chen Siquan placed his hands in his waist and shouted again," What are you doing inside?"

The woman standing beside him, furrowed her brows and said," Who is she? And what is he doing inside the presidents office? Hey you, are you a thief ? Are you trying to steal something."

This woman was Zhang Yuoro who was the incharge of the development department. She was also Chen Siquan's cousin and all the collaborations between the Li's and the Chen's was managed by her. She also had an eye on Li Singtan. She really considered herself capable to become the future Li patriarch. She had never seen Li Singtan with any woman and this was what that made her happy. But now seeing a beautiful woman in his office triggered her anger.

Chen Siquan pointed towards Xie Ming and said," I cannot beleive that in order to save Xie Enterprise you would could stoop so low."

Hearing the word Xie Enterprise, Zhang Yuoro understood that this was Xie Ming. She knew what her cousin had done with Xie Ming but she had never seen her in person.

Leaving no room to let go this woman, Zhang Yuoro decides to insult Xie Ming," So you are Xie Ming. How dare you enter our presidents office like this? Don't dirty the things around you by touching it with your filthy hands."

Xie Ming wanted to say something but her works seemed to be stuck in her throat. She could only stare at Chen Siquan

Chen Siquan walked towards her and said," Stop staring at me. You are just a lowly person who was abandoned by me."

Zhang Yuoro could not take it anymore. The thought of a woman inside her Li Singtans office was killing her. She called the receptionist and said," How can you let anyone enter the presidents office like this? You know that the president doesn't like anyone entering his office."

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The assistant was shocked and said," But miss Zhang this-"

" Enough. It's your mistake and now you want to answer me back." Zhang Yuoro sneered.

" Just throw her outside. That is what she deserves." Chen Siquan shouted.

The secretary tried to stop them and said," No you can't do this. She is presid-"

" Shut up." Zhang Yuoro shouted. She then walked towards Xie Ming and grabbed her hand harshly. She purposely dug her nails inside her skin and pulled her hard.

Feeling an instant pain Xie Ming hissed. She tried to stop the woman in front of her, but it was too late. Zhang Yuoro pushed Xie Ming out of the office with full force.

Xie Ming closed her eyes waiting to fall on the floor. But instead, she found something warm catching her.

She opened her eyes and saw that it was Li Singtan who had stopped her from falling.

She wanted to say something but seeing his eyes, Xie Ming could say that he was very angry. The murderous look in his made Xie Ming shiver.