Han Zihao decided to console his boss. He cleared his throat and said," Ahh Boss. Madam is just overwhelmed to see her brother after a long time this is why she completely forgot about you otherwise-"

" Shut up" Li Singtan shouted.

Han Zihao shivered in fear and placed his finger on his lips. He cursed himself for trying to console his cold and aloof boss. Now he could only silently pray that his Lady boss would pay some attention to the man who was burning with jealousy.


After several minutes passed, Xie Yufan said," Ah sis are you planning to stay here for the whole day? Come let's go home we can talk-" Before Xie Yufan could finish his sentence his eyes fell on a man who was standing behind them with his hands inside his pocket. Within a second Xie Yufan recognised who he was. The man standing behind them was his idol, his inspiration Li Singtan. He widened his eyes in shock and poked his sister.

Xie Ming lifted her head. Seeing a shocked expression on her brothers face she asked," What happened?"

Xie Yufan grabbed his sisters hand and said," Sis pinch me. Pinch me. Oh my God am I hallucinating things or the Li Singtan is seriously standing behind us?"

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Hearing the name of the person whom she had completely ignored, Xie Ming turned around. Seeing his cold expression, Xie Ming gulped.

" Ahhh God knows who is so lucky that Li Singtan came to pick that person up. I am so jealous of that person." Xie Yufan then squeezes her sisters hand and said," Oh shit he is looking towards us. Act normal sis."

Xie Ming did not know what to do. One side was her excited brother and on the other side was her gloomy husband.

Seeing that is wife was looking at him, Li Singtan's expression became soft. Turning towards his assistant, he said," Go get the car ready." He then started walking towards his wife.

Seeing his idol come towards him, Xie Yufan could feel his body temperature rising. His breathing also became very fast. He turned towards his sister and asked," Sis sis how do I look. Do I look nice. Ahh how can I expect myself to look good after such a long flight."

Xie Ming sighed at her brothers excitement. What would happen to him if she told him that Li Singtan was here to pick him up. He wouldn't faint out of excitement right?

Xie Ming took a deep breath and said," Calm down Yufan. Actually he is-"

Before Xie Ming could finish talking, she realised that Li Singtan was already standing in front of her.

Running his fingers through her soft hair Li Singtan said," I was waiting since a really long time."

Xie Ming blinked twice at him and said," Sorry for taking a long time." She then pointed towards her brother and said," This is my brother Xie Yufan." Turning towards her brother she said," Yufan this is Li singtan your brother-in-law."

Xie Yufan on the other hand was shocked. His legs felt numb. He wanted to say something but his throat felt dry. He looked at his sister and then at his idol.

Li Singtan looked towards his brother-in-law and stretched his hands and," Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Xie Yufans whole body felt numb. He could only stare at Li Singtan's hand.

Embarrassed by her brothers strange behaving, Xie Ming knocked his forehead.

Quickly composing himself , Xie Yufan quickly grabbed Li Singtans hand and said," I am a big fan of yours. You are my idol. Oh my god I cannot beleive that I am shaking hands with you."

Li Singtan patted Xie Yufan's shoulder with his other hand and said," You will see me for the rest of your life now. We are family."

Xie Yufan looked at his sister with a shocked expression and said," you were about to get married with Chen Siquan. How did you end up getting married with Li Singtan?"

Xie Ming was about to explain when she heard Xie Yufan's laugh." Never mind sis. I was happy because you did not marry that Chen Siquan but now I am even more happy because you married my idol." He then hugged his sister and said," This is the best decision that you have ever taken."

Xie Ming hugged him back without saying anything.

Li Singtan cleared his throat and said," Let's go now. The car is already ready."

Xie Yufan let her sister go and hugged his Li Singtan and said," Brother-in-law. Oh my God I cannot beleive that I am calling you that."

Li Singtan patted his back. He was actually very quite worried about how Xie Yufan would react. He had even googled about different ways through which he could impress Xie Yufan but seeing that his brother-in-law was already a big fan of him, he breathed a sigh of relief.

" Let's go." Li Singtan pulled Xie Ming towards him and started walking towards the exit door while Xie Yufan followed them from behind