Yushen quickly rushed outside but the woman from the executive department was nowhere to be seen.

"Damn Yushen you are such an idiot." Yushen cursed himself for being so stupid and naive. How could he forget to ask her name?

"Ahhh look at you, I have been looking for you everywhere." Linyang frowned and complained.

"Sister Linyang did you see someone run out of here?" Yushen asked.

"A girl who had a shirt in her hand which by the way was the same one you were wearing when I saw you today." Linyang raised her eyebrows at Yushen.

Yushen smiled and said, "It was just an unexpected encounter with a beautiful girl who is from the executive department by the way."

"Ahhhh I smell something different from you today. Quick, tell me what her name is?" Linyang asked.

Yushen sighed and helplessly shook his head. "I don't know."


Zian's office.

"Start spilling." Glaring at him, Mian started unwrapping a chocolate bar.

Zian sighed and helplessly shook his head. He had no choice left. "Actually Zixin is-he is-"

"Don't tell me he is gay." Mian asked. What would happen to Yumi if he was seriously a gay?

"What? No he isn't a gay. Zixin is actually busy dealing with his family matters." Zian explained in the simplest possible way.

"What kind of family matters?" Mian asked.

Zian took a deep breath and explained, "You see Mian, the Mo family is not as simple as ours. It has existed for more than a century in country C which makes it one of the most invincible and aristocratic families. In country C, no one had the guts to challenge them or even speak a word against them. For outsiders the Mo family may seem and look united but it's not. In fact, it is a very dysfunctional family. It has countless number of internal disputes and differences. They kill each other for power and possessions. It's very ugly and unruly. The members of the Mo family can kill anyone for power especially the son or daughters of the current head."

Pausing for a while, Zian added, " The Mo family also has a single head who takes over the entire business and everything that the family owns. Zixin's father was the head of the family. When Zixin was small, he was attacked twice. So to keep him safe, uncle Mo decided to start a business in country S. He then brought aunt Mo and Zixin here."

"How do you know that? Did Zixin tell you this?" Mian asked.

Zian shook his head and answered, "Back then when uncle Mo came to country S, he told father about it."

After taking a deep breath, Zian continued, "Remember how Zixin left all of a sudden back then?"

When Mian nodded her head, Zian added, "Uncle Mo was shot twice by his younger brother when they were having a family banquet. His condition was very critical and at that time, there was no one to take care of the business and lead the family. Taking advantage of the situation, many Mo family members started threatening aunt to give up the mistress position and hand over everything to them but aunt was persistent and didn't give up but she ended up being attacked too. Initially Zixin's parents didn't want to him to get involved and prevented him from returning back but later he had to."

Pausing for a while, he continued, "In order to keep his parents safe, Zixin had to take over his father's position but things were not easy. There were hundreds of people whom he had to deal with before becoming the head of the family. Slowly and steadily, Zixin kept climbing higher and eventually became the head of the family."

"So he is already the head now right? Then why didn't he come back and take Yumi with him?" Mian asked.

Zian smiled and brushed his fingers through her hair. "It's not as simple as you think."

Mian fronwed and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Taking Yumi with him would be like pushing her off a cliff. Do you think the Mo family members will let her go if they find out that Yumi is Zixins weakness? They will use her to Zixin's disadvantage. They will use her to make Zixin vulnerable or might directly kill her." Zian explained.

"Then what will happen now? Will he never come back?" Mian asked. If Zixin never came back, what would happen to Yumi? Mian knew how Yumi's feelings were for Zixin. Zixin and Yumi were childhood sweethearts just like Zian and her.

Zian nodded his head and smiled, "He will. He just doesn't want to repeat the same mistake like his father."

Mian fronwed and asked, "What do you mean?"

"When uncle Mo became the head, he let go a few clans and business for his younger brother and a few cousins to handle. He didn't want anyone to feel left out or take away anybody's right which later turned out to be the biggest mistake of his life. But Zixin doesn't want to leave any loophole. He wants each and everything under his control. Right now, he is preparing to fight with his father's younger brother and if he succeeds, he has nothing to fear." Zian explained.

"I don't understand, why didn't he tell Yumi about it? And why didn't he contact her?" Mian asked.

"Zixin's movement's are being monitored carefully. His travel history, the number of people he meets, everyone. In such a vulnerable situation, if he contacts Yumi then it will be like pushing her to a dead end. So Zixin chose not to take any risk. And for the reason why he didn't tell Yumi anything, do you think Yumi would let me be all by himself if he told her everything? Do you think she would sit back patiently and just wait for his return?"

Mian pursed her lips and shook her head. Yumi would never do that. In fact if Zian was stuck in such a position, Mian would rather be with him and face things together than sit back and watch him risk his life.

"This is the reason why I am supporting him Mian. His top priority is Yumi's safety and so is mine. I wouldn't want my sister to be a part of something so risky. Zixin told me that he will deal with his uncle very soon and take Yumi with him." Zian had a very long talk with Zixin when he was in country C, in fact Zian had gone to country C to meet Zixin. After knowing everything, Zian also thought that Zixin was right and even he would've done the same thing.

"I don't care what people think of me, I am just happy and glad that Yumi is safe. If I succeed in what I am trying to do, I'll make it up to her. I'll repay all her suffering by showering ten times more love on her. But if I don't succeed and die, then at least I'll die in peace knowing that she is still safe and will live a happy life ahead. And that is what matters the most to me, her safety." Were Zixin's exact words. He knew his life was at risk but he didn't want to and would never let anyone harm Yumi.

Love is not just about flowers, gifts, kisses and misses. It's also about sacrificing for the person you love. And Zixin was sacrificing his love and feelings to make sure that she was safe and away from the mess he was dealing with.

"Then what about his engagement with some other woman?" Mian asked.

"Ahh that is fake." The first thing Zian did after meeting Zixin was to ask about his engagement. He was ready to kick his ass black and blue if he had said a 'Yes' but luckily Zixin said that it was a rumour.

"When is he coming back?" Mian asked.

"His uncle is a very powerful man too and it's not easy to defeat him. Zixin wants to take over his uncle's clan and make him powerless but that is no piece of cake. Zixin has to make lots of preparations and collect resources before attacking his uncle. If he goes unprepared, he will end up losing his life." Zian explained.

"Is it really that risky?" Mian asked. After hearing everything, she was feeling very worried about Zixin. No matter what, they had grown up together and were childhood friends.

Zian sighed and nodded his head. "But I think Zixin will handle it. Maybe a month or more and he will be done dealing with everything."