Next day when Xie Ming woke up she noticed that the space beside her was empty was empty. She got out of the bed and looked around but Li Singtan was no where around. She went downstairs and checked everywhere but he was no where to be seen.

Seeing her looking for something, a maid greeted her and said," Young Madam you can tell me what you need I'll get it for you."

Xie Ming smiled and asked," I was just looking for Li Singtan. Where is he?"

The maid lowered her head and answered," Young master left very early today. There was an urgent matter which he had to attend."

Xie Ming nodded her head and asked," Did he eat something in the morning?"

The maid shook her head and said," The breakfast wasn't ready yet so he did not eat anything. But he did grab an apple before he left."

Xie Ming narrowed her eyes," Apple? Only an apple. He is such a big man an apple is definitely not enough for him. Tell me does he not eat breakfast everyday?"

The maid nodded her head and said." Yes madam he never eats breakfast when he leaves. He returns home late at night from work and leaves very early. He even works on Sundays."

Xie Ming pursed her lips and said," Thankyou for the information." After saying this she went upstairs to freshen up.


After 20 minutes when Xie Ming came down, she noticed that there were four people who were dressed neatly were standing in the living room. Out of them two were male and the other two were female.

As soon as they saw Xie Ming, they bowed down and greeted her.

One of the bodyguard bowed down and said ,"Mrs Li we are your personal bodyguard appointed by Mr Li. Mr Li has asked me to inform you that he had some very important business to attend so he had to leave early but he will meet you directly at the airport."

Xie Ming did not understand why Li Singtan has arranged so many bodyguards for her. She decided to ask him about this at the airport. She shook her head and said," Okay let's go."


As Xie Ming walked towards the car, her bodyguards followed her behind. She was not used to being surrounded by bodyguards like this because Xie Family always beleived in living life peacefully and this is why they were not involved with the underworld.

When the car was leaving the Li Mansion she noticed that the security of the whole mansion had been increased. There were more number of guards than usually. Seeing all this Xie Ming was sure that something was wrong. Li family being the number influential family of country S was bound to have enemies. She decided to ask Li Singtan about this.


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When the car reached the airport, Li Singtan was already waiting for her.

Xie Ming got out of the car followed by her bodyguards.

Seeing his wife Li Singtan also got out of the car, straightened his suit and walked towards her.

As Xie Ming saw Li Singtan coming towards her, she turned around and said," You people can stay here. You don't have to follow me."

The bodyguards pursed their lips and said," But madam."

Cutting him off Xie Ming said," Since I am with my husband I am safe."

Li Singtan's face brightened up after hearing what his wife had said. She felt safe when she was with him. Li Singtan gestured the bodyguards to do what his wife had said. He then grabbed Xie Ming's arm and said," Let's go inside. Your brothers flight has been delayed by an hour."

Xie Ming nodded her head and followed him.


Inside the airport.

Inside the VIP waiting room of the airport, Xie Ming and Li Singtan were sitting quietly as they were waiting for her brothers flight.

A staff member greeted them and said," Sir Madam Do you want anything?"

Li Singtan was about to answer when Xie Ming said," Yes please. Can you get me some breakfast?"

The staff member nodded his head and said," Sure ma'am."

Li Singtan placed his hand behind her seat and said," You did not eat your breakfast today?"

Flipping a magazine, Xie Ming answered," I am not like you. I know how to take care of my health. That breakfast is for you."

Li Singtan's lips curled upwards. He thought that Xie Ming had ordered food for herself but it was actually for him. He then nodded his head and said," But I ate."

" An Apple. Yes I know. How big was that apple?" Xie Ming asked

Confused by her weird question, Li Singtan asked," What?"

Lifting her head up, Xie Ming said," I said how big was that apple." Without waiting for his answer, she again asked," I guess it was very big right, so big that after eating that you did not feel like eating anything and decided to skip breakfast."

Understanding what his wife actually wanted to say, Li Singtan scratched his head. From the time since he had left the old Li Mansion till the day before his marriage, there was no one to check on his day to day meals so he never cared about it. But now it seemed like he had to start caring about that if he did not want his wife to lecture him.