Xie Ming pursed her lips and thought ' Could An Yixi seriously kick Li Singtan's ass'. Shaking away her thoughts she said," No need to come. You don't have to worry and I don't think that you will be able to kick my husbands ass."

An Yixi furrowed her brows and said," Hey don't say that. You friend is very capable. You forgot that I know karate."

Xie Ming laughed," You learnt karate for a month and that also when we were in sixth standard."

An Yixi lowered her head and said," Ya ya whatever I am a talented person. What people take years to learn I just took a month. Now girl send me your address I am coming to get you."

Xie Ming sighed and said," Okay come to the Li Mansion."

An Yixi shouted," Li Mansion? What are you doing there?" She paused for a while and said," Oh my God Ming don't say that you married the butler who works there?."

Xie Ming almost choked from what she had heard," Are you crazy why would I marry a butler?"

An Yixi lifted her shoulders," What now? The butler of the Li Mansion earns fifty times more than an average person okay."

Xie ming rolled her eyes and said," No I did not marry a butler."

An Yixi was confused, scratching her head she asked," then who did you marry?"

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Xie Ming sighed and answered," Li Singtan."

An Yixi shouted from the other end," What? What did you say? You-you married Li Singtan."

" Yes"

" The most eligible bachelor in the world Li Singtan"

" Yes"

" One of the most richest man of the world Li Singtan."

" Yes."

" The CEO of Li Corporation Li Sintang."

" Yes."

After a series of questions, An Yixi became silent. Xie Ming also did not say a word.

Wanting to break the silence, Xie Ming decided to say something but before she could do that, she heard An Yixi's excited voice," Oh My God Ming, you are now Mrs Li. Oh my god my best is married with the Li Singtan. I cannot beleive this. Ahhh you seriously managed to capture the person who everyone admires. You serious have hit a jackpot."

Xie Ming raised her brows and asked," What do you mean by that?"

An Yixi rolled her eyes and said," Don't tell me that you don't know anything. Not only girls but even boys admire your husband. One look from him is enough to make someone go mad. Girls die only to get a glimpse of him. You don't know how many hearts you have broken by taking away such a precious guy from the bachelor list. Once this news goes out you don't know how jealous and envious people will become towards you and remember there and many who would want to snatch him away from you."

Xie Ming did not say a word. She furrowed her brows. She had to admit that Li Singtan was the most handsome man she had ever seen but she had no idea that he would have such an impact on others. Now that she knows about all this, she had to make sure to keep what is hers safe and sound.

Xie Ming's lips curled upwards and she answered," Dont worry I know how to keep something that is Mine safe."

"That's the spirit. You go girl." An Yixi cheered.

The two friends chatted for a while and then ended the call.

It was already 12 and Li Sintang was already laying in the bed.

Xie Ming walked towards the bed and asked," When did you come out of the washroom?"

Arranging the pillows properly for her, Li Singtan answered," When you were busy talking with someone."

Laying on her side for the bed, she answered," I was talking to An Yixi. She is my-"

"Best friend. I know." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming looked at him and asked," How did you know?"

" There is nothing that I don't know okay. You still don't have any idea how capable your husband is." He said.

Xie Ming nodded her head. She had no doubt in that.

Li Singtan caressed her hair and said," Now sleep it's quite late and tomorrow we have to go receive your brother."

Shocked by his sudden action, Xie Ming gulped and said," Goodnight."

Wanting to hide her blushing face she quickly covered herself with the quilt and slept.

Li Singtan chuckled at his wife's cute reaction. Then he also covered himself with the quilt and slept.