Li Singtan smiled and said," I'll be there in five."

Xie Ming nodded her head and left.


Han Zihao slowly moves towards his boss. He then place the new handset on the table and said," Boss this-"

Without waiting for Han Zihao to finish his sentence. He picked up the handset and said," I triple your salary for this month."

Han Zihao was shocked. He widened his eyes and though ' Triple? Did boss just say triple'.

Seeing Han Zihao's expression, Li Singtan rolled his eyes and decided to leave the room. He had first decided to punish his assistant but if he had not complained Xie Ming about him then Li Singtan would never be able see the caring side of his wife. Xie Ming cared for him and she was concerned for him. Thinking about this his lips curled upwards.

Noticing that Han Zihao was still inside his study Li Singtan shouted," If you don't leave my house right now then I'll take back my offer."

Within a fraction of second, Han Zihao rushed out of the room. He then stopped in front of his boss, bowed down and left.


Inside the bedroom

When Li Singtan entered the bedroom he saw Xie Ming was standing near the window.

He cleared his throat and said," Here I bought this for you."

Hearing his voice Xie Ming turned around. When she saw a box in his hand she asked," What is this?"

Li Singtan handed her the box and said," It's a new handsent. Since you lost your old one it's reasons for you to get a new one."

Xie Ming opened the box and said," Thanks. But I am not going to spare yo. Whatever I said inside the study room is still intact."

Li Singtan crossed his arms and said," Whatever my wife says goes."

Xie Ming nodded her head in satisfaction and said," Now go and change your clothes. I have taken out some home clothes for you."

Li Singtan shook his head. He then grabbed a towel and headed inside the washroom.


Xie Ming sat on the couch thinking whether she should log in her Weibo or not. After whatever happened at her wedding she was pretty sure that her weibo would be flooded with notifications and the social media would be in an uproar with her news about being abandoned all over. She took a deep breath and decided to log in.

As soon as she logged in her weibo, unlike to her expectations the only notification that popped up were messages from her you see brother and her best friend An Yixi.

Xie Ming narrowed her eyes and decided to check the entertainment news. To her surprise not a single news about the wedding was posted anywhere. It seemed like as if nothing happened.

Chen Siquan has already suppressed all the news because he did not want to destroy his wife's image but off course he would have never been able to suppress such a hot topic without Li Singtan helping him from the dark.

Xie Ming sighed. Though she did not know how was this possible but she was happy because she was scared of the consequence that she would have to face. Shaking away other thought she decided to call her best friend.

An Yixi, was Xie Ming's childhood best friend. They were very close and had practically grown up together. An Yixi was the only daughter of the An Family who was also an influential family of country An. She was pampered and spoilt by the members of the An family to an extent that there were times when no one could control her.

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An Yixi picked up her call within two rings and before Xie Ming could say anything, An Yixi started firing her questions," Ming where are you? And what are you doing? Ahh I called to so many times but your phone was off. I even sent you messages in weibo but you did not reply. I heard what the Chen bastard did to you. I'll kill him. I told you that you deserve better. I was so worried about you thank God you called. Where are you now? I'll come and-"

Xie Ming closed her eyes and shouted," Stop. One question at a time okay."

An Yixi sighed and said," Okay so tell me first where are you?"

Xie Ming leaned back and answered," I am at home."

An Yixi said with an excited voice," Great I am somewhere near the Xie Mansion. I'll pay you a visit."

Xie Ming laughed and said," Well I think that you have travel a little more than that."

An Yixi asked with a confused tone," What do mean?"

Xie Ming knew that her best friend would be shocked if she said this," I am at my husband's place."

An Yixi shouted," What after whatever happened you still married that Chen Siquan. Ming are you crazy."

Xie Ming shook her head and answered," No I married to someone else."

An Yixi widened her eyes in shock and ask," What? Who did you marry? How can you marry a complete stranger like this? You don't have to spoil your life like this. Where are you tell me I'll come a get you. I'll also kick that jerks ass who took advantage of your miserable situation like this."