Xie Ming entered the study room without knocking.

As she entered the room , she saw Li Singtan sitting on his work chair with a laptop in front of him. He was also flipping through some documents. He was so engrossed in his work that he did not even notice Xie Ming.

She narrowed her eyes and then started walking towards him. She then snatched the documents from his hands.

Han Zihao gasped as he covered his mouth. If any subordinate would have done this, he or she would have vanished from this world. No one is allowed to disturb is boss while he is reading a document forget about directly snatching it. He wanted to salute his lady boss but he decided to control his feelings.

Li Singtan looked up with cold eyes but the moment he say his little wife standing in front of him, the coldness in his eyes was replaced with tenderness and love.

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Xie Ming threw the documents and said," You are a human not a robot."

Li Singtan ignored her question and started typing something on the computer and said," When did you wake up?"

Xie Ming closed the laptop with full force and said," I said you are a human not a robot,"

Li Singtan leaned back and said," Did you eat something after waking up?"

Seeing him ignore his question Xie Ming felt very angry. She narrowed her eyes and said," What do you think you are doing? Do you really think ignoring me is going to save you? Mr assistant had already told me everything."

Li Singtan looked towards Han Zihao with cold eyes.

Han Zihao was shocked when he heard his name. He thought that Xie Ming was his angel but it seemed like she was not saving her but trying to kill him.

Xie Ming noticed the look that Li Singtan was giving Han Zihao. She narrowed her eyes and said," Don't look at him like that. I asked him and that is why he told me. And thank God I asked if otherwise how would I know that my husband is a workaholic. A work maniac."

Li Singtan looked at Han Zihao like as if he was trying to say that ' I'll deal with you tomorrow at work'. He then turned towards Xie Ming. By looking at her eyes, he could say that she was really very angry. Feeling scared of his wife, he quickly decided to answer," It's not like that. He is lying."

Xie Ming banged her hand on the table and said," Ohh please I know who is lying and who is not. Mr assistant told me that you work day and night barely taking any sleep. He also told me that doctor has asked you to sleep atleast for 8 hours but you don't follow that. He also told me that you often miss your meal when you are at office."

Li Singtan turned towards Han Zihao and said," No bonus for you for 3 months."

Xie Ming again banged her hands in the table and said," I dare you do that Li Singtan."

Han Zihao praised his lady boss inwardly. He had finally found someone who could save him from his Boss' wrath.

Xie Ming closed her eyes to control her anger. She then took a deep breath and said," I have decided something. Since back then you did not have anyone to check on you properly so you could do what you felt like. But now I am your wife so it is my duty to take care of your health. So from tomorrow onwards, you can only work for an hour after dinner. Also you will not leave home without having breakfast. During lunch time I'll get lunch for you in your office itself. I'll will not allow you to put your health at stake because of your business. Money can always be earned but Heath is more important."

After saying this she turned back and left the room.

Li Singtan was still in daze. Xie Ming was concerned for his health. She wanted to take care of him and the best part she would get lunch for him everyday at his office. Thinking about this Li Singtan's lips curled upwards.

Han Zihao sighed and said," Boss I-"

Before Han Zihao could say anything Xie Ming came back and said," Also Mr assistant please help me take a appointment in the hospital. I want to take Li Singtan for a full body checkup." She then looked at Li Singtan and said," It's very late you need you sleep. Come back fast."