When Xie Ming woke up it was already 10pm. She slowly rubbed her eyes and realised that there was no one sleeping beside her. She removed the quilt and decided to check the washroom. Confirming that there was no on inside, she walked out of her room.

When she reached downstairs she saw a maid cleaning the living area. She walked towards her and asked," Where is Li Singtan?"

The maid lowered her head and answered," Young Madam, Young master is in his study room."

Xie Ming raised her eyebrows and asked," Does he work this late everyday?."

Before the maid could answer, the doorbell rang. The maid quickly opened the door.

A panting and exhausted Han Zihao rushed inside. His clothes were messy. His hair was also messy.

Worried that something might have happened to him,Xie Ming quickly went towards and said," What happened Mr assistant why is your condition like this?"

Han Zihao was still panting and could only gesture that he needed some water. Xie Ming asked the maid to get some water.

As Han Zihao drank the water, he sat in the sofa and calmed him down. He could easily get the phone but that sim company took a lot of time to replace the sim. That is why he ended up taking hours to complete the world assigned by his boss. He was scared that his boss would do something to him. He then looked at Xie Ming. He knew that no one could save him instead of this angel. She was the only one who could boss his boss.

Thinking about this Han Zihao pleaded his angel and said." Please Miss Save me Boss will kill me please save."

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Shocked by his actions Xie Ming said," Calm down. Okay I'll save you but tell me what happened?"

Han Zihao told everything to his angel. Xie Ming furrowed her brows and said," how can he do that. This is not your job. I'll talk to him don't worry."

Pretended to wipe his tears Han Zihao said," Thankyou miss."

Xie Ming nodded her head and asked," Mr assistant does he work so late everyday?"

Han Zihao nodded his head and said," He works like a robot. He is a workaholic. If he could, he would've worked for 24 hours without sleeping. Most of the time in the office he forgets to eat his meals. Because of this he often falls sick. The doctor has asked him to sleep atleast for 8 hours but he doesn't even sleep for 4 hours. He is crazy when it comes to work. I wish someone could control him."

Xie MIng shook her head and got up. She then started walking towards the study room.

Han Zihao saw her leaving and asked," Ma'am where are you leaving?"

Xie Ming continued walking and said." To get him to bed. He needs rest."

Han Zihao widened his eyes. No one had ever dared to disturb his boss when he was working. Xie Ming was the first now. Deciding not to miss this exciting scene, he decided to follow her behind.