After fifteen minutes Xie Ming and Li Singtan arrived at the Li Mansion.

Li Singtan asked Xie Ming to go inside as he had to attend a phone call. Xie Ming nodded her head and went inside.

Li Singtan called his assistant and said," Get the best smartphone available in the country for me and bring it to my place. Also get Xie Ming a new sim but of the same old number. You have 20 minutes to do all this." without waiting for Han Zihao'a reply, he hung up the call and followed his wife inside.

On the other side Han Zihao was standing with his mouth wide open. He had thought that after meeting Ms Xie his boss would become a bit soft hearted but it seems like Li Singtan is soft hearted only for his wife. Han Zihao sighed. Looking at his watch he realised that now he had only 16 minutes left, he quickly rushed to make all the arrangements.


When Li Singtan went inside his room, he saw Xie Ming was sleeping on the couch.

He stared at her for few minutes, smiled and then started walking towards her. He then carefully picked her up and placed her on the bed and covered her with the quilt.

He sat beside her for few minutes. He then kissed her forehead and said," One day I'll make you mine Ming. I'll wait for you to fall in love with me. I'll wait for you." He then walked outside the room towards his study room.

As Li Singtan left Xie Ming opened her eyes and stared at the closed door. She did not know why but when Li Singtan said those words she felt a different kind of warmth in her heart. This man was willing to wait for her. This man accepted her after everything that had happened with her. She couldn't understand why Li Singtan was so interested in her. Surrounded by all kinds of thoughts, Xie Ming felt asleep.


Inside the study room

Li Singtan gave Zichan a call," Is everything arranged?"

Zichan enthusiastically said." Yes boss everything is ready. Team D is active and is waiting for your commands."

Li Singtan smirked and said," Let's wait for a while, I want to see what they have up in their sleeves."

Zichan understood what his boss meant. He had been working for Li Singtan for 5 years. He knew how ruthless and cold hearted his boss was. He could only secretly pray to God for that person who was going against his boss.

Li Singtan reminded Zichan and said," What about the bodyguards which I had asked you to arrange for my wife."

Zichan nodded his head and said," Everything is set."

Satisfied with his answer Li Singtan hung up the phone.

Looking up at the ceiling he thought about the time when he had first replaced his father both as the CEO of Li Corporation and the leader of the underworld.

The Li corporation being a very big multinational companies was prone who have enemies. In order to save the business from the enemies, Li Mosen his grandfather had entered the underworld. After that as the Li corporation grew bigger, the hold of his grandfather in the underworld also increased. Eventually he became the leader of the underworld. Everyone feared him. No one dared to do anything that would displease him. After his grandfather his father took control of all this and now Li Singtan was the one who was the leader of the underworld.

His grandfather and father never had to worry about anything as their wives were well trained and came from families who were also involved with the underworld. But his case was different. The Xie family were never involved in all this so Xie Ming was also unaware of all this. Xie Ming was his only weakness and If his enemies came to know about this, they would target her. Her life was at stake.

Thinking about losing Xie Ming, Li Singtan's heart ached. The only way to keep her safe and everything stable was not to leave underworld but to always dominate it and keep a close eye on his enemy.

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He sweared to himself that if anyone dared to lay a finger on his precious wife, he would surely kill him and scare him to death.