After eating, everyone gathered in the living room and chatted for a while.

Father Li and mother Li were the first one to leave as father Li had some important work to do. Grandma and Grandpa Li also left after few minutes. Li Quin also left with them.

Li Singtan and Xie Ming decided to stay for a while.


Li Singtan went outside to attend a phone call.

Father Xie took his daughters hand and asked," Is he good to you?"

Xie Ming smiled and nodded," Yes he treats me very well." She wasn't lying. Li Singtan was indeed treating her quite well.

Father Xie smiled and said," As long as you are happy I am okay with it. But if you ever feel unhappy you should remember that your fathers house is always open for you."

Xie Ming hugged his father. Tears started flowing down her cheeks.


Meanwhile outside Li Singtan received that call and said with a cold tone," Speak."

The man on the other side of the phone felt shivers down his spine only by hearing his voice," Boss they have entered country S despite our warnings and they are looking for you and your family members."

Li Singtan smirked and said," I think they forgot who are the dealing with. We are quiet since a really long time and I think it's again time to show them who they are exactly dealing with." After pausing for a while he continued," Zichan activate team D. Increase the security of old Li mansion and Li mansion as well. Appoint top class bodyguards to protect every member of the Li family."

Zichan said with a assuring voice and

said," Yes sir you don't have to worry about that."

Zichan was about to hang up when Li Singatn said," Also provide four best bodyguards for my wife. Two male and two female."

Zichan could not believe what he had heard. His boss was married. But when.

Li Singtan shouted and said," Understood."

Zichan shuttered and said," Y-yes Sir."

After hanging the phone, Li Singtan headed inside.


When he came inside, he saw Xie Ming hugging her father with tears in her eyes.

Li Singtan raised her eye brows. He then walked towards the father daughter pair and said," Why are you making my wife cry?"

Xie Ming let go her father, wiped her tears and said," Nothing."

Li Singtan handed Xie Ming a tissue and said," This is the last time I am letting you cry. From today onwards I don't want to see tears in your eyes."

Father smiled after seeing how affectionate and caring Li Singtan was for her daughter. He was 100 times more better than that Chen Siquan. They chatted for some time and then Li Singtan and Xie Ming decided to leave.

Before leaving Father Xie reminded Xie Ming," Dont forget to pick your brother up tomorrow."

Li Singtan answered instead of Xie Ming and said," Dont worry father I won't let her forget."

Xie Ming could not help but smile. She then gave her father a hug and left.


Inside the car

Li Singtan leaned towards Xie Ming. His lips were almost touching her cheeks. Xie Ming held her breath. She could feel his soft and hot lips touching his cheeks.Her whole face started turning red.

Li Singtan saw her reaction and smiled. He then buckled her belt and returned back to his position. Turning the engine on he said," You should always buckle your seat belt while sitting in a car."

Xie Ming came back to her senses and lowered her head. She tried to calm herself down.

Nobody spoke after that. There was complete silence in the car.

Breaking the silence Li Singtan asked," What time is your brothers flight landing?"

Xie Ming turned towards him and said," I have to check. Can I borrow your phone. I think I lost mine yesterday."

Li Singtan took out his phone and gave it to her. She checked the timing and said," 10 am."

Li Singtan nodded and said," Okay we will go to my office after picking him up."

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Xie Ming looked at him and said," Office? Why should I go to your office?"

Li Singtan raised his eye brows and said," You are my wife and technically the lady boss of my employees and people should know that you are now Mrs Li."

Xie Ming lowered her head and said," Can't we take it slow. I mean we don't have to announce it like this. We are already married so eventually people will come to know."

Understanding her concern Li Singtan sighed and said," Okay. But atleast you can accompany me to my office. I want to show you around."

Xie Ming smiled and nodded.